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Monday, March 29, 2010

Talk about Crazy!

So last week I lost nothing and was still holding at 205 today I weigh in and am down to 203!! Yeah!! Hubby is down to 278 one more pd and he will have lost a grand total of 60 pds!

I also think Prissy may be having allergy issues to my Easter Lily, so today it moves from inside to outside and I need to remember why we don't have flowering plants in the house.

My poor little girl, if she is anything like I was at that age her nose is running, her eyes are tearing and she had a headache that just won't go away!
As an adult my allergies are much more manageable - I am very happy to say.

Thank you for reading! I love knowing that people are supporting me in my weight loss!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Blog and my week

Following in the footsteps of a friend, I have created a blog just for my writing.
This blog will remain about my family and weight loss. I did not write in yesterday about my weight as I did not lose anything this whole week.
I found the problem though and should again start losing weight.

Advice: when trying to lose weight make sure your carbonated flavored water is sodium free.

That said I will also mention that it snows in Southern Utah. A fact that us Northern Utah people sometimes forget. Like I did this last week when I packed up the whole family and drove them down to Escalante Petrified Forest for an out door camping trip. In the hopes that it would be much warmer down south. We lasted one night only because we were unwilling to leave our camping gear behind to make a beeline for a hotel. So instead we pulled the kids into our sleeping bags and huddled shivering all night long. Early morning as the condensation dripped through the tent and onto our heads we packed up and ran for home.
Vowing never to try camping again so early in the year. Best part of our trip was seeing several herds of deer.

Today we finished putting away the last of our camping items and won't try to camp again until June (alright maybe May), I am a gluten for punishment.

Hubby has managaed to lose another two pounds and is now down to 280!!

Little man can now count out loud to five, this is huge as he has only wanted to sign before and now he is vocalizing!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Eight

So I have only lost 5 pds this first week. My hubby, bad hair and all so far has lost 55 pds.
I am not quitting, not giving up. I refuse to allow this weight to remain on my body. I have more extra weight than my six year old daughter weighs. I am not going to let this win!
My bestest friend in the whole world Margie has started helping me editing my book. Soon it will be shiny enough for me to find an agent.
I am fairly confident that I will be able to get my book published once it's ready. I also am fairly confident that I don't want to be pictured on the back cover of my book looking the way I do now.
So that said - to work. This week I we are going camping as a family and Wil and I sticking close to our diets.
No back tracking or slipping for us!

Yeah weight loss!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mid Week Update

Day Four and I have lost 4 pds!!!!!!


Today's menu is

Breakfast: Smore Crunch bar
Lunch: Chicken Noodle soup
Mid snack: Honey Mustard Pretzels
Dinner: Chicken Lettuce Salad
Dessert: Chocolate Mint Crunch
Late night snack: Raspberry Ice Tea

I am on a roll!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Diet update

Here is an update and what I have eaten on my diet program for the last three days. Most of the food is pretty tasty and the hunger is held off knowing I can eat again in three hours.
I am drinking huge amounts of water hoping to help my body flush out the junk and speed along my weight loss.
So far I have stayed with salads but I can also have fish and broccoli I am just waiting until the salads get old before I deviate too much right now they taste great.

And yes most of this is pointless babble but I am in need of distractions since I am still slightly hungry ;) so thank you to the wide web world for letting me ramble into the voided nothingness.

Day One's Menu

Morning meal : Strawberry Crunch Bar
Lunch: Cream of broccoli - yuck will not try again for at least a month
Mid snack: Fruit punch
Dinner: 3 cups lettuce salad, 7 oz shredded chicken, 3 tbls dressing, 6 olives and one tiny slice of onion
Dessert: Carmel crunch bar
Late snack: Parmesan cheese puffs

Day Two's Menu

Morning Meal: Lemon Meringue bar
Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup
Mid snack: Peanut butter bar
Dinner: 3 cups lettuce, 7 oz shredded chicken, 3 tabls dressing, 6 olives and again onion
Dessert: Brownie
Late snack: Honey Mustard Pretzels

Day Three Menu

Morning Meal: Chocolate Mint Crunch bar
Lunch: Parmesan Puffs
Mid snack: Strawberry Crunch bar
Dinner: 3 cups lettuce, 7 oz shredded chicken, 3 tabls dressing, 6 olives and again onion
Dessert: Cinnamon pretzel sticks
Late snack: Cranberry Mango drink

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day One

Alright I am going to confess something that is humiliating in the extreme while I have lost 20 pds in the last couple of years I am still weighing in at 211. I know mortifying right? Today I start my first day of Medifast don't get me wrong I am not selling for them I am just very excited. My hubby has lost 54 pds in just over two months. He is 283 if I don't start soon we might end up the same weight and I can't handle that type of crushing blow to my ego.
Meal one today was a strawberry crunch bar, later today I have cream of broccoli, raspberry tea, mint chocolate crunch bar and Parmesan puffs.
So today I clean the fridge of all the food I was unable to use before my diet came. I will attempt to blog on my progress once a week.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mischief Managed

They are just so cute!! Today they decided they needed to turn our tiny kitchen into a huge tent!

I love my dastardly duo! They make their own fun and enjoy life to it's fullest. Yesterday was a hard day Little Man was not feeling well but they both seem better today!
My life today is just amazing! I am truly very blessed to have such great and creative children.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Babes and Beauty

Alright yesterday was one of those days you want to give your children back to God. Little Man had a potty incident on the long road to potty training. Not one hour after his bath Prissy "fell" in the potty because she had been in "such a hurry." I bathed her, pulled her out of the tub and told her to dry off, get dressed and come out. That sounds so easy for a six year old to manage right??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I know I know I really should not leave my children alone for even one second. I walked into the bathroom ten minutes later to figure out what was taking her so long and found her with wet hair smoothing my Mary Kay night face lotion into her hair in an attempt to make her hair "pretty."
For those that know me you know I am not a big beauty product person my daughter has been sampling my beauty cabinet mostly full of washes and lotions trying to find gel like her best friends mother uses.
So after a brief meltdown where I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time I kicked the men out - who had followed me down the hall and started my daughters beginner steps into the world of beauty.
Today I am taking her shopping for her own hair care products with the promise that from now on she will let me help her with her hair and ask me when she wants something.

What hurts the most is we have reached an age that no matter how many times I tell my daughter that she is pretty and beautiful it doesn't count. She wants to be the same as her friend and nothing else will convince her. I wonder what the next several years will hold for us?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I am very sorry to anyone that might have tried to view my page in the last several weeks. I had a gadget on my page called real time counter. Whether the original program was buggy or it was hacked but it kept redirecting people away from my page.
For this I am very sorry but I have managed to delete the gadget and clear the matter up.
Thank you very much for your patience.

I have given my book over to my four free editors and am eager for their help in making my book Shine-y!
Book two is undergoing its second rewrite and I am very excited.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Medifast and Me

Alright I am desperate at 209 pds I have joined up. My husband started medifast January first and in two months he's lost 50 pds so far. As soon as I get my box of food in the mail I will start this strict diet as well. Last summer I weighed 205 in June I spent the next three months walking every day. During the winter I have tried to eat healthier and smaller amounts and still I gained four pounds. AHHHHHH!
Still trying to get an agent for my book and I am sending copies to Bis Sis and BF to see if they like it.
(Crosses fingers)

I will try to do a weekly check in here on my blog letting everyone know my progress and how everything is going.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finding an Agent

Yeah my life feels like that!

I am now trying to find a literary agent - who knew what a headache that might turn out to be like. Any ideas on how to write a query letter?
Hmmmm me neither so I am hoping my brilliant and genius husband might finish reading my book so he can help me try to sell it.
Book One is almost done with it's last rewrite I have taken it about as far as I can get it by myself. I now need a agent and more professional help. Book two is still on it's first re write and book three is almost complete I now need to spread my wings and see if I can get my baby to fly.
Please pray for me...my sanity was already at the breaking point and now I decided to add to that this...AHHHHHH!

I love my book my cute little sci fi teen/adult fun book but I am not sure how to get it into the right hands so if there are any literary agents reading this and you would like to browse, peruse or just glance at some of my pages please drop me a line. :')
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