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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a day!

Today was a very long day! It started with my hubby going to the endodontist. Two of his roots are dying and one tooth will need to be removed completely!

My BFF last night bought me my Christmas present early (for those that know me - I love early presents!)
Today I unpacked - read up on and put it together - to see my new Soda Stream and read my early review click HERE!

After hubby's dentist appointment and before my girls we held a fur baby fashion shoot & then I ran out side to take some fun photos - for all of this scroll down.

However, then I took Prissy to the dentist. She has a bad cavity that needs to be cleaned out as well as capped. 5 mins. in she started screaming her head off!
I was pulled in to help calm her down. They had given her a shot to numb her mouth - instead of it numbing - she was in extreme pain! They allowed me to try to calm her and then they tried again thinking she was just worried about the numbing feel....
One hour later I found myself sitting next to a red swollen faced girl finding out that she does not react well to liticain.

To make matters worse the dentist really wants her to see a pediatric dentist - only problem is our insurance (even with a referral) will not cover any ped work over the age of 6!
So now we are begging the dentist to try again with a different numbing agent (he is researching it now) before agreeing or disagreeing to see her again for this same issue!!

My poor girl! She has had one heck of a year! Broken arm! Asthma issues, allergic to Lilacs and other strange things and now this! How a normal routine dentist appointment can became something so bizarre - well it takes talent and a special little girl!

I am at my wits end! I am frazzled and tired so my darling hubby ordered pizza for dinner!

Patch has two new sweaters and one jacket!
(for the stain on the carpet - please ignore! My daughter got some ketchup on it!)
The sweaters and jacket I found at Target for 2.50 each!
As for the plushy stuffed animal he was 5.00 at PetSmart! (So Soft!)
As for his scab - its getting loose so only a few more days of the collar!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day at Grandma's

My kids getting ready to visit with Grandma and Grandpa

Breakfast for Lunch!
What a hit!
Both Prissy and LittleMan love it!

The snow is all gone from the grandparents home so I took some time to take some of the fall foliage shots!
Have I mentioned how very much I like my new camera?
Love it!
Very easy to use and great beautiful shots!
My last camera I would have to work the shot and take about 30 to get one good one - this one I get a great one almost every time.
As I get better at working the modes and focus every shot will be great!
Day 3 and I am getting much faster at working the settings!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Collars and Fun

My fur baby!
A few days ago he got scratched by a cat (or skunk or raccoon) 
Since it was on his face and he won't stop scratching it.
He now has the inflatable collar!

On the plus side 
while my fur baby HATES the rain and will do anything to avoid it 
he LOVES the snow!
Even with his collar he still managed to bunny jump through the snow!

Loving my new camera!
I spent the day making homemade applesauce from my fathers homegrown apples!
For the recipe and photos click here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Seasons of Time

What my yard looked like yesterday
I was so happy with my new camera I ran around shooting silly shots of no consequence.
What it looks like now!
It snowed and rained all night long! 
Winter has struck and it appears to have no intention of leaving.

The only serious problem with this is the sad fact
is that my Big Sis will not be able to join us for Thanksgiving.
Last year with all the early snow we had it made their journey
not only inconvenient, but expensive and trying.

Utah seems to be moving towards only having two seasons a year - 
9 months of winter and 3 months of summer!
Last year winter started at the end of October and was still snowing in June!
As this is our second snow this week (but the only one that stuck)
I must think that winter has again come early.

I also promised a few good friends to post pictures of our new van.
Here it is! Don't you just love it?

As you can tell I am in love with my new camera! 
I am in the process of learning of its in and outs.

Now that I have a working camera again I am sure that I will be on more!
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