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Friday, April 10, 2015

Chickens, Coop and Fencing

Last week we got half of the fence done. Tomorrow should see the end of the battle! We really need to get the outer day area fence done - our little chickies are almost full grown! They need the room to run around! Hubby and I are excited for the weather forecast, tomorrow is supposed to be 70 deg and sunny! A good day for the amount of work we need to get done.
We also need to plant the corn that hubby started indoors and is now several inches already!

Also my lettuce is coming up and I am very excited! Home grown lettuce is much yummier and sweeter tasting than what you buy in the store!
The small painted pink boards are for the coop, to panel around the edges, tucking in the chicken wire and will hopefully give it a finished look.

Today we took a rare break from school work for a quick play date at my bestie's house. 
The kids swung on swings, jumped on the trampoline, played with Patch and then after they had run themselves ragged they crashed and watched half of Wall-e. 

I love having some time with my BFF. We don't get enough time to spend together and just talk about random things.
She is 100%, one of my favorite people in the entire world! There isn't anyone I would rather spend time with, chat with, shop with, tell secrets with or sing with. Joy, pain, love, sorrow, we've been together through thick and thin.
I don't normally gush so much, but today we crossed yet another TMI threshold that we hadn't crossed before (which for two very blunt spoken women is saying something).
So here's to TMI, friendship and a future that we can't even begin to imagine!.

Also I am down to 205 pds Yay!

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Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

YAH!!! congrats ... you go girl!!! The chickens are going to be so happy and produce the best eggs ... a friend is a treasure. wishing you a beautiful weekend Hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

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