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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Mans 4th birthday

Here are some pictures of the party, we only had a few friends come over. Grandparents were a no call no show...still have no clue. Fun times just being with friends watching our children get hyped up on sugar.
Gideon had a great day and so did we I am just still amazed with how fast they have grown.
Today was a day to celebrate so of course the diet went out the window, tomorrow Hubby and I will pick it back up again. Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we did taking them.
Will post again soon.


Margie said...

Love the pics and we had a good time while it lasted! We'll get together again soon where the kids can spend at least a few hours together.

Blessed Rain said...

That will be fun! Sorry she had such a hard time at the end. I truly hope she didn't cry for to long.
Maybe on a sunny day we can come over and have the kids play in the yard.

TJ said...

Looks like a good time. The cake looked great.

Art by Dawn Marie said...

I love your cake, and I'm so glad that the banner is holding up.
My nephew is getting so big!

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