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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Cast Day!

Warning For those with faint hearts - this is a GRAPHIC POST.

I am not trying to gross people out - in fact I have family that will be fascinated by this.
However, this is a read/look at your own risk!

First off its been seeping a lot of blood due to the pins.

Here is the picture of all 5

This shows the damage to the arm better than any of the others

 What her arm looked like with the pins sticking out!

She is very happy with her bright new pink cast!

As soon as it dried she became all smiles! It holds her arm in place. 
No more jarring, no more whining when it gets bumped. 
All is good! 
I am so happy that she can safely make it for her last day of school tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helping my BFF!

Here was our list

Faucet - done

(signs and trees I didn't take photos of but they are done)
Threshold does not need to be fixed yet - so next time!

My BFF and I actually put this together in a matter of minutes!

Hubby did the swing (love it!)

Then he fixed the playground bench

As for the brownies you will need to follow the link!
Today is better than yesterday only due to having such great friends
To Read how my Birthday went click HERE!
Its a major rant!

Bad Birthday, Bad Verizon and Good Friends

Yesterday I turned 32. It was a bad bad day. VERIZON screwed up our paycheck. We were supposed to get paid Thursday, you know the day we were in the hospital taking care of Prissy?

Due to being in the ER and SURGERY we were thankful that we were getting paid, but didn't check to BABYSIT a GIANT Corporation!
Can you guess where this is going?

Oh yeah my hubby's 41.74 hour work week netted us 67.00!
When we called in on Monday - MY BIRTHDAY did they fix it?
Guess again... its Tuesday think they fixed it yet?
Guess again. And again.

They are telling us that they won't have it fixed or the money in our account until FRIDAY!
You would think that a huge corporation like this could PAY their employees - but NOPE we now have 140.00 in bounced check fees (you know from the hospital) and of course are they willing to pay for their mistakes?

We have worked their 4 years and the sad thing is - this is not the first pay roll issue we have had - albeit it is the worst!

So on my Birthday I had to beg my BFF for some money to get my drivers license because of course I missed my Thursday appointment to get it done early.
To top it off my Verizon cell phone has also been acting up this week and I missed 5 phone calls yesterday from people TRYING to call me a wish me a Happy Birthday.

My BFF is AWESOME! She came over right away! We let the kids play together for a little while and then I ran off to the DMV to take my first bad dmv photo as I was so upset that my birthday was filled with junk and our special night out was gone!

This has also put off my path to me as I had to move my therapy appointment to next week, (could really have used it this week!) but can't afford the co-pay! If you could only see me - you might think my hair was going to catch fire!

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While the story above is TRUE and is my RL it does read like a drama mini clip so I added it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bath, Casts & Bikes

No, I didn't take photos of bathing my daughter. However, I will say we had her lay her arm on a towel while I scrubbed her body with a wash cloth. Then we used a cup to wash her hair. Finally to wash her legs I had her sit on the edge of the bathtub.
We survived - she stayed dry and for the most parts I stayed calm. I have issues with being whined at non-stop. Is it really that hard to just ask for something rather than whining for it? Geesh!

Yes, she is wearing one of her papa's shirts - I couldn't get her shirt over the top thick part of her cast!

Thursday we have a date with a bright pink cast and a really nice Dr!

A few weeks ago my BFF bought this bike for her son and my hubby put it together.
My son rode it around the drive way to "test it" before we put it in her car. Macho was unable to see the bike or ride it as that night he came down with a cold.
Several days later he sat on it once, it wobbled slightly and Macho hopped off! Never to sit on it again.

So his mama bought him a second bike (Uncle Shayne and Papa put it together last night) and hopefully he is busy riding it today. She sold this one to us and Littleman needed a bike and she couldn't return it.

Only downside - Prissy, the girl with the severely broken arm, keeps crying that she doesn't have a bike and that she wants to ride.
So far this summer she is banned from Trampolines & Bikes. I am sure the list will grow! ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roses in style

Beauty is all around us even in the midst of turmoil
never forget to take a moment to search for it.

Prissy is still recovering and is still in pain as her bones knit together.
But each day brings us closer to healing.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Prissy's Class

We ran by the school to turn in Prissy's doctors note, inform them of her next several days off and to take her lunch order off the list for a field trip she had been scheduled to go on.

Then we ran down the hall to her class where we informed her teacher that she would be missing her big school play. (Yes she is sad about that but more scared of getting her arm hurt)

I also emptied out her desk so that when she does go for her last and final day - she won't have to carry anything.

Her class was sad that she got hurt and it was cute to see three boys trying to gain her attention - they all wanted her to know how sad they were that she was going to miss the next week.

Next time she goes I am sure they will all love to sign her new (very pink) cast. So here is good-bye to the first grade!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breaks and Aches

Last night at 6 pm (or thereabouts) the neighbor from next door walks Prissy home - screaming.

Now to paint an accurate picture, my darling daughter is a screamer, whiner and all time bawl baby. I love her - really I do, but she cries at the drop of a hat.

Last nights cry was the same cry that I hear from her all the time. It wasn't sharper or louder, it was normal.
So when my hubby met my daughter at the gate he was calm and consoling.

Then he lifted her arm to get a better look at it! Loud screaming filled the air - not from my Miss Prissy, but from my hubby! Her arm had snapped (skin unbroken) the bone literally sitting under the elbow. A huge lumpy bulge!

Long story short - The neighbor agrees to watch Little Man while we run to the Urgent Care. Urgent Care sends us to ER. ER gives her some pain meds and takes X-rays. (Twice) They come back and say they have called an ambulance to come take her to Primary Children's Hospital.
Yup, she needs surgery.

Hubby goes with Prissy, I take off running.
I drive from WVC to Magna, pick up little man, pack bags for him and for us, call my AWESOME BFF and head off to her house in Murray, then all the way to University hill!
I can't even believe that I made it before they took my girl into surgery, but God is good!

Surgery starts at almost 10:30 at night. We met her doctor and liked her right away!
She was hopeful that the surgery would be over in an hour.

Two hours later the doctor comes in to explain that her arm was even more messed up then they first believed. Not only had it completely broken and lodged itself underneath her elbow making it hard to move it back into place, the back part had completely shattered!

They spent literally 1 hour moving all the broken fragments into place and making sure it was lined up correctly!

Finally at 1:30 am, she falls into a deep sleep and stays asleep until 7:30 am! Papa and mama both stayed the night with her, Little Man slept over at my BFF's and wants to be babysat again!
We had to stay there for her anti-infection & pain meds. They needed to make sure she could handle the pain on liquid meds and not need IV meds.

Finally after Lunch we were released!

Here she is! She will miss the next week of school as it will be until next Thursday until they can cast it.
This leaves her with one short day of school - the last day of school!
She is excited to go back and have her friends sign her cast and say goodbye for the summer! Next year starts a new school - thankfully closer to home!

This is a bad break and will take a while to repair.
List of blessings!

1. All of her nerves are fine!
2. She didn't do any damage to the muscle
3. No damage to the tendon
4. Amazingly no major blood vessels were broken!
5. School is almost over so it won't matter that she can't write! (Right handed)
6. They expect a full recovery! - NO problems with growth, movement or feeling!

List of the downers - Its a hot summer and she won't be able to get wet!
She won't be able to play as much during the summer as she would have wanted.
I don't want to see the bill when this comes in!

Thankfully God is in control! I will sleep deep tonight! I am sure everyone else will as well!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Roses and Awakening

I am not a huge rose person.
However, I do love looking at them.
Today we did shed work
I will do a shed blog tomorrow as we are working on it then as well.

On to an update on my "Path to Me" Quest.


This is a very good word for the past week.
I feel like I am waking up - as if my mind has been asleep for the last 6 years.

On the diet eating for blood types I have lost almost 4 pds now.
I have never lost weight so fast and I am very excited.
I have more energy
I feel better.

I am rewriting my books now that I am awake enough to handle the task of really fixing it.
Each day is a new experience.
I also have found a new walking partner
God is good!

I am hoping that getting my head, heart and body straight
that it will take some of the stress off my hubby.
I feel as if I have found my path.
I may only have taken a few steps 
but finding the right path
is most definitely the right first step!

Also my first pick of the summer!
They were SO GOOD!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa and Rain

What my hubby woke up to this morning.
I can't say enough about my hubby for anyone to fully understand 
what a great father he truly is.

Its raining down today.
All night I have been lulled
by the sound of rumbling thunder.
The sounds and smells of sweet rain.

See my confused tree?
It doesn't know what time of the year it is!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Ten Foods I Miss

With my new diet - where I eat for my blood type (b) - I have had to give up foods that I love and that (according to this diet) will make me gain weight. And yes before I get a thousand comments that ALL the foods on my NOT list are healthy - I know. I have been following what everyone thinks is "Healthy" and I have gained weight. Cutting these foods I have lost weight. (Only 2 pds but in 1 week)

1. Chicken
2. Avacados
3. Tomatos
4. Coconut
5. Wheat
6. Corn
7. Pumpkins
8. Olives
9. Pepper

I am linking to Oh Top Ten by Oh Amanda


Monday, June 13, 2011


I am not a huge flower person
my garden is for eating.
Flowers normally,
"Those nasty things that make it so I can't breathe!"

There are a few, though,
like my mothers favorite flower
That I just love.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kids and friends

My dastardly due and my BFF's kiddos

So today was a play date!
Spur of the moment
late last night oops I forgot something.

The kids had such a great time!
I got multiple hugs and kisses today
I miss seeing them everyday!

Great weather and good friends = a great day!

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