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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thumbs and thumbing

So we have arrived at the war of the thumbs something has been brewing in our home for the past several months and while it seems silly we are now on the brink of childhood nuclear war. There are also may quotes about thumbs showing that many times we have insulted with out thumbs in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet at the very beginning when they are having a street brawl one of the insults traded is "do you bite your thumb at me sir? Yes I bite my thumb at you sir" and it continues spiraling the same insult around.

In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence.
-Newton, Sir Isaac
Well my children have started the thumbs up thumbs down war. Silly right well to my children getting a thumbs down is the end of the world and of course being children throw it at each other on a whim. Today has been especially bad so with screaming, tantrums and emotional children I would like to let everyone know that I have no clue where my two picked this up or created such an insult. No matter what Hubby and I do we have not been able to get our children to stop this titanic war of theirs. Our new resolve is to ignore any further thumbing here is crossing the rest of our digits hoping it helps. I love children especially my children but today that love is being tested they seem to be bouncing on my very last nerve. To top it all off after spending the whole day fighting, yelling and screaming my son lays down sweetly like an angel to take a nap!! AHHHHHHH

Just in case any one was wondering I think I am going insane lets just hope that my book sells. I am about as far as I can take it on my own and I am starting the long road to getting it published. This year may very well be the strangest year of my life.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Couches

So for the last year I have been talking about getting new couches and yesterday was the day! These are the Ikea Extorp series these covers are being discontinued so we bought both couch covers for 50- being smart parents of two very wild children we were prudent enough to buy two sets. :)
I know I know everyone out there is thinking we should just beat our children right? Well they aren't all that bad but they most certainly are my dastardly duo.

Book one is now 139 windows pages long in a book it will be several hundred pages and is mostly ready to find it way to a publisher. Book two is written but only on it's first rewrite and I have amazingly enough started on book three!
I am having a ball being able to write this story and no matter what I will be reading this story for years to come.

Thank you Shayne and Sara for helping us get rid of our old set and bring home our couches your the best!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Creole Broccoli

Ok he is just the cutest thing ever!!! (When he's sleeping)

Ok so the container says cajun but really the spice inside is Creole and here is the recipe for how to make creole seasoning at home

1/3 C paprika
1/3 C salt
1/4 C garlic powder
1/4 C pepper
1/8 C onion powder
2 Tbls cayenne powder
2 Tbls oregano
2 Tbls thyme

mix and then put into a container. If you have a Winco store near you buying these ingredients in bulk really helps keep the cost down. I made it for less than two dollars.

What we do is we add a ton of broccoli to a hot pan with two tbls of olive oil get it hot and then add two tbls of creole seasoning to the broccoli.

Then serve! Its easy, yummy and best of all works well with my hubbies medifast diet. So far he has lost 40 pds in a little over a month.
This is my hubbies favorite way to eat broccoli now and I will tell you its addicting!
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