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Sunday, April 4, 2010

What an amazing disaster!

Yesterday as my earlier post mentioned we cleaned. Then after we cleaned we ran to Sams club and then returned home. Upon arriving to our home we found our water was off. Almost 5 hours later our water finally came back on. Dirty,filthy, yellow water poured sputtering forth for the next half hour. I have the sneaking suspicion that a city pipe burst yesterday. To make matters worse our toilet decided to not stop the filling of the tank. It over flowed and after we had fixed the floater it over flowed again. So tomorrow we are headed to buy a new toilet and install it in our bathroom. To make my life that much better I also woke with a horrible head cold!
Yesterday from love to disaster - the irony right.

So today my kids are hopped up on Easter candy my house is mostly clean save the bathroom and our dryer is going out. I have no idea how to reschedule the grandparents visit so that they can see the kids and not get sick!!!
What fun adventures we have!
I have a birthday party to plan and its going to snow for another two days!

Right now I am going back to bed with a hot water bottle. I think I will deal with everything else in the morning!

P.S - Happy Easter - He is risen

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Margie said...

OH NO!!! Aw sweetie, I feel so bad you're sick. I hope you didn't catch anything from us. I'm so sorry the weekend turned out sucky, but that just means it's got to get better soon, right? I hope so. Feel better soon!

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