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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arms, School, Car & Me

Prissy getting her cast off before and after photo

The arrow shows that even after six weeks of having five pins and a cast in her arm is still broken.
They had to take the cast off and get her arm moving or it won't regain full movement.
Everyday we do arm exercises working her arm into mobility - right now its half way there.

So as many have noticed I took some time away from blogging and facebook. Much has been happening.

Prissy started the second grade this week at her new school - she loves her new teacher, her class and the food at this school!
LittleMan starts kindergarten this next Monday going for half days. He already met his teacher and really likes her. I am grateful that the school is much closer to home.

Two weeks ago (round about) our car broke down. REALLY broke down. After some quick thinking we decided to trade it in and find something new.

We found a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - its a slightly darker blueish/purple then what is shown in the photo.
It has the stow and go seats - rides like a dream and I LOVE IT! Great thing it also uses less gas per mile then our old car so I am a very spoiled woman right now!

Now on to why I haven't been on for a while - as many of you know I have been searching for my old self. I have seen shrinks, doctors and have found diets to help balance things back into place.
I have fired my shrink - it doesn't do me any good to have someone sit there and constantly agree with me - if I wanted that I could talk to a mirror.
My doctor took what my shrink had tried to do (Zoloft and sleeping pills that kept me awake) kept the Zoloft but switched me to Melatonin.

Two nights of sleeping and the weight hasn't yet stopped pouring off of me - so far I am down about ten pounds without effort.
After a few months of sleep I should be able to stop the Zoloft, its a stop gap until my body catches up with the sleep. I hope that my diet - following the eating by blood type has helped balance out other chemical issues my body had been dealing with.

Now I know that sleep is important, but being a mother you get used to NOT sleeping. In fact due to my daughters Asthma issues I am even better at not sleeping then most parents. I haven't slept a full night long for almost 8 years. Until the melatonin. Ironically my Dr. told me to buy the 1 mg doses and then work my way up to 3 or 4 depending on what works for me. So far one is just fine.

After all the years of gaining weight - dieting, exercising and trying new things it was SLEEP that I needed. I feel much saner and closer to my old self then I have in years. I am praying that the weight loss continues, but feeling awake and energetic is enough for right now.

Life is crazy and busy - I have much around the house that I am catching up on but I will try to blog more often. ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dogs and Dragons!

I bought this set of dragon fly mirrors the other day at Target

My BFF helped me add them to my wall!
They are tiny mirrors and they look amazing!

Also my doggies before and after shots!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toys, Boxes and Sisters

My sister sent the kids and I a box of love!

One of the many ways we try to stay in each others lives even when the miles separate us.

Now I have to find something stunningly fabulous and unexpected to send back!
I am sending a box out to my sister in law and niece now to focus on my Big Sis!
Mid sis - I love you not sure when I can get a box to you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shed update and Dragonflies!

Alright I am going to do some very quick updates!

Shed - the shed now has to dutch style doors completely done! We also finished off one loft!

Dragonflies - our yard (only our yard) has been awash with thirty to forty dragonflies almost every non raining evening! I love dragonflies! If there were one magical animal, one thing that inspired fairy tales, I would know it was the dragonfly!

The Path to Me - I finally started my meds and was happy to find that weight loss could be a side effect - lets all cross our fingers and PRAY that happens!
I haven't noticed much difference save the fact that I am more alert.
Yes I know this all takes time but seriously if you don't know this by now or are new to my blog - I don't do patience.
People used to pray God would give me patience he gave me the most patient of husbands  - I took it as a sign - its just not in my makeup.

We are going to be putting up the fence and possibly the arbor in the new two days! I will try to get photos up!

Also check out - Home made Honey Mustard Dressing! Especially if you like my new photo collage!

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