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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kid Photos

My girl 

My Boy

Thankfully they have reached an age where I can pose them easily!
Both photos were taken today, by me.
I am practicing my photo skills and my kids are my best subjects!

I just wish that my dog would hold still!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My 33rd Birthday

I dislike getting older, like everyone else after the age of 25. However, losing my mama when she was 52 changed how I viewed the world.
There were many days I hated old people.
They lived.
They endured.
She didn't.
Time has helped with the bitterness, but kept a hold of the value of growing older. Of the time you still have with family and friends.
So with Gratitude I celebrate.

My father and step mom got me the great card & gift card.
Hubby bought me the River Song Sonic Screw Driver from the BBC Doctor Who show - best show ever!!!

My girl drew a portrait of me.

My son gave me one of the best and rarest presents of all - one whole day of YES!
Seriously he is 6 and I doubt he ever will do it again but one whole day where he said yes to everything!

My best friend (this cutie right here) gave me (with both of our husbands watching the kids and thus they as well gave us) a girls day out!

Saturday was OUR day!

Such a great relaxing day filled with pampering, laughter and good times!

Oh and shopping... lots and lots of shopping!

Did I mention the shopping?
And the hair cut?

I am on spoiled lady!

Thank you all so much for the love this year!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kinder Graduation

Today my son's class had their "graduation" even though they still have one more week of school.
I took over 60 photos! Most of which are up on my facebook under the Magna Elementary Album. If your child was in this class and you would like access to all my photos without my tag on them please send me a message on Facebook - Telisha Garris.

They did several funny songs, poems and went through a sum of what they learned during the year.

My son's best friend and Little man enjoying they graduation treats!
This has been one fun year!

Family Stickers

A read a blog a few weeks ago knocking people like me who place family stickers on their cars.
Her comment, "Really I don't care about your family." was rude, but truthful.

So let me explain.
I didn't buy them or go to the effort of washing the car, arranging the stickers - for you.
I am also sure that every other family that bought and placed stickers on their cars didn't either.

Frankly I don't care if you look, like or hate them - they help me find my car!

See one of these day when (and if) some man marries your cranky bum and you have a few children.
You may buy a "mom" vehicle.
A vehicle that comes normally in 5 different colors and shapes.
So that when you walk out of the grocery store with a cart filled with food and two screaming children and look across a sea of cars - most of which look similar to your own - you can find it quickly.
Because no two families are the same.
Even the ones that have the same number of people - they choose different types of stickers!

So yes - enjoy your ignorance for really it is bliss - and then you can join our ranks with a sticker family of your own or of course you could get a clown for your car antenna - which I believe is much more tacky but hey! so was your post!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Special Father

Fathers Day, the one day a year we turn around and thank a man for doing a normally thankless task.
Most men even in our modern day and age do not stay home with the children (props to those that do) most go to work.
They work long, hard and with people they would rather not, dealing with things they would rather not.
Mothers day is easy - its easy to thank a mom - cooking, cleaning, child rearing - friends, shopping, washing, caring for the sick ect for the most part these are what "moms" do.

Papa's are different.
They work. Then they come home and do more work. Wives (like myself) hand them a "honey do" list. So that project around the house can get done.
My husband (thankfully) is very easy going and laid back, when he tackles a honey do item he normally takes one of the kids with him at the same time - teaching the child how to do the task.
My son is 6 and already has his own REAL tools.

But being a father is much more than tools and paying bills.
Its listening to endless chatter.
A quick hug.
A pat on the back.
That special smile that shows how proud they are of what you have done or become.
Taking time - to do, teach or just to be with them.

A father of boys must teach manners, kindness, empathy, responsibility as well as whatever skills they can pass on.

A father of girls must teach something very different.
He must teach her that she is whole. She is loved. She is beautiful. She is valuable. She is protected.
These are things she can not learn from another, it has much less meaning coming from another - any other.

My husband has the daunting task of doing both and being both.
So far he is amazing!
Some days I'm jealous - he makes it look easy!

So thank you to a special man,
who has not left his family
who works hard
who loves with every fiber of his being
who has never failed us
You amaze me everyday.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homeopathic Prissy

My poor little girl. Always the luck!
She has allergies to allergies.
She is allergic to some of the oddest, random things.
Also sad to say out of my two children she got my fair skin, while Little Man got papa's more ethnic non-burning skin.

I know you want to know what allergies and burns have to do in common...

This is one of three Aloe Vera Gel that I was able to find in my house.
Notice the second line... Sunburn pain relief with LIDOCAINE HCI?
Yup my girl is severely allergic to Lidocaine HCI.

So until I can buy an aloe plant to have on hand I've had to research Homeopathic recipes and ways to cure sunburns naturally.
Now I am not against Homeopathic - quite the opposite - I just find it ironic that I don't have many choices when it comes to her anymore.
She will have to learn much of this as she grows up.

Black tea on the skin.
As homeopathic remedies go I have to say this one smells good.
Soak a few tea bags in hot water - allow to cool until tepid.
Soak a cloth (that you don't mind getting stained) and apply to burnt areas.
Allow it to soak in - repeat as many times as needed - don't wash off or wipe away allow to dry.
If the burn is on a hard to reach area - like your back - you can pour the tea over your body while sitting in the bathtub. Full Recipe HERE.

 Despite all of her issues
She really is amazing and an amazing artist!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh Randomness!

So many bad and strange things have happened the last few days.
Last week I sprained my ankle, today my poor son was stung by a wasp twice.

Last Thursday I woke at 6:30 am and finally fell asleep at Late Friday early Saturday at 3:30 am which of course is why later Saturday I sprained my ankle - sleep deprivation... not clumsiness!
I swear it!

My BFF had this ball pit. Its a great ball pit. Has a few large holes... and to mention that she doesn't have the room to put it up anymore. Inside or out. (not with all the remodeling she's been doing.

Thankfully my boy is now sleeping and his allergy to wasp stings isn't that bad - minor swelling and lots of pain.

Also we have been battling the invasion of ants - flying, crawling.... I have been killing these suckers for 5 days off and on.
Every few days I have to respray and re-check the traps.
In the photo see that crack?
Its between my front door and my screen door.
This is where they keep coming IN! ARG!
Anyway sorry for my complete and totally random rant.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Organizing my Chaotic Life

There are a few areas of my life that I have been "winging" successfully for the last ten years. Dinner preparation falls into that, house hold chores falls into the unsuccessful category.
Pinterest (thank you for coming into my life) has given me many great ideas.
Some from people that really, really, really, love paper - I mean WAY to many different organizing sheets.
Too many means that one day you will overlook or forget to check one.

Here are a few from different blogs & Pinterest that spawned my new system, at the bottom I will link and explain my system at the bottom. ;)

First up - Home Management
This one REALLY likes to pay for things you print off AND all her links are no longer valid - however the idea is solid.

Next up is Sunday Planning, again she really likes paper.

After her came the Magnetic Menu Board.
This one is sure genius! I love this idea
Although my idea is cheaper and simpler I took a lot from her.

Lastly came Girl Loves Glam - funny enough the least glamorous of them all but still very functional.
If you are looking to organize your life a little more these women have some great ideas!
Mine is a much simpler, much cheaper way to do many of the combined.

First off I have only one binder. My sister bought me a very nice recipe keeper set a few years ago. Ever since then its been used to hold our "family favorite" recipes.

It has plenty of space, many tabs and is a 3 ring binder. For me and what I want, its perfect.

 Here is a bad photo of my weekly calendar

This sheet has my menu plan, weekly family schedule, holidays, moon phases, & house cleaning chart.
Color coded to event or person.

Here is my Monthly calendar

I found a free site called, Keep & Share, where you can save several printable calendars.
You can even schedule things weekly, monthly ect.

Sorry for my bad hand writing. I had to write up this list and place next to my calendar so that I can schedule my menu plan off of it. See I have recipes and then I have "recipes" things that I make so often that I don't need a recipe card.

When planning a menu a month in advance you may need a "reminder" list. Something to help you remember old favorites or your general back ups.
This list I am sure will grow and be added to, I have plenty of room saved up on the back for more.

Another great idea when menu planning is to make sure that similar ingredients be used in the same week.
I have a week where I make burritos, tacos, nachos, salad ect.
Since most of those recipes re-use the same ingredients. Insuring no waste and maxim food for your budget.

Which ever organizing idea is for you or if like me you pick and choose and find something that really works for you, I hope this helps.

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