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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bundle Me

Today we partied
all 5 of us.
Doesn't matter that you didn't come - we had fun anyways.
Plus I hit a HUGE sale!

Miche offered their first ever huge bundle black Friday (the whole weekend) sale!

I was able to get the above cover (for my soon to be Classic bag)
I was talked out of the smaller petite after they made me attempt to fit all my junk into it.
They won.
I know, it does happen every now and then...

The above is the yellow hope bag - one that has been discontinued for around a year or so.
I was able to pick it up for 7.00!

This Prima Bundle is the base bag and 4 covers is on sale this weekend only
for 75% off!
Really not kidding!
It is going for 49.95!
I can't even buy the base bag and one of these covers (half off) for that much!

I am so excited I can't wait for my items to arrive in the mail!
Soon I will be awash in new fun toys!

The food was good, the friends amazing not to mention it was great to see and spend time with my sister!
I hope that everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

If you are interested in Miche, to sell or to buy
Please visit my sister at 

Tomorrow, God and good friends willing - we may even have a front porch light again!
Now that life is calming down again I will once again be blogging more!
See you soon!

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