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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Babes and Beauty

Alright yesterday was one of those days you want to give your children back to God. Little Man had a potty incident on the long road to potty training. Not one hour after his bath Prissy "fell" in the potty because she had been in "such a hurry." I bathed her, pulled her out of the tub and told her to dry off, get dressed and come out. That sounds so easy for a six year old to manage right??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I know I know I really should not leave my children alone for even one second. I walked into the bathroom ten minutes later to figure out what was taking her so long and found her with wet hair smoothing my Mary Kay night face lotion into her hair in an attempt to make her hair "pretty."
For those that know me you know I am not a big beauty product person my daughter has been sampling my beauty cabinet mostly full of washes and lotions trying to find gel like her best friends mother uses.
So after a brief meltdown where I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time I kicked the men out - who had followed me down the hall and started my daughters beginner steps into the world of beauty.
Today I am taking her shopping for her own hair care products with the promise that from now on she will let me help her with her hair and ask me when she wants something.

What hurts the most is we have reached an age that no matter how many times I tell my daughter that she is pretty and beautiful it doesn't count. She wants to be the same as her friend and nothing else will convince her. I wonder what the next several years will hold for us?

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Rocky said...

Oh dear! At this point I think this is best Left for comments to those who actually have daughters and know what its like. I just wish you the Best of luck =)

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