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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life and Lemonade

So some people have said that life is what you make it, while others say you should make lemonade when life hands you lemons. I personally think you just need to find your joy, what ever keeps a smile on your face and your heart light.
I have walked through some dark times in the past but have always been able to find the rainbow behind the clouds and I encourage everyone to do the same.

I am cleaning house, I have deleted several of my blogs and set others to private. This will blog will remain open as I don't have a large following here.
My husband and I have been very poor over the last several years, we have had serious health problems and have learned who our true friends are.
I can honestly say that it is in your darkest times that you find out who and what really matters. I am now taking an active stand to do something about my life and my future.
I am writing a book in fact a series of books with hope that someday in the future I will be able to publish them and be able to buy a house.

Life has indeed handed me a lot of lemons and while I do love lemonade it is no longer enough. I have decided to take my lemons and turn them into something worth sharing with the rest of the world.
The most important lesson life has given me is that joy really does come in the morning as long as you are willing to allow it back into your life.
Also I have learned that life is not worth living with out that joy, so for all those that work hard jobs, or have had life hand them sadness may you find your rainbow once again.
Life is not just what we make it, it is a rich tapestry that is interwoven with threads of those around us. Sometimes we have to deal with the bad no matter how hard we try not to it is what we do with those times that show us who we truly are.
So may your joy and love shine through.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Books and family

For those that don't know I am writing a book actually a series that one day I hope to have published book one is now at 119 pages and book two is at 55 pages. The good news is I love them and whether they get published or not I will be rereading them for years to come.

My kids are doing great Gideon is only wearing diapers at night, and has added a couple more words into his vocabulary.
Autumn is improving her reading and writing skills, this last week she really has shown huge progress. I am really very proud of her for working so hard this last week.

Sorry I have not posted many pictures lately I will try to pull out the camera and chase the kids in a little while.
Wil has lost 34 pds in 20 days using Medifast, I have lost some weight over the holidays but I really need to get back on the treadmill. I really don't want to have to join him on this diet so I had better hurry.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family and books

Hubby is thankfully okay but we are all very very tired, we spend last night in the ER after he had an allergic reaction to "something" I know official right?

Anyway I am done with my 9th rewrite and now have 117 solid pages of book one, I am still trying to finish of the last little bit, I do not as yet have a publisher, book agent or anything yet (besides of course my personal accountant who would love to quit her full time job and be my full time accountant) as this is my first book and I want it as ready as I can get it before sending it off to anyone. If anyone here has published before please give me any useful information on how to start this process - I am a little nervous.
Book two however is started as of this moment I am not sure whether or not this book set is going to be three books or four everything right now hangs on book two and whether I can fit it all in or not.
Also if anyone lives in , Sweden, Finland, Norway, Scotland or Ireland and would like to tell me about their favorite places, I would be very happy to hear from someone who actually lives there.

The kids are fine and healthy but very tired after last night, we are headed out soon to pick up medicine and the usual life supplies that our life seems to need.

ps. Utah in January at 2 in the morning has the most lovely thick fog, it was the best part of the whole night.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Book news first - I have completed my first book!! Yeah! I am still rechecking and rewriting but it is mostly finished and I have started book two of the series. I am so thrilled.

My hubby started Medifast last week and has gone from 337 to 317 in a week - mostly water weight but we have high hopes of being able to get him down to a healthier weight - kind of want to keep him :).

Next we have completely changed our children's room's around we bought a new bunk bed with a tent on top, and have moved both children into Autumns room. Gideon's old room is now food storage on my exercise room making much needed room in the living room! Next on my list of changes are hopefully new couches for the living room.
But like all things in my life change takes time, and so will my couches.

As for the kids Autumn is reading better and better everyday and Gideon can do a real cartwheel and is trying to do back flips and the most amazing thing he has been adding new words to his vocabulary!

Sorry all my words seem to be taken up for my books but I will try to get on more
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