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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Blog and my week

Following in the footsteps of a friend, I have created a blog just for my writing.
This blog will remain about my family and weight loss. I did not write in yesterday about my weight as I did not lose anything this whole week.
I found the problem though and should again start losing weight.

Advice: when trying to lose weight make sure your carbonated flavored water is sodium free.

That said I will also mention that it snows in Southern Utah. A fact that us Northern Utah people sometimes forget. Like I did this last week when I packed up the whole family and drove them down to Escalante Petrified Forest for an out door camping trip. In the hopes that it would be much warmer down south. We lasted one night only because we were unwilling to leave our camping gear behind to make a beeline for a hotel. So instead we pulled the kids into our sleeping bags and huddled shivering all night long. Early morning as the condensation dripped through the tent and onto our heads we packed up and ran for home.
Vowing never to try camping again so early in the year. Best part of our trip was seeing several herds of deer.

Today we finished putting away the last of our camping items and won't try to camp again until June (alright maybe May), I am a gluten for punishment.

Hubby has managaed to lose another two pounds and is now down to 280!!

Little man can now count out loud to five, this is huge as he has only wanted to sign before and now he is vocalizing!!!

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Margie said...

Whoo hoo for little man! And yay for new blog =)

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