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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We took my son in to see a specialist about his lazy speech habits and to find out if he needed extra therapy before starting Kindergarten next fall.

The meeting lasted (according to them) 100 minutes, according to my hubby it was 90 minutes. Does it matter how long? Not really save the fact that they made a point to write the duration on the paper I received in the mail today.

During the meeting the therapist told my husband that my son was behind in two areas and lazy in another but on track or ahead in the rest. When asked if he needed further help she said NO that he would be FINE to start Kindergarten as is.

The words are really big due to the letter I got today stating that my son has several "disorders" and needs to be seen once a week for three months.
Hmmmm... I feel a fake out. Why would she say one thing and then turn around and say something else?
Maybe she double checked and found out that we are fully covered by insurance and that a letter written like the one she sent me would qualify us for all the counseling she wishes to do AND get paid quickly and in full by our provider.

In a world where families are getting their children taken away from them due to NOT following dr.s advice and care I want to know what happens to SCAMMER DR's? In her office she says one thing - the one I believe, in the mail she says another. Why would I believe such a turn around?
In the fall if the school tells me he needs to be in their speech classes then I will accept until then we will work with him at home like we have been doing for the past year in the effort to give him 5 years of speech in one.

In other news here are the photos of the recent adds to my garden and then of course a bit of cuteness from Patch!

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High Heeled Life said...

Patch .. you are too adorable!!

It is interseting how the medical field works (or doesn't). Follow your gut instincts. xo HHL

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