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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trains vs Planes

Alright I have ranted my disgust for airlines in the last several years, everything from double booking to baggage charging not to mention the new "security" measures that include continued harassment of a six year old to being able to screen me naked and take pictures! (Really those fall into the lesser known facts but they are adding those new types of securities to more and more airports.
Some airlines have even started charging for carry on's!
In my growing disgust of this growing and sickening trend of no privacy, no honor and no reliability why do people continue to fly?
Business? Convenience? Time?
We (my tiny family) protest! This time as we travel we are taking the train. No extra baggage fees, no scanning my luggage and body. No telling me I can't take on bottled water or snacks for my children.
If one day I become a published Author as is my dream I will fly as little as possible. Once (if) the money starts pouring in I will continue taking trains or private planes. Why, you may ask, because I hate Bullies and Liars!
Which many of the major airlines are now days they bully you into believing that all of this is for your protection and well being - while they steal items from your suitcase.
They lie to you, you go online or to a travel agent, you reserve your seat have a time, date and seat number. Then they still won't let you on that plane because THEY double booked. This is called FRAUD and should be prosecuted instead of accepted. Did you know they never double book first class seats? How is this fair?
Here is a link to 10 things your airline won't tell you.
Here is the short of what it says just in case it gets deleted later.

1. Welcome to our crowded plane
-a brief discussion on double booking and low compensation
2. Your hard earned air miles are not worth as much as you think they are.
3. We'll give you a good deal- if we get something out of it.
 - where and how to get the best deal for your tickets
4. We love adding in hidden fee's.
5. Customer service is not our top priority
6....but it might be if you have lots of miles.
7. Our planes can make travel uncomfortable and costlier.
- we still have old planes that takes lots of fuel and maitenance.
8. Even we don't fully understand our pricing.
9. We are at the mercy of old technology.
10.You'll wait because the system is broken.

At the end of the day people fly because they feel they have too. The carriers that don't play so many games are the ones that win customer loyalty. I like several of the smaller ones, jetblue, skywest, and the like have fewer fees less doubling booking not to mention they lose less luggage. The reason, they do place higher priority on customer service. Although now you are still at the mercy of the security of the airport, something I think is ridiculous. We have rights and should not have to sacrifice them just because we want to travel.

I have never traveled by train before - we normally travel by car. This time we are trying the train it will be cheaper and easier on our car. I will let everyone know when we get back how I found their service, the trip, cleanliness ect.
I really can't believe though that they can be worse than an airline.
We shall see...

Friday, April 23, 2010

When plans go awry

So yesterday I wanted to finish my garden while Hubby went to the doctors...
yeah instead I ended up needing to drive him there.

Since my children can not sit still or be quiet for an hour we sit out in the car
and run around the green lawn that the dr's office offers.

My medifast meals that go with me everywhere
even though I have only lost 12 pds in a month in a half.

Prissy's complaining that she got her feet dirty while playing in the grass.
See there is a reason I nicknamed her prissy.
So in a couple of weeks we will be taking a train ride to California. 
I will blog tons when I get back.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hair cuts!

Prissy's hair before we cut it, and yes she is singing along with a musical card. I fully expect that when she is sixteen she will want to kill me for all of these.

Isn't she just the cutest girl in the world! She came home from a sleepover the other night with a ton of blue gunk in her hair. Voila! Haircut!

Today is just a finish project day, I have to finish the last of my garden, finish starting my mint plants, finish transplanting my sugar snap peas.
If I am successful at completing even one of these tasks I will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow.
Today I will wear a hat and a large T-shirt to keep my burning to a minimum (this time).
I have not lost much weight lately but have not gained any either - yeah!

To end on a cute note this is how I wish I could sleep every night.

Hahahaha Anne G. My kid sleeps like that all by himself!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Helpers and my garden!


My Children helping me with the dishes!
Alright they are just the most wonderful and the sweetest in the whole world until of course
they do something to drive me crazy! LOL


My Sugar Snap Peas
Yes I know I will have to re-pot them I just didn't expect them to all grow!


My tomato plant going to try the weird hangy upside down thing


My strawberries plants will be taking more photos of them later.


My very pretty flowering plum tree


My weed patch that I am going to clean up

This is the half that I have been able to weed so far.
Next I am going to poison so they won't grow back then
I am going to add in the cool special dirt.
And finally I am going to plant poppy's here so I won't have to mow
or continue to weed.
Will add more photos soon!

Ps. I am now down to 199!

Friday, April 16, 2010

To grandmothers house we go

Autumn loves Mary Kate and Ashley especially the early years. So the other day Hubby bought several new DVD's on amazon for a steal. Our latest was "To grandmothers house we go" where the very young girls take off trying to get to grandma's house. At the end of the movie the girls steal a Christmas sleigh with two horses dressed up like reindeer as the costumes fell off the horses they look at each other and say Santa is a fake. Prissy sitting on the couch watching turns to her papa and seriously says "Santa Clause IS a joke." We about died laughing!We have told her before that Santa was not real but only in movies, however, little kids still like to hope. It's funny how one kid movie just turned the tide. I love my little prissy and I love our fun little moments.

Family and Friends

Littleman's look says it all!

Yesterday my best friend called me to take her to the hospital. By the time I arrived she had called 911 and I sent her husband off after her staying behind to watch her children.
Now her children cause her constant concern as her oldest girl (Beauty) has autism. Funny enough Beauty is so used to being around me that she didn't seem to care when mom and dad left or the way they left. She just sat on her bikes singing out her ABC's. Her son Macho was the unhappy one and I really couldn't blame him. He had been asleep when all this happened and woke up to find me pulling him out of his crib. For the first couple of seconds he played the if I don't look at her maybe she will go away. Poor him!
Macho really is macho he didn't cry as I moved him from the crib to change him. He did, however, look terrified. After I took him downstairs and put on a Sesame Street movie for them both he calmed down. It helped that I had grabbed his juices and his snacks.
My BFF knew that my family had not been feeling well so she had her sister replace me as soon as possible so I could return to my own family.
I am very happy and relieved that she is fine - minus the high stress in her life.
One a side note about the stress in her life I yelled at her neighbor for causing her more stress about the most stupid thing! How many people really are going to get upset if someone wants to put in a brand new fence at no cost to you? Especially when the old fence is falling down and rotting!
Anyway life moves on and today is a new day!
I have finally lost another pd and am now exactly 200 pds!
One more pd and I will have made my short term goal leaving the 200's behind.
I still have 70 pds more to go but will take this one day at a time keeping my eye on my goal - sexy body!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Mans 4th birthday

Here are some pictures of the party, we only had a few friends come over. Grandparents were a no call no show...still have no clue. Fun times just being with friends watching our children get hyped up on sugar.
Gideon had a great day and so did we I am just still amazed with how fast they have grown.
Today was a day to celebrate so of course the diet went out the window, tomorrow Hubby and I will pick it back up again. Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we did taking them.
Will post again soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I've redone the chairs again!

My kitchen chairs before

New material
New staple gun
and a great helping family


I just love the new sleek look, they flow great from our blue and cream living room into my cream and going green kitchen.

Best part of the redo no one got hurt! I know amazing right!
Now I have to finish cleaning and tidying up the house for the party on Sunday, and yes when I say party I mean just a family get together.
This year we are keeping things simple for right now, we may throw a summer party later to celebrate the weight loss.
 I am only down ten but Hubby is down 63 pds!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My new toilet!

Almost three years ago when we moved into our mobile home we knew that we wanted to replace the master bath toilet. Today we did, if you read the below post you will understand we had a pressing need to fix it but at least now we have a toilet we like.
My husband could have used this toilet when he had his back surgery - to bad he couldn't install it then. This new toilet weighs so much that the both of us had to carry it into the house.
My next project is to recover my kitchen chairs (again) this time though I went professional, I have proper material and my own staple gun. I know, I know when I post the before and after pictures I may also be posting about miscellaneous injuries I may and most likely will receive - I promise to be very very careful.
While I am sick and have not left the couch much in the past three days I do have a deadline, we are celebrating Little mans 4th birthday early this Sunday. My deadline is to have the chairs redone before then. Tomorrow I may have to run to Sams to order the cake so hopefully Thursday I will have enough energy to fix the chairs.
Here is wishing that the magic fairies would come do my work for me!

That said I am finally down 10 pds and I now weigh in at 201! Yeah!! Hope springs eternal.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What an amazing disaster!

Yesterday as my earlier post mentioned we cleaned. Then after we cleaned we ran to Sams club and then returned home. Upon arriving to our home we found our water was off. Almost 5 hours later our water finally came back on. Dirty,filthy, yellow water poured sputtering forth for the next half hour. I have the sneaking suspicion that a city pipe burst yesterday. To make matters worse our toilet decided to not stop the filling of the tank. It over flowed and after we had fixed the floater it over flowed again. So tomorrow we are headed to buy a new toilet and install it in our bathroom. To make my life that much better I also woke with a horrible head cold!
Yesterday from love to disaster - the irony right.

So today my kids are hopped up on Easter candy my house is mostly clean save the bathroom and our dryer is going out. I have no idea how to reschedule the grandparents visit so that they can see the kids and not get sick!!!
What fun adventures we have!
I have a birthday party to plan and its going to snow for another two days!

Right now I am going back to bed with a hot water bottle. I think I will deal with everything else in the morning!

P.S - Happy Easter - He is risen

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Love

This is my anniversary month! Today as my husband helped me clean the house we listened to the first mixed Cd he ever made for me - almost 9 years ago when we were first dating. A CD that he labeled "Kiss Me". We will be celebrating our 8th anniversary at the end of the month. The greatest thing about this is how much we still love each other. As my husband played the air guitar to the song "All my lovin" I know for a certainty that I am one of the happiest and luckiest women in the world.
Who cares that we live in a tiny mobile home? Have no credit score to speak of and have more health issues than we can count. We are happy, in love and our children know for certain that they are loved.
Even the little everyday moments of cleaning house together make me appreciate the amazing man I am married to.
So many people are dicontent with what they don't have that they never take the time to appreciate what they do have.
If my life never changes, if my book never gets published and we never make any more money than we do right now, I will still be happy.
I have not spent my life waiting for the rainbow around the corner, we have spent our moments loving, laughing and caring for those around us.
I don't say all this to brag (well a little who wouldn't with such a great man?) but to encourage others to enjoy and be thankful with where and what they have.
Take a few moments out of your day to just appreciate one thing or one person.
A simple thank you for being my friend can mean the world to someone and it costs nothing.

Today my family cleaned our home to songs of love, songs that amazingly enough we still feel for each other. We danced, laughed and remembered.
The song still feels my heart and joy makes my steps light and the work easy.
I love my family, my Hubby who has lost 60 pds since the picture above, my daughter Prissy who wants to be beautiful and my little non eater Little Man.

Since starting my diet two weeks ago I have lost 9 pds, not as much or as fast as I would have liked but it is coming off and I am very happy with each and every pound.

Below is the play list to my very special and crazy CD - and yes some of the songs you would just have to know us to understand.

Kiss Me - Playlist

Kiss Me -Harry Conick Jr
500 miles - Pretenders
I wanna hold your hand - Beatles
She likes me for me - Blessed Union of Souls
Waltzing Matilda - Beryl Ives
Recipe for Love - Harry Conick Jr
All my Lovin - Me first and the gimme and gimmes
Kiss Me - Six pence non the richer
Best Things in life are dirty - From the sound track Paint your Wagon
Saint theme - The Saint Soundtrack
Indiana Jones last crusade theme song

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snow...On April Fools

Snow!!! So my day was cut short with my editor and we are going to try to do some of the work by phone.
Instead I am now in a small home with lots of distractions and internet connection.
I have not lost anymore weight but I am sticking close to my diet. I will not allow this weight to stay on and I will win the battle that I am fighting.
Litte man is trying to rake the carpet with his plastic toy while Prissy plays on her webkinz.
Just a normal crazy day in our home.
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