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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter Strikes the Unprepared

Yes, those are my lawn mower, bbq grill and new swing. They are now cleaned off and packed away.
Being sick for a few weeks and poof voila tons of snow and all of a sudden it hits me - its NOVEMBER already!
Also going through my closet and guess what? Yup I don't have winter boots either!
This is shaping up to be one of those years where I am wondering where I left my head!

So I am cleaning, prepping and labeling for the upcoming Miche party, I've gone over my list of needs and the only thing left to buy is the food!
Hopefully my party won't have any "where'd I leave my head," moments.

Now I am going to share a sad, unhappy, ultimately crazy, wacky and then surprisingly wonderfully true story with you - in story form (cause its fun that way.)

Two months ago my best friend Margie called me out of the blue - she was buying a new car. An older couple in her ward were going off on an elderly mission and were selling their 3 cars. She ran right over and test drove one - love at first ride.
That however, was not why she was calling me - she wanted to give me her old car!
Yes folks she really is that generous!
A few weeks later, she got her car - after paying 10 grand to the couple and gave me her old one.

A week later I was called again. "I think I'm taking the car in... its making a sound."  
Alright first off I did laugh - I mean she gave me the car that she had been constantly taking in, so she could have a car that didn't need to be taken in.
So first Sat. she went to take the car in - they didn't have room so she made an appointment for the next Sat.
That week she was sick - both her kids had been sick all week long.
So it was more than a whole month that passed before she was able to take her car yesterday.

Without telling the mechanic what was wrong with the car she handed over the keys and allowed a basic inspection.
He came out a long time later with an unhappy face.
6,000 dollars the car needed to fix it up.
Yeah that fender bender the couple told her the car had been in... yeah it cracked the engine block and did lots of other damage - also it wasn't a minor fender bender - so yeah they LIED.
He could tell that this news was devastating to my best friend.
He prompted her to trade it in.
After a few phone calls, a walk around the lot and some very intense bargaining she got the FULL value of the car in the trade in and walked out the door with a brand new 2013 Nissan Sentra!

I am so happy that it worked out well in the end! 

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