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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bullies, School and Parents

This year has been a hard year for a few of us parents. I have written more than one blog post on bullying this year.
Today my being at the school and staying until after first recess for the last three months finally paid off - I found the bully.
I also found out why one of the boys LIED (that would be mine) and the other wouldn't TALK (that would be J).
The Bully is a GIRL.

Today as I walked outside with G'man I found J at the end of the ramp pushed up against the cement steps by a girl in his class.
Now this girl is a pro, even in the first grade. She was close enough and leaning over him (6 inches taller than he is) but still far enough away that any teacher or duty would think they were just talking.
She was talking or rather threatening to choke him if he didn't give her his "duckies" (plastic ducks on the end of a necklace).
I told her to stop it and sent them both off - in separate directions.
5 minutes later I saw that she had once again pinned him, this time was holding onto his jacket so he couldn't escape.
Not only did I pull her aside to talked  with her teacher, I also called his mother and let her know what I found out. She has been very worried about the bullying and even more worried that they haven't found who was doing it.

She came a little while later to talk with the principle. This is where our semi good day of finding the bully went down hill.
The principle didn't help.
Didn't listen.
And talked down to the parent.
J's mom is going to the district - maybe they will listen.

Hint -
Do not tell a mother its not that big a deal.
Do not tell a boy that has been bullied to tears for months that he isn't afraid of her.
Do not spend the whole time trying to make light of the situation.

Just because she is a girl doesn't mean she's sweet, or that she won't hurt him - or that she hasn't hurt him in the past.
I say that the next time she puts a finger on either one of our boys - they come home with a scratch, a bruise or a cut and we will call the police and file assault charges.
We will defend our boys.
This is not something that is okay.
Threatening to choke someone is not okay.
Bullying done by anyone is not okay.
For a school that has a zero bullying policy, they sure didn't listen today. Something I really hope the district pays attention to. As much as I like the Principle (and I do) this is not right.
My witnessing her threatening to choke him should have been grounds for a red slip, not a slight scolding.

Hence the saga continues.
The sad thing is I am sure if we had pulled in a boy the matter would have been dealt with, quickly.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Friends

Right now I am out of picture space.
I have many choices to think of when it comes to my blog.

Today we (with the help of a great friend Shayne) we finally fixed our porch light and our out door plug!
This means Christmas Lights this year!

I am sorry this post is so short.
I will figure something out with my blog tomorrow

Bundle Me

Today we partied
all 5 of us.
Doesn't matter that you didn't come - we had fun anyways.
Plus I hit a HUGE sale!

Miche offered their first ever huge bundle black Friday (the whole weekend) sale!

I was able to get the above cover (for my soon to be Classic bag)
I was talked out of the smaller petite after they made me attempt to fit all my junk into it.
They won.
I know, it does happen every now and then...

The above is the yellow hope bag - one that has been discontinued for around a year or so.
I was able to pick it up for 7.00!

This Prima Bundle is the base bag and 4 covers is on sale this weekend only
for 75% off!
Really not kidding!
It is going for 49.95!
I can't even buy the base bag and one of these covers (half off) for that much!

I am so excited I can't wait for my items to arrive in the mail!
Soon I will be awash in new fun toys!

The food was good, the friends amazing not to mention it was great to see and spend time with my sister!
I hope that everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

If you are interested in Miche, to sell or to buy
Please visit my sister at 

Tomorrow, God and good friends willing - we may even have a front porch light again!
Now that life is calming down again I will once again be blogging more!
See you soon!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Party Prizes

So I ended up with a HAND theme - it was by accident I assure you.

So I have Autumn Harvest Hand CreamLime Sugar Hand Scrub, and Sugar Cookie Hand Soap.
To view recipes (all of these are home-made) click the link. I have not added a recipe yet for the Hand soap as I used a concentrated base to make it and not an at home recipe.

I ended up with 19 hand creams, 10 hand soaps and 7 hand scrubs. I will be giving away a super pack of all 3 to the person who spends the most. The rest will be awarded at random to those that attend.

Click here to view the Miche Items. Again for any of my friends that want to buy online the party closes Friday November 23rd.

For those that are coming - its going to be so much fun! I have all the supplies, decorations, food now I just need everyone to show up!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter Strikes the Unprepared

Yes, those are my lawn mower, bbq grill and new swing. They are now cleaned off and packed away.
Being sick for a few weeks and poof voila tons of snow and all of a sudden it hits me - its NOVEMBER already!
Also going through my closet and guess what? Yup I don't have winter boots either!
This is shaping up to be one of those years where I am wondering where I left my head!

So I am cleaning, prepping and labeling for the upcoming Miche party, I've gone over my list of needs and the only thing left to buy is the food!
Hopefully my party won't have any "where'd I leave my head," moments.

Now I am going to share a sad, unhappy, ultimately crazy, wacky and then surprisingly wonderfully true story with you - in story form (cause its fun that way.)

Two months ago my best friend Margie called me out of the blue - she was buying a new car. An older couple in her ward were going off on an elderly mission and were selling their 3 cars. She ran right over and test drove one - love at first ride.
That however, was not why she was calling me - she wanted to give me her old car!
Yes folks she really is that generous!
A few weeks later, she got her car - after paying 10 grand to the couple and gave me her old one.

A week later I was called again. "I think I'm taking the car in... its making a sound."  
Alright first off I did laugh - I mean she gave me the car that she had been constantly taking in, so she could have a car that didn't need to be taken in.
So first Sat. she went to take the car in - they didn't have room so she made an appointment for the next Sat.
That week she was sick - both her kids had been sick all week long.
So it was more than a whole month that passed before she was able to take her car yesterday.

Without telling the mechanic what was wrong with the car she handed over the keys and allowed a basic inspection.
He came out a long time later with an unhappy face.
6,000 dollars the car needed to fix it up.
Yeah that fender bender the couple told her the car had been in... yeah it cracked the engine block and did lots of other damage - also it wasn't a minor fender bender - so yeah they LIED.
He could tell that this news was devastating to my best friend.
He prompted her to trade it in.
After a few phone calls, a walk around the lot and some very intense bargaining she got the FULL value of the car in the trade in and walked out the door with a brand new 2013 Nissan Sentra!

I am so happy that it worked out well in the end! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

SNOW, PTA and Catching Up

Today it snowed. And snowed. Then for a change of pace, it snowed some more!
In truth we would have gotten at least 5-6 inches of snow except that it was SO wet and SO slushy that it kept compacting down.
It is very very heavy wet snow.
Today it was supposed to rain and tomorrow was to be the snow... is it bad that I am worried about tomorrow?
No? Oh good!

Today I went to my monthly PTA meeting... it was just the PTA president and myself.
Good news we were able to catch up on some much needed projects and plan a few future things - not to mention that we brain stormed some future money raising ideas using the new (soon to be) school PTA website.

I also blogged today about my upcoming Miche party! Really its worth scrolling down to look at!

Now as to why I haven't posted in over a week... we have been sick. The kids, me and hubby!
I am finally getting better even though I am still slightly run down.
I have tons I need to catch up on - cleaning, party projects and of course blogging!
Being with my son 2 hours a day at school has really taken from my extra, "me time" projects.

I will try to post the bubble bath & the sugar scrub that I am also giving away as prizes at the upcoming Miche party. 

Miche, Miche, Miche!

For those that don't know or don't follow my blog - first off Welcome and second I am having a South of the Border, Miche Purse Party! (Nov 24th!) Online sales under my party will close Nov. 23rd.

First off - what is Miche? Its an Idea. A wonderful, creative idea. Its a company that designs purses - that change with you!

Step one: select the size of purse (or purses) that would be the best fit for you. Click here for page link, please check to make sure that you are connected to my party! My name and South of the Border will be on the bottom left of the screen!

A. The Prima - A great for mothers with young kids - lots of room for bottles, snacks and even a few covers that come with a matching changing pad. ALSO great for Business women who need to carry a large tablet or notebook.

B. The Demi - A great for mothers, people (like me) who like to have their camera on hand as well as a Kindle, lotions, sanitizes ect.

C. The Classic - A great for business women. Not to heavy or clunky, but will hold what you need plus a few extra's. (only Miche to come in different colors)

D. The Petite - This is great for a girls night out, dancing, shopping.

Once you have chosen a size (or sizes) I am going with the Petite and the Prima. That way I have one for when I go out with the kids - trips to the zoo, the park, hiking ect will be so much easier.
However, when I just want to run out shopping or to dinner I will want the small Petite.

Next up comes the FUN! You choose an outer shell. To make this blog simple. I will be adding photos ONLY of the ones I plan on buying this month. :) With a small bonus section at the end on the Luxe Line.

The top is the Allie! (Prima) Second is the Chelsey (Prima). The Chelsey is the only bag that can also be converted into a back pack! Great for college, business, or alternate transit people. Everything from bikes to the subway will be great with this purse!

 At top the Carolyn - brand new to the line (petite), Second up The Snowflake also new (petite)

Now one of these days I would also like to get both of these but because they are from the more exclusive line of Miche - the line that comes with all the extra's included with the bag, they are a bit more pricey.

First up is the Marseille, light, stylish (Prima) Second is the Quincy dark, detailed and subtle.(Prima)
Each size (sans petite) have Luxe options.
Visit the site - come to my party - or join the party online. If you like anything here you will love what they have online. Remember these are just a small part of what they offer, in my own select taste.

Now you might ask why you would want such a set up? If you are like me you might be at the point that you hate moving items from one purse to another to another to another.
This way I will only have to move my credit card holder and check book from the Prima to the Petite.The outside changes to match my clothes or outing NOT the inside :).

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