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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My new toilet!

Almost three years ago when we moved into our mobile home we knew that we wanted to replace the master bath toilet. Today we did, if you read the below post you will understand we had a pressing need to fix it but at least now we have a toilet we like.
My husband could have used this toilet when he had his back surgery - to bad he couldn't install it then. This new toilet weighs so much that the both of us had to carry it into the house.
My next project is to recover my kitchen chairs (again) this time though I went professional, I have proper material and my own staple gun. I know, I know when I post the before and after pictures I may also be posting about miscellaneous injuries I may and most likely will receive - I promise to be very very careful.
While I am sick and have not left the couch much in the past three days I do have a deadline, we are celebrating Little mans 4th birthday early this Sunday. My deadline is to have the chairs redone before then. Tomorrow I may have to run to Sams to order the cake so hopefully Thursday I will have enough energy to fix the chairs.
Here is wishing that the magic fairies would come do my work for me!

That said I am finally down 10 pds and I now weigh in at 201! Yeah!! Hope springs eternal.


Art by Dawn Marie said...

won't have a fright every time I visit now! yeah, no wiggling.

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