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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My newest toy - The Kindle

Sorry for the glare.

Ok first off the Kindle comes in a very ugly gray color.
Skins like the one I added to my Kindle can be purchased for differing prices.
I also added a screen protector to keep it from getting scratched up.

My number one reason that I like this better than the Nook is that it has a keypad.
For me the Kindle is a great ebook reader and I don't know what I did without mine.
The price is reasonable if you are into classics - most of which you can get for free.

If you are into best sellers or the latest books it might start to get pricey. The good news is many books are available for free somewhere and there are many cheap disks filled with 75-200 books for few dollars.
These disks then can easily be turned into ebooks. 
Not all features translate, no chapter forwarding or last page bookmarking and no text to speech enabled.

However when you can get 9 of Gene Stratton-Porter books for free, whereas in a book store you would be looking at 100+ dollars, its a great deal.

Once you buy a book make sure to back it up onto your computer in case anything goes wrong this way you won't have to repurchase.

Usability - Great
Battery - Amazing!
Storage - HUGE
Weight - Medium paperback book
Purse size (my purse anyway)
Great for right and left hand users

Again I am writing this review based solely on my personal experiences and uses. 
I have not been paid or compensated in anyway for this review.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas this year and last

So in 2010 we ended the year with the flu - and why I have not been writing. So 2010 our Christmas looked like this.

So starting the year out right we went for Christmas and New Years day with the grandparents.

And yes I am holding the camera, Prissy moves pretty fast.

This as you can imagine was a much better Christmas!
Little Man received the Lincoln logs train set.
Prissy received a cake bake decorate set

Her very first masterpiece!
Hey don't knock it she's seven and this was her first try.
Not to mention she had a ball making this with her grandma!
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