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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homeopathic Prissy

My poor little girl. Always the luck!
She has allergies to allergies.
She is allergic to some of the oddest, random things.
Also sad to say out of my two children she got my fair skin, while Little Man got papa's more ethnic non-burning skin.

I know you want to know what allergies and burns have to do in common...

This is one of three Aloe Vera Gel that I was able to find in my house.
Notice the second line... Sunburn pain relief with LIDOCAINE HCI?
Yup my girl is severely allergic to Lidocaine HCI.

So until I can buy an aloe plant to have on hand I've had to research Homeopathic recipes and ways to cure sunburns naturally.
Now I am not against Homeopathic - quite the opposite - I just find it ironic that I don't have many choices when it comes to her anymore.
She will have to learn much of this as she grows up.

Black tea on the skin.
As homeopathic remedies go I have to say this one smells good.
Soak a few tea bags in hot water - allow to cool until tepid.
Soak a cloth (that you don't mind getting stained) and apply to burnt areas.
Allow it to soak in - repeat as many times as needed - don't wash off or wipe away allow to dry.
If the burn is on a hard to reach area - like your back - you can pour the tea over your body while sitting in the bathtub. Full Recipe HERE.

 Despite all of her issues
She really is amazing and an amazing artist!


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