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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hair cuts!

Prissy's hair before we cut it, and yes she is singing along with a musical card. I fully expect that when she is sixteen she will want to kill me for all of these.

Isn't she just the cutest girl in the world! She came home from a sleepover the other night with a ton of blue gunk in her hair. Voila! Haircut!

Today is just a finish project day, I have to finish the last of my garden, finish starting my mint plants, finish transplanting my sugar snap peas.
If I am successful at completing even one of these tasks I will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow.
Today I will wear a hat and a large T-shirt to keep my burning to a minimum (this time).
I have not lost much weight lately but have not gained any either - yeah!

To end on a cute note this is how I wish I could sleep every night.

Hahahaha Anne G. My kid sleeps like that all by himself!

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