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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My 33rd Birthday

I dislike getting older, like everyone else after the age of 25. However, losing my mama when she was 52 changed how I viewed the world.
There were many days I hated old people.
They lived.
They endured.
She didn't.
Time has helped with the bitterness, but kept a hold of the value of growing older. Of the time you still have with family and friends.
So with Gratitude I celebrate.

My father and step mom got me the great card & gift card.
Hubby bought me the River Song Sonic Screw Driver from the BBC Doctor Who show - best show ever!!!

My girl drew a portrait of me.

My son gave me one of the best and rarest presents of all - one whole day of YES!
Seriously he is 6 and I doubt he ever will do it again but one whole day where he said yes to everything!

My best friend (this cutie right here) gave me (with both of our husbands watching the kids and thus they as well gave us) a girls day out!

Saturday was OUR day!

Such a great relaxing day filled with pampering, laughter and good times!

Oh and shopping... lots and lots of shopping!

Did I mention the shopping?
And the hair cut?

I am on spoiled lady!

Thank you all so much for the love this year!

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