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Friday, September 19, 2014

Kids in the Garden

This summer has flown by! My last post was about the grow box, we are on our second planting in the grow box!
Our garden this summer has yielded some fun and yummy food! I took some photos of the garden and the kids in the garden today. (neighbor kids included)

Three types of tomatoes, three kinds of lettuces, two types of squash, carrots, watermelon, two types of pumpkins!
This year is the first year I actually made pickles! 
(neighbor gave us the cucumbers!)

E, lil'E, Prissy & E
lil'E, Prissy & G'man

Fall has proven to be just as daunting since we pulled the kids from a brick and mortar school to an online public. My girl Prissy is repeating the 4th grade due to 2 bad teachers in a row. Leaving her FAR behind her pears but being pushed forward by a school system that adores the words, No Child Left Behind, but can't follow through.
Our kids are now enrolled in Utah Connection's Academy - in the one month that we have been in this school, its proved itself to be a much better fit for our duo!

Today with the neighbor girls help we took a small video of G'man and E playing Linus and Sally in the Great Pumpkin. Then I played around with the camera and took some fun shots of the kids!

We have had a fun and crazy summer! Lagoon, Comic Con, Weddings and lots of great days with good friends!
I will try to post here more often!
Right now I am still juggling getting used to helping two kids with lessons and getting them used to self regulating - this is a slow transition but this school offers so much more! So far my kids are in a type and computer class. They will be in a language class and they can take music!
All dedicated, great classes through the school starting NOW in grade 3 for my boy not grade 7!

Thanks for staying with me - even when I have been MIA so much the past year!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Root Canal and my Grow Box!

If that link doesn't work click this one.

Prissy had a Root Canal yesterday. We tried to take care of this when it was just a cavity but being my sweet princess we ended up in the ER, then in the allergist's office and then finally at Rocky Mountain Endodontist, paying to have her knocked out for a Root Canal.
Somehow she takes the most normal things and turns them into a very complex procedure!

The link will take you to the after video of her in the car waking up - its hilarious!

Also my sweet hubby made me a grow box! Today I was able to finish getting it planted!
I am super excited about this! We also have the large garden in the back tilled and ready for planting! Next week I get to start on that large project!

I have 3 types of lettuce and a spinach growing each in their own section. We used pavers to separate the box, allowing me areas to hold onto and kneel on when digging out weeds and cutting out salads!
The soil is a special garden blend half top soil and half compost, we had to wait two weeks just to get the dirt for the project!
Also the plastic is 6ml plastic sheeting found at Lowes or H.D in the paint department. I read many reviews from other DIY gardeners who have used this for greenhouses and they adore it.

Also for those that want an update on the hubby we still have no clue what is causing his headaches, good news though is its not life threatening.
We are going to talk to his regular doctor about seeing a, ear, nose and throat specialist.

This month is shaping up to be very busy! We started out with the root canal and grow box, we have an 8th birthday (G'man), Easter and our 12th Anniversary coming up!

Spring break has been filled with tons of work, stress, bills and fun - hoping yours has been wonderful!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MRA and Life Updates

Last fall I found a "ding" special on the fridge. You may drool over my stainless steel beauty, but I got 600.00 off due to a dent in the front!
Where is the dent?
Its hidden under one of the fun magnets I placed on the fridge!

This week with our tax refund the hubby bought me (and had it delivered for free from Lowes) my new stove!!!
This is an AMAZING stove! It has a center long burner that is perfect for cooking fish OR you can remove the middle grate and place a griddle there (included) for grilling bacon, burgers and anything else that you want.
Also another fun feature on this stove is that you can run the oven and the broiler at the same time! For less than 600.00 this stove packs a great bargain! Not to mention it rocks the reviews.

In short my kitchen is quickly turning into my dream kitchen. It might not happen like on a design show, beautifully done in 2 weeks, but we have plan and are working toward that goal by doing a little bit each year.

Hubby celebrated his 40th last month and his seizures are doing much better. However, in January he started to have thunderclap headaches.
Today he had an MRA. Last year we had an MRI but it didn't show enough detail.
 I am not sure I want to know an answer. I am scared they will find something and scared that they won't.

My health has also had a strange few months, but I am on track now. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and HS. I am currently trying to heal my gallbladder, liver and spleen to see if I can balance my body's chemistry.

The kids have been in great health with the minor hiccup of catching Fifth disease last week. Prissy broke out into a massive full body rash and was diagnosed with it. Both children were kept home from school at the end of last week since they were contagious.
Fifth disease or slap cheek is not relatively bad - unless you are pregnant.
This week we have played catch up on homework, as well as making sure Prissy is getting caught up.

I am frustrated with the school system. My daughter comes home with a report card full of N's which means she is so far behind they couldn't give her a grade, and yet we have to have continual meetings with the teacher and principal to try to get her into a one on one setting.
My son is averaging a B+ and yet he gets a one on one teacher.... how this makes sense is beyond me.
I am getting pissed off with the No Child Left Behind CRAP that keeps pushing my girl into a higher grade when she can't pass ANY tests.
How can the "No Child Left Behind" help my child when she ends up in the 7th grade at a 2nd grade reading level?
Fact - It can't.
It's sole purpose is to make it seem like they are working on fixing a broken system. A fake band-aid if you will.

(Also do NOT comment on this and try to explain how she is supposed to get help to get caught up because the help she IS getting is keeping her at a second grade level and they are NOT trying to get her any further help unless we are in their face demanding it.)
I know how the system is "supposed" to work. Supposed to and Actually doing are two very different things.

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