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Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Miscarraige

This will be short as I am not having the greatest time right now.
I miscarried - again.

They believe that it was tubal and that the baby past a few days ago - without me knowing.

They also believe that I am having Gallbladder issues.
Which is why I felt so huge - so large - so quickly.

The gallbladder issues might have also caused the miscarriage - they didn't want to even touch that box though - and it doesn't really matter - what's done is done.

I will need to see my real Dr. about the Gallbladder issues, even though the hospital did an ultra sound on it, my appendix & my uterus. Why?
Here is the run down

Over an hour in the waiting room - waiting to even be heard and given a room.
45 minutes waiting for the doctor to come in.
2 hours waiting for an ultra sound
1 1/2 hours after the ultra sound before I gave up caring and walked out.

They have my number if I was close to dying, they should call me. If they don't oh well - it is one of the worst hospitals in the valley.
At least they didn't kill me.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Rest well and God bless...

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