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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trains vs Planes

Alright I have ranted my disgust for airlines in the last several years, everything from double booking to baggage charging not to mention the new "security" measures that include continued harassment of a six year old to being able to screen me naked and take pictures! (Really those fall into the lesser known facts but they are adding those new types of securities to more and more airports.
Some airlines have even started charging for carry on's!
In my growing disgust of this growing and sickening trend of no privacy, no honor and no reliability why do people continue to fly?
Business? Convenience? Time?
We (my tiny family) protest! This time as we travel we are taking the train. No extra baggage fees, no scanning my luggage and body. No telling me I can't take on bottled water or snacks for my children.
If one day I become a published Author as is my dream I will fly as little as possible. Once (if) the money starts pouring in I will continue taking trains or private planes. Why, you may ask, because I hate Bullies and Liars!
Which many of the major airlines are now days they bully you into believing that all of this is for your protection and well being - while they steal items from your suitcase.
They lie to you, you go online or to a travel agent, you reserve your seat have a time, date and seat number. Then they still won't let you on that plane because THEY double booked. This is called FRAUD and should be prosecuted instead of accepted. Did you know they never double book first class seats? How is this fair?
Here is a link to 10 things your airline won't tell you.
Here is the short of what it says just in case it gets deleted later.

1. Welcome to our crowded plane
-a brief discussion on double booking and low compensation
2. Your hard earned air miles are not worth as much as you think they are.
3. We'll give you a good deal- if we get something out of it.
 - where and how to get the best deal for your tickets
4. We love adding in hidden fee's.
5. Customer service is not our top priority
6....but it might be if you have lots of miles.
7. Our planes can make travel uncomfortable and costlier.
- we still have old planes that takes lots of fuel and maitenance.
8. Even we don't fully understand our pricing.
9. We are at the mercy of old technology.
10.You'll wait because the system is broken.

At the end of the day people fly because they feel they have too. The carriers that don't play so many games are the ones that win customer loyalty. I like several of the smaller ones, jetblue, skywest, and the like have fewer fees less doubling booking not to mention they lose less luggage. The reason, they do place higher priority on customer service. Although now you are still at the mercy of the security of the airport, something I think is ridiculous. We have rights and should not have to sacrifice them just because we want to travel.

I have never traveled by train before - we normally travel by car. This time we are trying the train it will be cheaper and easier on our car. I will let everyone know when we get back how I found their service, the trip, cleanliness ect.
I really can't believe though that they can be worse than an airline.
We shall see...

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