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Monday, April 13, 2015

Chicken Haven Complete

I'm sore and tired, but extremely happy that one major summer project is finally complete.
Sure we may tweek the top of the coop come fall, we may add another set of laying boxes to the other side of the coop, but for now at least, its done.

We lined the insides of the fence with chicken wire as well to keep them in and Patch out. He LOVES the chickens but wants to play, bite their necks, so he has to stay on the outside of the fence.

Update 8/8/15: Patch actually LOVES the chickens (not in a bad way) when they are together in the same yard the most he does to them is to try to gently herd them back into their smaller yard and out of his yard. We still have to keep them separate though due to his LOVE and OBSESSION with rolling in their wet poop!
Now they share the yard, he gets it in the morning to mid-afternoon and they get afternoon into evening. Thankfully this has been working for them all.

We really did a lot of work to get the entire area completed. Not to mention I ran out to have lunch with my bestie. I was trying to get to the ER before she was discharged but I didn't make it. On a good note - she's fine. Her arm is in a splint for a few days but she is recovering.

The chickens seem to love having some room to run around. They chased each other around for a while before settling into the happy task of eating all the ants that had been biting my hubby for digging a hole into their home.
My hubby was childishly delighted that the chickens were eating the ants - every time he looked over at them scratching the nest he would beam.

I can't wait for them to start laying eggs! Hubby wants to make custard, I want flan and everyone in the house adores breakfast for dinner!

Each year we have continued to work on more projects. Already we have this years garden half way started! The kids will get the last of the fencing wood to add to their playground - so even though the season for yard work has just started, we are well on our way!
To the outer chicken yard we will be adding a dirt bath area, a chicken swing, possibly a few perch poles and a small mini salad buffet. (That's a lettuce grow box with chicken wire over it so they can't get at the roots.)

So for a fence that cost us 26.00 dollars (1 penny per piece of wood) I think we got quite the deal! I adore the cull section of Lowes!
Next project is the kids playground, planting the rest of the garden and then dismantling our fireplace chimney - but that's another story!

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Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Wow its all coming together!! Looking great. Had to chuckle about the aunts and your Hubby taking pride in the chickens eating them... Girl you did score with that fence ... glad your friend will be fine. Wishing you a beautiful spring week..xo

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