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Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Astute is Prissy?

I love my kids - really but sometimes I wonder if I think they are much smarter and much more observant then I thought and then other times I really really wonder about them!

Like today.

Hubby comes home early from work today
I send the kids and hubby off to get treats and snacks for our family party tonight.
While they are gone I run around the whole house
ripping down Christmas decorations.
When they arrive home both kids run for the TV fighting over who gets a turn first.
(a battle between Hannah Montana & Phineas & Ferb)
Hubby takes one hinted look into the livingroom and remarks
"You took them all down?"
Later (25 minutes later)
We are sitting watching Hannah 
(obviously Prissy won)
Hubby looks at me - "They moved? Does Lily live with them now?"
I shrug my shoulders I tend to block out annoying sounds and shows.
Prissy looks up, "I don't know."
"You just watched it didn't you pay attention?" Papa (aka Hubby) asks

I glare, "Obviously she doesn't pay attention" - waving my arms wildly at the now bare walls around the room.
He laughs, "Prissy can you look around and tell me what has changed in the room?"
Prissy jumps up, glances all around the room GASPS! 
"Shoot! My boots! Sorry papa! LM (littleman) pick up your boots quick! Hurry we forgot to put them away!"

At this point Hubby and I lose it! 
We are laughing so hard, watching our children run to get the boots, run past the empty spot the tree stood 2 hours ago, run back to the couches and immediately start watching Phineas & Ferb.

Half an hour later and still they have not noticed!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paul, former Avenger Rep & Jersey Girl

So yesterday's drama - read here Nerd Battle: Pax vs. OceanMarketing. Where a customer service rep named Paul went off on a customer.

In all the letters (from Paul to Dave, Mike K. and now a news reporter) he always mentions how RUDE Dave was. I've read the letters (Epic Letter Here) (Whining Here) and all I see is honest genuine concern, which starts to get pressed when Paul keeps giving him ridiculous answers.

A much better way to have handled the thousands of angry customers over the delay of the product would have been to send them all a mass email detailing what was going on with the product and what the company was attempting to do about it - then take the responses one at a time - RATHER - then waiting for each and every customer to get angry, impatient and annoyed.

So first the company did make a mistake - they allowed their customer base to get riled, with no information or reaching out - then dumped them all on their Reps - who I must say seem to have been poorly trained. Side note: it is believed at this time that Paul owned in part the company to make the Avenger Controllers and was the founder and CEO of OceanMarketing. The company of the Avenger controllers has parted ways with Paul (before this event happened) and Ocean Marketing seems to have crashed due to this incident.

Does that excuse Paul from his ridiculous response? Heck NO!
I'm just saying he isn't the only one at fault here.

Today he was interviewed by MSNBC Here between whining that his life is awful and everybody needs to stop picking on him - he also kept bragging on how none of his other clients have dropped him and how he hopes the negative feedback will turn positive in a few months time.
Sorry dude - wishful thinking won't help you.
Maybe you should rent - buy, at least watch Jersey Girl.

After he is done watching Ben Affleck pull a "Paul" 7 yrs ago, hopefully he will realize quickly - much quicker then the idiot in Jersey Girl - that he should find a new career path.

He seems to misunderstand Nerds, Geeks and Gamers - They don't forgive being bullied. Why? Because too much of their life and childhood was filled with bullies - the bullies never had any remorse, never stopped and apologized - not until someone stood up and said NO.
If the bully has no compassion - should the one being bullied have compassion? And if he does, does that mean he is ALLOWING and Enabling the bully to continue?

Obviously this is not disappearing any time soon, my advice to Paul - the less you say the better - because each time you open your mouth you come across as insane (at best) and an idiot (at worst).

ps. Yes I love gaming, my gamers and my nerd hubby. So yes I will continue to follow this - honestly its better than TV!
Mikes latest respons here: I wwebsite as on the-

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nerd Battle! PAX vs. OceanMarketing

 Click photo to buy the shirt!

Now there is a TON of information on this - in fact I am surprised its not trending on Twitter yet - however, by nightfall, it most likely will be.

I am going to add a LOT of links to this blog as the WHOLE story would read like a book - seriously!
However, I know many of my readers and I KNOW you don't like clinking a lot of links so I will tell you the Epic letter link is a MUST READ. From then on all the links will just be proving my point and laughing hysterically at the idiot at Ocean-Marketing.

P.S if you are a smart mouthed, idiot, know-it-all with a super bad attitude and equally bad spelling - here's some of my famous Free Advice: Don't Piss Off A Nerd.
Why? Well for 1. They aren't stupid 2. They aren't alone 3. They now rule the cyber world. ;)

Alright so here is the run down a normal every day (seemingly nice guy named Dave). He ordered two avenger controllers (my link is to a reliable seller ThinkGeek)- after several weeks of nothing - he wrote the company asking what was going on with the product.
Here is the letter, response, and the ensuing battle that has now became EPIC! (Seriously must read) and NO I didn't make this up and neither did they - I like Mike (creator of penny arcade) and he is a genius and all, but really this stuff just can't be made up!

How did I find out about a Nerd battle while my husband is a work? Well... I follow Wil Wheaton on Twitter as well as Felicia Day and several other fabulously famous Nerds!

Now following Mike's cue to research him - I did ;) Here is his Wiki page Mike Krahulik, here is a link - linking Penny Arcade and Pax East, here is a link of Mike K being interviewed concerning PaxEast2011.

As many of you know, I am very fair. So I researched Ocean-Marketing. What I found was he really, REALLY likes to plagiarize. Here it is all laid out in typical nerd form!  
This is why you really should not ANGER the Nerd Community - they not only have a ton of free time, also they know how to research things QUICKLY! LOL so far all of my research on Ocean-Marketing continues to show what a half @$$ed! site and company it really is - even it's "official twitter" site only has TWO posts.

Best part of the whole thing? Pax is having an event in 2012 in SEATTLE!!! Aug 26-28! Now I want to go! LOL
Pax East 2012 will be in Boston.

Bring it Rude Dude at Ocean-Marketing I can tell you who will have the last laugh - guys like Dave who are championed by men like Mike & Wil Wheaton!

ps. One site is claiming that they started this and it was a hoax - from all the research I did, including finding this story ON penny arcade I'm going with Real.
And yes its NOW trending on Twitter!

Update: Paul (jerk from OceanMarketing) wrote Mike - saying sorry and to please tell everyone to stop being mean to him. Now I'm with Mike on this one, if you have sympathy for Paul please re-read the Epic Letter. Paul is the one yelling, screaming, swearing and bulling and NOW that he has found out how tiny he really is in the universe he's sorry.
Here is the newest of the between Mike and Paul 
and yes I will continue to follow this story!

To follow every single bit of this story, links, replies, spam comments, ect you can find it all Here at Reddit. 

Also the apology to Dave -

Hey Dave,
I just wanted to apologize for the way our emails progressed from beginning to end , You caught me on an extremely bad day and I had been dealing with 100’s and hundreds of emails trying to explain the situation to everyone on where the product was and you just pushed me a little too much and I should have just apologized and tried to explain things better. Also I had a really bad day losing a friend to an overdose and the stress of my newborn baby and the Holiday ,missing my family and just stressing on getting product out to everyone and why it was held up in customs wore me out.
I am deeply sorry for any disrespect , aggravation or lack of information on the delivery date. We knew when product was leaving china and we were trying to adhere to a strict deadline but due to port issues and air freight issues. The units are domestic now and awaiting pick up at customs . So we missed the 17th deadline and I apologize for that but it was out of my control and besides me no one else was helping me handle the situation so imagine the weight on my shoulders.
I’m not asking for any sympathy just for some understanding and forgiveness , I’m human just like everyone else and made a mistake. I underestimated you and its cost me a lot of trouble thousands of spam emails , a lot of personal bashing , and internet spam and trouble and just overall stress with my wife and newborn. I ask that you please accept my apology as a peace offering I will refund your money and give you your 2 units/Avengers free of charge please help me to get some of this negativity removed or at least my personal name although its already all over the internet and the calls and emails will not stop but any help will be appreciated especially with penny arcade as Mike and edit his own website I owe him an apology too which I will write next.
For the most recent update Click Here: Paul, former Avenger Rep & Jersey Girl

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

The morning and afternoon were just the four of us... along with our dog Patch (who was also spoiled rotten). Dinner was with our Friends (newly married) Shayne & Sara!

The morning started off with the kids opening their Christmas socks, then quickly moved on to breakfast.
I had to put my breakfast off to the side (several times) and allow the kids to open their presents - while taking photos of course - before I could fully finish all my food! Yummy!

I have to say this is about the BEST Christmas we've ever had!

Both of my boys (hubby included) got new remote control cars!
Prissy got the camera she has been begging for as well as another Barbie!
In half a day she managed to take 201 photos! 
Whew is she even worse then me!

Shayne & Sara's lovely house all decked out for Christmas!

Dinner with great food and wonderful friends!
That wasn't the best part!
Their present to us was amazing!
A date night for hubby and I - babysitting included!
The kids both got cloths and will look adorable!

This really has been the best Christmas ever!
Great times, Great friends and Great memories!

May the rest of this year be as blessed for you as it's been blessed for us!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

See those pretty plates on my Best Friends table?
Oh Yeah! I bought them for her Christmas present! 
Best part?
There Correlle! So they won't break, chip or crack!

Now I want to brag for a moment on my BFF, Tired Mom
She is the mother of two young Autistic children,
She is the Social Media Chair for Utah Autism Coalition & has Fibromyalgia (?). 
Full time wife, mother, cook, OCD house cleaner....
and she still has time to not only decorate her house but 
cook a gourmet dinner for her friends and family!

Want a closer look at that amazing food?

and yes it tasted ever better then it looked!
Do I just have the most amazing BFF or what?!
She gave me my Soda Stream - early ;)

Now her kids are regular Autistic children so sitting them down to eat - well she was smart and didn't even try it.
Thankfully everyone that came to Celebrate Christmas Eve,
know, and are known by, her children. 
So there are no awkward looks, judging comments or over helpful advice.
Making my BFF's Christmas even better!
My kids ate (a few bites) then went and played with her children

Bumps in the road - my son LOVES her daughter
so if she hands him a thing of bubbles and says open.... 
Yup he opens them and promptly spills it all over the floor!
Then later that night he also broke a flashlight - but apologized for it sweetly.

Then everyone trooped downstairs to play several rounds of Mario Cart.
My hubby and I learned that when Prissy starts driving we are going to need heart medicine!!!
It was a miracle each and every time she made it around all three loops!
As the majority of the time she was either running into walls or going the wrong direction!

Our Christmas Eve was wonderful!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decor inside my home

Outside at night 
Will try to do a day photo tomorrow
We would have put up lights this year but our porch light died  
really we have to redo all the electrical in the spring.
For those that want to see Barbie and Ken's Hawaiian Honeymoon here are some photos!

Now don't worry I have not lost my sanity nor am I a huge doll person.
In fact when my sister and I played "Barbie" as kids she was always the minor, the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. 
Most of the "playing" involved us building huge booby traps and then having He-Man and Rambo battle through everything to "rescue" the girls.

What I am teaching my daughter is not just to have lots of fun with her toys, but how to setup a good photo.
This Christmas she is getting her first camera!
She has been begging for one for months in two days we will see if all the photos lessons I have been trying to teach over the last few months were listened too!

Ken & Barbies Wedding Announcement

The wonderful new couple want you to share in their joy.
Yesterday in the presence of family they exchanged vows 
(multiple times I might add)

Today the happy couple is honeymooning in Hawaii.
Very appropriate as this is "surfer" Ken.

Today I woke up to two short very loud bursts of screaming from my daughter - followed by a Thump, and even louder pain filled screaming from my son.
His continued to grow louder as the pain grew AND he came running toward me.
After burying his face in my shoulder I realized my shoulder felt very wet.
I pulled him back to look at him and voila! Blood!

This is what happened a spider fell on Prissy. 
Prissy started screaming panicking and flailing oh yes flailing. 
Which led to Prissy elbowing LittleMan in the nose!
This morning is starting off fine! LOL

We are watching a barbie movie (barbie and ken newly married are watching the movie from their beach condo) Prissy is painting her nails and LittleMan is playing with his new truck!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at my Dads

Family! LM & Papa, G-pa & Prissy, Prissy & G-ma. Last shot is the family hanging out being together.

Tonight was wonderful! Good food and good times! 

Dinner was wonderful!

The day ended on a high note Prissy's Barbie and her new Ken were married.


We all attended the event and are sorry that we were unable to invite you all ;)
Merry Christmas
More holiday joy to come!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis The Season

This will be the first of several Christmas and then Holiday posts - most likely through the end of the year. Tomorrow I will post photos of the house inside and out decorated for Christmas.
Today, however, is all about the movies!

I love Christmas movies! I have a huge list of favorites - some are classics - others are what I call hidden gems.
I will give a small description for all my favorite hidden gems and only name out well known classics.
Otherwise this post would be a million miles long (only a very slight exaggeration).

Hogfather - Seriously first off its based on the disc world books (20th book) - second it is by far one of the Funniest movies I have ever watched!!! This is not a show for children under 12 - unless parents have viewed it first and know that their kids won't be scared or confused. With my kids they just can't follow the story line.

Man in the Santa Claus Suit - This has not come out yet on DVD and is only available on VHS however it is one of my FAVORITE movies. It follows 3 different men who rent Santa Claus suits at the same place at the same time. Each one finds a part of himself that he had lost. Two of the stories are incredible, the third not so much - they make the husband wrong for choosing work over family (and he is) but her right for choosing an apartment over her husband (to me they are both wrong Family comes first).

Carolina - I LOVE this movie! Its rated pg-13 for language and raunchy humor. It highlights two thanksgivings and one Christmas. Three girls are abandoned by their father on their grandmothers door step, Carolina, Georgia and Maine (each named for the state they were born in). Real people, real life, real love and real family. This movie has heart and an openness that is endearing.

City of Ember - This movie need more press! I can't say enough about this movie or how much I love it and the book series! A hidden city deep underground is mans last hope of survival. The problem is, over time they have lost their way and their history.
Everyone is in the dark about the future and every day things are breaking down - the city is dying. It does "qualify" as a Christmas movie as they do a sort of smallish poor mans version of Christmas. The story of hope and courage is also a great thing to watch at this time of year.

The Happy Elf - This is a over the top cute kids show. However, my kids love it and it does have some fun parts and is worth watching once a year. ;)

Last but not least is a show that every good Brit watches on Christmas!

Dr. Who Christmas Special - Out of the last 6 years of being on the air (revived from a few decades ago) they have made 4 Christmas specials this year's - airing Christmas day - episode's called, The doctor, the widow and the wardrobe. Its a must see!

The other movies that I like to watch during Christmas time.

A Christmas Story (the original), Scrooge (with Albert Finney none of the others come close to it),White Christmas, Fred Claus, How the Grinch stole Christmas, Polar Express, Babes in Toyland (again the original), Its a wonderful life (original is great in either black and white or color), The holiday, The Santa Claus 1-3,While you were sleeping & Sleepless in Seattle

Sunday, December 18, 2011

True Love!?

Before movies showed "True Love" we had books, before books, stories were passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. 
All women have at one point in time or another dreamed of finding their "True Love".

In fact I used to pray that God would fast forward my life and I would wake up married to the "right" man for me.
Guess what?
Life and God don't work that way.
Life is about the Journey and the choices we make along the way.

However, what is it you picture of true love? 
Is it marrying the Super Hero? The dashing super suave handsome man who knows all the right things to say? The cute nerd who will be forever loyal and make you lots of money?

What type of man are you really looking for?
A soul mate? Perfect match? Dream man?

I have/had basic standards when looking for a husband. I wanted someone I trusted, had things in common with, same beliefs and values. 
Things I didn't want were an addict, gambler, cheater, beater & into porn. 
I wanted a man who would be a good husband AND a good father. 

What I got was so much more. More than I could have ever thought possible. I found a man who finds my stranger quirks to be cute, my voice endearing and my temper not scary. 
After 9 1/2 years, 6 moves and 2 kids he still takes time to write me this note -

To my dearest, my heart, and my joy,

I have not, nor will I ever love a woman as I love you. When I think of all the directions that my life could have gone, all of the events that had to happen to bring me to the point where we meet, I can truly believe that you were made for me and I you.
Although I may not always show how happy I really am I want you to know that my life is, despite the pitfalls, so much brighter because you smile. 
Your eyes enable me to dream. Your voice brings me rest. I don't think I can fully explain how much you do to keep me breathing each day. I love you


I posted two photo's of my hubby. One is him putting up Christmas decorations for my best friend (he has nails in his mouth) the other is him with our kids playing on my friends Ipad.
I didn't put up the "glamorous" photos of my husband. Instead I posted the REAL photos. Of a REAL MAN. One that honors, loves, respects, and values his wife and is raising our children to be the best that they can be.

I can promise you that when I look at myself in the mirror I do NOT see the woman that he sees. I don't really get why he loves me so much. I can only appreciate the fact that, miraculous as it may be, he does truly love me. 

So if "love" has bitten you in the bum or you are still looking for the man of your dreams. Dream of real men, men that are worth marrying, set your goals high - they are out there! Trust me - they are worth waiting for!

My one tip in finding and keeping a good man is remembering what comes first.
People always say that to keep a man happy you only need two things. Sex and Food. 
They are WRONG. All men need THREE things.
1. Respect
2. Food
3. Sex
And as much as you might want to argue its in that order. Respect they need every minute of every day from you and if you do respect them they will continue to strive to earn it. Food they need three to four times a day. While we have become a fast food nation and all women are "emancipated' if you get married learn how to cook the basics.
As for sex it depends on the marriage, age and how long you have been married. But I can assure you after 9 years of marriage you do not have sex three times a day. Multiple times a week? Sure, but still food becomes more important.

Love takes daily work, but the reward is worth every minute!
So don't be afraid to dream - amazing men are out there.

Thank you to my hubby who is my love, my life, and my joy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Basement Living Room

Last year my BFF gave us her old TV console and TV when she and her hubby replaced them with a newer set. We were thrilled to have a TV and console for the kids down stairs - especially second hand that way we wouldn't want to kill them if they broke it!
One year later and my BFF bought new couches! Guess What???

That's right! I got her old (6 yrs and in great condition) couches!

Where we had the TV set and a ton of still unpacked boxes as well as one pink tiny chair and one rocking chair. I cleaned it out and hence the Before photo.
The after is with my new leather couches! Love them!

Now with the couches and the entertainment center & TV I have my BFF's entire old living room set!! We are both happy! She has a new everything downstairs and I have a full set that I didn't have to buy!

The past three days have been filled with unpacking, washing, cleaning, organizing, throwing away and re-storing. As well as a few "Wow! I've been looking for that!" & "Why the heck did we pack that away?"

We attempted to have a friend help us move the furniture but he never returned our calls - so instead of one easy trip back and forth we did three trips - I'm blessed with a friend that will watch my kids even when she has wet carpet!

This Christmas season has been remarkable! My hubby has spoiled me rotten and I am positive our kids are going to be in heaven on Christmas Day!

Even my doggie has a full stocking and a few wrapped presents (I added doggie bacon treats to prompt him to unwrap them himself) he is like another member of the family!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best Friends, new and old

Now my BFF (Tired Mom) is going to kill me when she realizes that "Old" applies to US. I use this word loosely, very loosely when it applies to US. I promise. No killing me. Stop laughing!

My BFF and I met Feb. 1999. It only took a few weeks for us to move from the word "friends" to Best Friends. Ever since then we have done things together.
I got engaged - she did too. I got married 13 days later she did too. I had a little girl, she did too. I had a boy - she did too. They bought a condo - we bought a mobile home. They bought a house - we bought a house.

This might seem strange to some, but really it works for us!

Now our kids (4 months apart in age) are best friends!

All four of the kids playing quietly in the same room! 
From oldest to youngest - Prissy, Beauty, Littleman & Macho

Beauty snuck outside while we were helping put up Christmas lights.
Notice she stole Littleman's shoes and put them on the wrong feet!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Dastardly Duo

Sorry I haven't been on blogger for a while - with the holidays, family and kids getting sick we have been very very busy. I, however, still love my new camera and have been taking pictures by the dozen!
First two small blurps on whats been going on followed by a funny thing my son did today!

The cousins came for the holidays! 
Starting with the left and moving toward the right (large photo) is
Game Boy, Pixie, Prissy & LittleMan
The fluffy cute one is Patch.
They had a great time being able to see each other again!
I loved being with my Mid Sis!

This is what I had to resort to shortly before Thanksgiving when both of my kids caught croup!!!
Hubby needed to see a specialty dentist called an Endodontist. 
One of his roots was dying, as he was going to be in too much pain to drive home I had to drive him.
During the day - there isn't anyone who can babysit, especially not sick children.
So I folded down the back seat (love that I can do that)
made a small little "nest" for the kids and after we arrived I set them up on their tvs bundled them under the blankies and read my book for an hour.
Worked out fairly well - LittleMan still wanted to cuddle ever fifteen minutes but his movie soon called him back.

Today my son had me rolling! I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard!

He comes walking into the living room pretending to hold a cellphone. He sits on the couch and "calls" his sister who is down stairs but listening for him.
"RING!" He yells, "Prissy - I need you to meet me in my office right NOW!"
She screams something back ( I can't understand a word of it)
"I mean it! You need to come here right now!" He screams again, this time slightly slurring the words.
She babbles back again this time I understand her, she is babbling ON Purpose!
He sighs, shakes his head. Then after waving his arms he walks over and picks up his favorite toy.
"Ok," He calls out. "I'm coming to you & I've got my gun!" (Its a Nerf turbo blaster)
She screams this time and he drops his fake phone and takes off after her!
5 mins later he brings her hands bound into the living room and makes her sit down on the couch.
She is playing along looking scared and pitiful. 
"Now that you are here FINALLY, here's what we're going to do..." LittleMan says at this point I walk out of the room! It was just to perfect! 
Hands on the hips, exasperated and annoyed! Love it!

I love my dastardly duo - they bring me joy!

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