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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shed update and Dragonflies!

Alright I am going to do some very quick updates!

Shed - the shed now has to dutch style doors completely done! We also finished off one loft!

Dragonflies - our yard (only our yard) has been awash with thirty to forty dragonflies almost every non raining evening! I love dragonflies! If there were one magical animal, one thing that inspired fairy tales, I would know it was the dragonfly!

The Path to Me - I finally started my meds and was happy to find that weight loss could be a side effect - lets all cross our fingers and PRAY that happens!
I haven't noticed much difference save the fact that I am more alert.
Yes I know this all takes time but seriously if you don't know this by now or are new to my blog - I don't do patience.
People used to pray God would give me patience he gave me the most patient of husbands  - I took it as a sign - its just not in my makeup.

We are going to be putting up the fence and possibly the arbor in the new two days! I will try to get photos up!

Also check out - Home made Honey Mustard Dressing! Especially if you like my new photo collage!

1 comment:

Tired Mom said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the finished shed, fence and I'm praying for the weight loss side effect! That would be very awesome!

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