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Monday, July 23, 2012

4th of July, part 4

I kid you not this guy was allowing people to throw water balloon's at him!
Not sure if he lost a bet or if they were trying to promote something, as far as I could tell they weren't...

Another thing my daughter is already aspiring too!
She's 8, but has great plans for the future!

I don't care HOW much someone offered me 
I would not put a sign around my neck, hop on a bike and be in a parade!!!
That said - if you want a part in Hello Dolly they are auditioning!

 This man had THE largest routine in the parade
Also the cutest!

Seriously people I was at this parade
and I still can't figure out why someone did this to their kids!
On purpose!!!

Part 5, coming soon
Also I have re-tooled my recipe blog
 Feel free to check it out!

Monday, July 16, 2012

4th of July, Parade pt 3

Best band of the whole Magna Parade!

One half naked boy & one mama in the band thanking Jesus that he's not her's!

I don't know about you, but is the 4th of July really the parade you would expect these guys to march in?

He was a good singer...
You would have thought that they would have spell checked.

 My children's future rival high cheer leaders

 My kids future high school cheerleaders 

Kids soccer float

Kid you not going to this parade was like watching on very long commercial with very few "real" parade parts thrown in.
I got a ton of flyers from politicians, dance groups, sports groups, churches... even theaters!

It was a fun parade & my kids had a great time
even better looking though my photos has found me many fun treasures!
I don't know if I will go next year... unless we hop in a friends yard.

Stay tuned for part 4 - more fun to come!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Calling it as I see it or 4th of July, pt 2

Now watching the parade I started to wonder about all the law enforcement
especially for a township that has no self named law office - we pay for whats called a, "unified policed".
That's where other cities that want a few extra dollar's sign up and send one of their men to patrol, answer calls ect.

Then comes this dude literally hanging on to the back of the truck coasting along like it's not big deal.

One of the many dance groups 

 Chinese Dragons 
 two of them

Our neighbors girl is in the very front playing the flute
Unfortunately you can't see her very well - only the top of her head.

My kids were so happy to know someone in the parade

#1 This woman was nice to me, until my son's walking field trip to the fire station. That's when during a nice chat she posed a pointed question - one to determine if I was Mormon or not.
I politely told her that I did understand what she was saying as I was raised here and most of my friends are Mormon - even though I was not.
From that moment on, she stopped speaking to me.
#2 This is her son.
He started out friends with my son, but as soon as she found we weren't Mormon - poof - he wasn't friends with my son either, in fact over night he turned mean.
My son came home crying one day because of him

Now for my friends out there that are Mormon, I know you are as upset about this as I am.
I went through this "shunning" when I was this age in girl scouts & in elementary school.
I know all about THIS type of Utah mom.
I also know that this is NOT what their own faith teaches.
Utah is a great family friendly state, but it does have its own fair share of stupid out there.

This is her daughter - who has been friends with my daughter 
But now that she (the mama) saw us together at the parade
that may change.

Sad thing is I know this is the type of mother that will also be raising her children to be missionaries.
How do you teach a child to hate & be mean to someone and then teach them to go out and try to connect and relate with those same people?
The double standard in her life is astounding!

In return I have tried to explain this as best as I can to my children.
Telling them that its their choice and to try to not take it personal.
I have also just asked my son to leave her son alone, but to still be nice.

As a mama though I don't mind calling her out,
I even gave her my Blog card.
Hope she reads this!

Stay tuned for part 3

Our 4th of July, 2012 - pt 1

Our first Parade, in our new city!
The only parade that Magna does annually - The 4th of July Parade

My kids waiting and watching - we had to get there an hour early to get good seats
I will give you only the best & the worst of the hour in a half parade.
As a friend of mine said, "its so bad, its epic!"

The flag

Miss Magna
(and yes my daughter already has aspirations in that direction)

The barber shop band

The little boy that screamed & screamed & screamed!

Tomorrow I will post more of our Forth Fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Man's Bad Night

My son, 7/9/12

He is cute, hyper, loveable, & so much more.
 Last night he had an allergy attack

We have yet to identify what caused his reaction.
At this moment I am guessing a weed.

These photos were taken after the first washing, a herbal bath & children benedryl, had all been applied.

The majority of swelling & redness that had covered both arms & legs had already gone down.

Today the only thing still swollen is the one hand

So I have just finished taking my girl to the allergist and poof! its time to make an appointment for my son!

I do have to say though that this shocked me, I am used to my daughter coming in with hives, rashes and all sorts of other ailments, NOT my son.

Up until now his allergies were hayfever and dyes - now I get the fun of finding out what the heck did this!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith

I grew up with Andy.
I watched both the Andy Griffith Show & Matlock. 

I have to say that he was one of the most talented actors, one of the few whose career was able to move seamlessly from a young actor career to an older actor career.

My all time favorite Andy Griffith movie is, No Time For Sergeants.
The ultimate crazy duo - the laid back and relaxed guy, best buds with the up tight, something to prove, nervous guy.

From the toilet salute to the, spit spit - Any body their?
This is a hilarious show about friendship.

Andy Griffith you will be missed but not forgotten.

Thank you for years of entertainment.

I have learned how to smile and laugh off the things you can't change.
I have learned that no case is hopeless.
I have learned that being a good friend is the most important thing you can be.
I have learned so many things from you over the years, thank you for sharing your life with me.

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