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Our Urban Farm

MOVED! New blog Our Bit of Dirt all future posts on animals, gardening, backyard projects ect will be posted there!
Moving the Farm

We have a smallish area (roughly a quarter acre - maybe larger but not by much) but have been able to fit in a large back garden, a kitchen container garden and a enclosed grow box for lettuce. We are raising chickens and rabbits. We hope in the next few years to add in honey bees.

I'm not an expert. We research, learn and each year do better. We try to do things as naturally as possible. No added chemicals, but I'm a wizard at composting ;).

This is a work in progress, but a work of love!

Our Urban Tiny Farm
What we started with 5 1/2 years ago!  And more photos of the yard barely touched!
Our Urban Farm - Spring 2016

Garden, main - 

Grow box -
Grow Box - first done

Kitchen Garden -
Building it - Cinder blocks

Chickens -
Chicken Haven - basic coop and yard
Chicken Roof
Nesting Box Curtains - why and how
The Coop - bare basics
Hens - names, eggs & second set of boxes

Rabbits -
Meet Our Meat Rabbits!

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