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Friday, June 8, 2012

Organizing my Chaotic Life

There are a few areas of my life that I have been "winging" successfully for the last ten years. Dinner preparation falls into that, house hold chores falls into the unsuccessful category.
Pinterest (thank you for coming into my life) has given me many great ideas.
Some from people that really, really, really, love paper - I mean WAY to many different organizing sheets.
Too many means that one day you will overlook or forget to check one.

Here are a few from different blogs & Pinterest that spawned my new system, at the bottom I will link and explain my system at the bottom. ;)

First up - Home Management
This one REALLY likes to pay for things you print off AND all her links are no longer valid - however the idea is solid.

Next up is Sunday Planning, again she really likes paper.

After her came the Magnetic Menu Board.
This one is sure genius! I love this idea
Although my idea is cheaper and simpler I took a lot from her.

Lastly came Girl Loves Glam - funny enough the least glamorous of them all but still very functional.
If you are looking to organize your life a little more these women have some great ideas!
Mine is a much simpler, much cheaper way to do many of the combined.

First off I have only one binder. My sister bought me a very nice recipe keeper set a few years ago. Ever since then its been used to hold our "family favorite" recipes.

It has plenty of space, many tabs and is a 3 ring binder. For me and what I want, its perfect.

 Here is a bad photo of my weekly calendar

This sheet has my menu plan, weekly family schedule, holidays, moon phases, & house cleaning chart.
Color coded to event or person.

Here is my Monthly calendar

I found a free site called, Keep & Share, where you can save several printable calendars.
You can even schedule things weekly, monthly ect.

Sorry for my bad hand writing. I had to write up this list and place next to my calendar so that I can schedule my menu plan off of it. See I have recipes and then I have "recipes" things that I make so often that I don't need a recipe card.

When planning a menu a month in advance you may need a "reminder" list. Something to help you remember old favorites or your general back ups.
This list I am sure will grow and be added to, I have plenty of room saved up on the back for more.

Another great idea when menu planning is to make sure that similar ingredients be used in the same week.
I have a week where I make burritos, tacos, nachos, salad ect.
Since most of those recipes re-use the same ingredients. Insuring no waste and maxim food for your budget.

Which ever organizing idea is for you or if like me you pick and choose and find something that really works for you, I hope this helps.

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High Heeled Life said...

These are FABULOUS ideas ... and yours keeps it all together, love it! Working on structure and organization on this end, this was a perfect post!! xo HHL

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