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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two Month weigh in and Health update

First off I am sorry I have not been blogging lately. Our life has taken a few turns that we didn't expect.

My darling hubby has lost a whopping 70 pounds exactly in two months!

I have lost 15!

While the surgery and diets have been amazing and we wouldn't want to go back, it has triggered something else.
What we are not sure of.
It started about two weeks after his surgery. He had a very scary grand mal seizure. (freaked the living crap out of me!)  Then he had a few more - then even more.
To make a very very long and scary two months short, we have been to the doctors, the ER and for a contrast MRI.
We have an upcoming appointment with a neurologist as well as an EEG and an ECHO.

The MRI did not come back great. In fact it has left us with more questions and heavy hearts while we wait to meet with the neurologist.
It showed a few "dead" spots in his brain as well as the fact that his brain is no longer functioning on the same level as most men his age.
This is all recent as we had an MRI done just 2 years ago.

As for current treatments - he is on an anti-seizure medication that has helped as he has only had 1 in the 9 days that he has been on it.

Needless to say this is scary for us. Right now we are waiting to find out more, waiting for more tests... I feel like parts of me are slowly coming undone.
The scariest part is all the research I have been doing. The fact that the may not be able to figure out what is happening. That it may continue to happen.
That my beloved could die from this has me more emotional than I can say.
So, I will blog more. Wait. Pray and of course update you when we know more.
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