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Friday, April 27, 2012

3,4,5 - Anniversary Week Continues

For first time readers - Today is our 10th anniversary. To celebrate my hubby took 10 days off, to see the full idea and read about the first 2 days please visit here.

Day 3: Start the kids playground together, also family movie night.
Day four: Innuendo day (thus the flowers above - really hard to photo twisting words)
Out of all the days thus far, four was the funnest!

Day Five: Stared one way and became another.

First I got a super cool box from my sister.
A b-day present for Littleman & a green cleaning set for me - she's noticed on my recipe blog all my home made cleaners and wanted to support me.

I made a huge batch of home made laundry soap see recipe here.

Made dinner then sat down and as a family we watched, We bought a zoo. (cute show)

After that we were going to watch old home movies - our wedding, kids baby videos and so on.
That was cut short by a massive storm front that moved in. Hard rain and 70 mph wind.blew out our power.

Luckily both my husband and I love candles - so we are always prepared when the lights go out!
After losing power we lite all the candles, grabbed a few blankets and found an old abbot and costello program to listen to on my hubby's cell phone.
The kids fell asleep on the couches, and my hubby and I walked down memory lane.
All in all a beautiful night.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When Adults Bully

Its not a dirty word, and yet at times, it is.
Tenure for teachers is important. The government is a numbers racket. To keep from getting lawsuits claiming that they were firing or laying off people right before retirement - or wrongful firing they put in safe guards to protect their jobs against a numbers cut (and other reasons).
I get it, really I do.
However, there also needs to be a peer board or panel that CAN FIRE a teacher who has truly crossed the line and no amount of hiding behind the words Tenure can help.
What brings this question/ rant up? This (most recent) news post about a young autistic boy being bullied, ridiculed & harassed at school - not to mention not being taught.
Teachers bullying Autistic/normal children.

One father. One son. Three teachers/aides. Lies, hurt, abuse & now red tape.
Here is the story of a father who knew his son wasn't violent - or any of the other things the teacher continued to say. So he sent his son to school with a audio recorder.
6 1/2 hours of vile, nasty and plain evil were caught and recorded for everyone to hear.
What happens? Red tape. They were able to fire only one of the aides and moved the other teachers to another school or district. Tenure you see - protects even the worse of the offenders.

The dad is calling for a no tolerance teacher bullying bill to pass legislation.
Here is the story link, here is the petition for the bill, & the facebook support link.

My solution is quicker, more brutal and very very short term.
These teachers need their photo & name plastered on the web, any parent whose kids are taught by them need to complain to the school.
After being bounced around from school to school - they may not lose their teaching licenses, but they will lose places to work - especially places with children.
Any adult that callous, that mean, that heartless - should never ever work with children.
Legislation will protect the children of the future - we need to protect the children of today.

No child or parent should ever have to go through this.
We need to do more than "pass" the word along, or sign a petition - we need to get active.
Every parent out there needs to meet - talk with their child's teacher (I know both my children's teachers and this year they both still like me - its a miracle).
If something doesn't feel right - talk to the school office about sitting in for a day.
Ask if another teacher or office staff can check on the class once or twice a day because things don't make sense.
No one else is ever going to protect or watch out for your child better then you will.

This is about a special needs class - this time. A few months ago it was a jr. high school boy in a normal classroom recording the bullying on his cellphone.
It can happen in any class at any time.

I will post update's about day 3 & 4 tomorrow later today- sorry but its been a very long day and I am starting to hurt again (slightly) in the gallbladder area - off to take more nasty medication.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 days for 10th anniversary

I have a lot to say so the shortest is - THANK YOU JESUS! Last night I went down stairs to turn off the lights and I smelled a awful smell, a few minutes later I found one of my son's shirts bundled up INSIDE his bedroom light about to catch on fire - really huge burn marks all over it!
So grateful I went down there! We could have lost our home last night!

Our tenth wedding anniversary is Friday. To celebrate Hubby took off 10 days. Ten days to celebrate 10 years.
Each day I have an envelope full of things for us to do - we pick one a day and voila! That's our special family time. Some days are family days - other days are couple days. To mark the difference I wrote, "need babysitter." on the special day envelopes.
This is very important as I wrote them all out a month ago when I had the idea, but didn't know when people would be available to watch the kids.

Day One:

Water balloon fight with our kids and all the neighborhood kids!

Day Two:

Family game night & Fondue!

We had a very yummy cheese fondue with two sausage's and a garlic bread
Then games! Lots and lots of games.
Then finished the night with Chocolate fondue, served with grapes, angel food cake & banana's.
Strawberries would have been nice, but the store didn't have a good selection.

I don't know what tomorrow's envelope will bring, but I know that it doesn't have to cost a lot to mean a lot.
I will try to keep up on photos and ideas.

However before I leave you I will offer one marriage advice tip:

When you fight (all couples fight) finish it to the end. I don't care how many times you have to say - that's not what I meant. I said this but meant this. I feel this about ----. I need you to hear....
Don't just get frustrated and quit. It's important to be heard and understood - you may need to breathe, start over and try again, but don't let it drop.
Any time you let something drop - as a peace keeping tool - it can fester.
You can finish an argument without coming to agreement.
You can calm down and finish a fight without heat.
Remember marriage is all about the long game.
You picked this person to marry because you wanted to grow old with them - to share your life with them.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Man is 6

So a few days ago my son turned 6!
Thankfully it was before everything happened so the day was full of fun, jokes and mirth!

The kids had a ball and my dog was well loved.

Beauty, Macho, Prissy & LittleMan
Getting them sitting in one spot - all looking at me - Miraculous!
When my BFF and I got married - we hoped that our men could stand each other. Now they are fast friends.
When we were pregnant together - her first, my second. We hoped that our children would get along.
Be able to stand all the time they would be stuck together.
Now they are best friends.

We are thrilled! Birthday parties, BBQ's & shopping trips are much easier due to the fact that thankfully the rest of our families get as well along as we do.

Now back to birthday boy. He got everything and more than he had wanted (spoiled child).
This year (thankfully) he didn't cry. He is happy being 5!
We had a honeyed ham on soft rolls with this amazing dark chocolate cake.
Yeah with my gallbladder issues this most likely was the last day of such decadent treats.
Even for my 10th anniversary I will be eating better.

As for the Gallbladder Complete med that I bought and have been using - it works. It works fast if you follow instructions.
However - you really have to be dying or in LOTS of pain to take it. It tastes horrible!
I have to take it 3 times a day, but for now I won't have to go in for surgery.
I may in the future, my doctor will need to monitor me on a more frequent (yearly) basis and I will need to watch the amount of fats and sugars I consume.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


 This is going to be a slightly gross, over sharing, TMI sort of post. If you are squeamish or not interested it would be a good idea to move on NOW.

Alright, first off I have not gotten the results back from my gallbladder scan.
Two reasons why
First they have not sent them to my doctor and I am sure that my doctor has once again forgotten. (called twice)
Second - I have not called again to push the issue.

I have a very simple reason for not wanting to push the issue, if I am having stones, and I do need surgery. I would be on a liquid diet for 5-7 days after surgery.
7 days from tomorrow is my 10th anniversary.
I have plans.

They do not involve iv tubs, surgery or not eating. So what I need is a stop gap. Something to get my by another week - and possibly (but unlikely) fully healed.
I bought two bottles of Gallbladder Complete. They came yesterday, after reading through the instructions today I am on a liquid only diet with (bonus!) a laxative.

Tonight before I sleep I can start my first treatment, it needs to be taken between meals and before bed to have full non diluted potency.

So ignore the black bits - I wonder do you think they would let me keep the larger rocks? Is it very horrible for me to say I think they are kinda cool looking?
After my 10th anniversary if there has been little to no change (of if its gotten worse) I will push the issue with my doctor and get whatever it needs taken care of - taken care of.
I promise.
I will also give a review on whether or not this product works.

UPDATE: This was posted 4/19/12, Today is 8/21/12 = 4 months later!

I drank one bottle following instructions completely. 4 months later I have not had any more issues and still have the second bottle sitting in the fridge.
Due to expiration I will be using the second bottle before the upcoming holidays just to make sure I don't have more issues with the richer foods.
That said no pain, no surgery, healthy diet, exercise and I still have my gallbladder!

However, I have not gone back to eating whatever I wanted I have followed closer to the diet as I found on Web MD and a few other gallbladder sites.
I'm in my 30's I am not a teen anymore and as painful as it may be I have to eat for my health!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review - Windows HTC Trophy Phone

Windows HTC Trophy

Somethings have happened in my life this week that I am dealing with.
I will blog Little Man's 6th Birthday soon.
For now though, I would like something a little less personal.
Like my new phone.
I've had it almost two months now and I can't say enough good things about it!

My husband has, Droid Razor. I hate it. In fact I hate it so much that I put off getting a smart phone.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Miscarraige

This will be short as I am not having the greatest time right now.
I miscarried - again.

They believe that it was tubal and that the baby past a few days ago - without me knowing.

They also believe that I am having Gallbladder issues.
Which is why I felt so huge - so large - so quickly.

The gallbladder issues might have also caused the miscarriage - they didn't want to even touch that box though - and it doesn't really matter - what's done is done.

I will need to see my real Dr. about the Gallbladder issues, even though the hospital did an ultra sound on it, my appendix & my uterus. Why?
Here is the run down

Over an hour in the waiting room - waiting to even be heard and given a room.
45 minutes waiting for the doctor to come in.
2 hours waiting for an ultra sound
1 1/2 hours after the ultra sound before I gave up caring and walked out.

They have my number if I was close to dying, they should call me. If they don't oh well - it is one of the worst hospitals in the valley.
At least they didn't kill me.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby Three, Q & A

Photo: My Mama holding my first born, Prissy, & me.

81/2 years ago I gave birth to one of the most beautiful baby girls this world has ever seen.
6 years ago today, I gave birth to my boy - Little Man. He turned cute after his broken nose healed - we battled 6 years ago today - he wanted to stay in, I wanted him out, mama won!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Umm Surprise!?

Prissy is 8 1/2 years old. Little Man turns 6 this Sunday, and today it was confirmed that yes I am pregnant again!

So how do you tell your husband that Surprise! we are having another baby?
Well to be honest my first thought was hitting him once I walked in the door. I blame the hormones. No really, I sure it has nothing to do with my snarky personality... stop laughing! I'm hormonal!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eggs, Easter & Potato Bars

Family, Feasting & Remembrance. The meaning of Easter and celebrating it are huge for our family.

The day was bright, sunny and beautiful.

The food was amazing!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Gleevilly - Mash up of Gleeful & Evilly! Just imagine me - laughing manically, crazed eyes, evil smile and I know the chubbiness makes me look all sorts of cute and fluffy - inside however....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Acceptence/Awareness

A year ago I wrote a post titled, Who has been robbed or blamed? That went over quite well, for a while at least. I even gained followers rather then lose them. (I might this time, though)
Today in honor of Autism Awareness day (light it up blue) my BFF writer of Speaking on the Spectrum, wrote another (shocking!) post on why the Autism Community needs to SHUT UP and get along!

I don't know what drama triggered her anger this time (I know what triggered mine a year ago)

So here we go again.

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