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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Little Man's Day Out

Aquarium time!
 My BFF and I took our kids minus Prissy who was attending her second day of school to the Sandy Aquarium.
 Little man was in heaven! He pet sting rays, saw sharks, penguins and of course frogs! 

Beauty loving the sharks!
It was a magical morning!

Still have not heard back from our Realtor so we will call him in a few hours to check on the progress of our paperwork.
I can not wait for all of this to be over!
I want to move into my home!
How do people deal with the waiting?
I don't ever want to move again!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Off

I have moved from my old home to my BFF's basement until we can close on the house. Good news on that score as our Realtor should be getting the paperwork back from FHA by tomorrow night! YEAH! This means we should know our date of closing!


In other news Prissy started the first grade. With my book writing, new house, editing, and of course gardening that I have a head of me we dropped the home schooling and will try to put her into private as soon as I sell my first book. ;)
She had such a great first day!

Our only problem is the zoning for the schools. Magna Elementary School is two streets away from our soon to be home but can she attend there? Nope.
She has to go to a school 7 blocks away and will be bused this whole year!

They are rezoning this year and next year she will have to change schools! AHHHH!

I may not be on again until we hear back from our Realtor with the closing date.
Love you all will try to catch up one everyone's blogs soon!

In other news our bratty nasty mobile park manager was fired this month!
Doesn't do much for us as we are leaving at the same time but it is nice to know that she will no longer be inflicting her nastiness there anymore!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeting One - Rant worthy

For the few of my faithful readers (those that actually read the last two blogs I posted). You will be happy to know that
A. No more itching - so no fleas
B. I survived the first meeting with only wanting to hit the woman once.

B. is a vast improvement from my earlier frame of mind so I will explain.

We had a nice sit down, where I explained that Hubby is not the nutcase she thinks he is nor is he as delicate as she wants to think he is. Two I am not superwoman nor have I ever claimed to be.

I married my hubby because he balanced me, brought joy to my life and laughed at my insanity.
I have been humoring his issues for the last few months, holding my breath waiting for him to return to normal so I can go crazy again.

SHE thinks he is going to be like this FOREVER! and that I don't baby him enough.

Also - OBVIOUSLY since I am a stay at home mother, who does all the washing, cleaning, childcare and running around on my feet all day not to mention trying to lose weight so I can rock it in the bedroom - I don't do enough.

My husband who works a full time job sitting on the phone needs down time - time away from me and the children. Time to sit and do nothing on his days off and I wanting him to go visit the dr/dentist/schools/store with me I am SELFISH.

Seriously I don't get a day off - EVER. I don't get down time and the only time I get to myself is when I am gutter crawling sick.

I hate to break it to you woman but short of carrying him on my shoulders to the bathroom I already do everything for him. (Two years ago after his back surgery I even had to help him to the bathroom and back - did I get a break - NOPE)

Now for those that don't know me - I am the mental patient of this family, I am the crazy unstable need to pampered woman.
I am the one that had a bleeding ulcer at the age of 20, almost died in childbirth at the age of 24 and had my hips and stomach ripped apart at age 27.

And for those that really don't know me - this is the first time I am complaining and ranting with any seriousness about any of those things in my life.
Because in spite of the three surgeries my husband has had, burying my mother or being broke more often than not and needing to be on food stamps - my life has been blessed.

I have a family that loves me, we have never gone hungry (close to it),we have never been homeless (again close to it 5 times),my children are healthy,and my husband and I have a really good marriage - one that works for both of us.

So I am sorry if you don't think a stay at home mother is good enough or that I do enough - crap I have even managed to write five books in the last 8 months but nope I don't do enough.
So here is the last word until next week when she wants to see me again - BITE ME!

Insanity bites

Alright first read the last blog from this morning - then come a read this one. You will then see how quickly my day is going from crazy to bad.

My daughter and her friend/ neighbor found a dog roaming the neighborhood. This is not necessarily a bad thing as just last week we found a dog with a tag called the owner and were able to give the dog back to its owner within one hour.

Today not so lucky, no tag, not pretty, not well fed and not watered.

Of course both girls fall in love with this ugly mop and immediately both go running to their mothers begging us to take the animal in. Now I am moving - first off I am moving tomorrow afternoon into my BFF house who is severely allergic to dogs.

This same said friend is going to watch the kids for us tonight as again in reference to the post below I am being grilled tonight. So in respect for my friend I tell my daughter not to touch the dog. That lasts in her brain for maybe an hour.

Next thing I know the dog is running full tilt into my living room. I pick the small lap dog up take him back out side and within minutes start itching!!!
Immediately I drag the kids inside leave water for the dog outside and haul us all in for a family shower.

Next up research where I find more tips:

First, draw a hot bath. The water should be as warm as can be tolerated. For a standard size bathtub, place 1 cup of plain dish detergent, along with 1 cup of lemon extract. The fatty acids in the dish soap, and the limonene from the extract will kill both adult fleas and flea larvae alike.

Soak in the warm water for a half-hour. Be sure to keep the water as hot as is tolerable by reheating it periodically with more hot water. Lather your hair with standard shampoo, and leave the shampoo in your hair for the duration of the bath.

Scrub your skin and hair thoroughly with an abrasive cloth or sponge. Pay special attention to the areas between the toes and the back of the neck. The area of skin and the hairline immediately above the ears should be scrubbed thoroughly, too. After soaking in the tub, you can rinse yourself thoroughly in the shower.

After you get out of the shower, fill a bowl with soapy water and set it nearby. Comb your hair slowly from root to tip using a fine-tooth comb while the hair is still wet. Place any fleas that appear on the comb inside the bowl of soapy water.

Just in case the shower didn't get them all off I will have to do this in the morning before moving into my friends house and thus infecting her and her family with Fleas!!!

Seriously I really didn't need this today~


Alright so I normally blog the fluff and fun of my life.
Today is not that day.

I am dreading tonight
dreading that it is happening in the very 
middle of us moving when I'm already high stressed.

My hubby has been getting counseling to help with his
anxiety attacks.
Now she wants to meet the wife
and get the other side of the story.

Am I the only person who thinks that one day they will be found out?
And on that one day we will be locked up
where we belong?

I don't even like this woman
half the time I am tempted to tell my hubby to shop for another one.

How do you act normal when your stressed?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carolina - Movie Review

This movie brings it all out to play.

Great cast

Fun script 

Shirley Maclaine is witty, diabolical and totally free.

Julia Stiles plays the lead
as a other side of the tracks girl who wants to be better
she just doesn't quite know what that means.

Its the story of family, of love and what truly matters in life.

Not for ages under 13
due to language, violence and adult comedy/humor.

My rating is a must watch 4.5 stars

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rock a bye

Rock a bye baby
on the tree top
when the branch breaks
down comes baby
mable and all
So don't cry
little brother
you'll fall into the leaves 
and be safe.

My Prissy's version as she sang it to her brother when he got hurt today - funny I never remember singing about Mable? or Leaves?
Her version is hilarious though and listening to her sing it was fun!

More Dreaming

Until I move into my new house all I can do is shop online, pack and dream. Three days ago when we were looking at my mothers (and fathers) old bedroom set (35 years old and heavy as hell) my husband who does not want to move them again looks at me and says, "Want to buy a new bedroom set when we move?" Seriously? You still want me to write what I said? So the old bedroom set went to the D.I (a used item reseller) and I am looking at different bedroom sets online. Here is the winner so far.
The headboard for the bed.
My hubby and I can't wait for our new home! 
First off I want everything to be official and done,
next I want to start shopping, getting Prissy into school and of course
playing in my new garden!

2/2/2012 One year in a half ago we moved into our new home and bought this whole set. I LOVE them!
After more than a year of constant (not soft) use it still looks the same as on day one!
Highly recommend!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sofa beds and dual purpose rooms

If you are a constant reader of my blog you may already know my love of a place called IKEA!
The picture above is of the sofa we are thinking of buying for hubby's office to create a dual room. Office/guest room.
This is how it transforms, so cool right? Even better is that it has a really great price!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Looker

My kids and the neighbor girl started
looking for Littleman's blue shovel.
After an extended search
the neighbor girl found it
hidden inside of the watering can.

Proud of her finding talents 
she comes in and tells us that she's 
"A good looker!"

 We crack up
she shakes her head 
and we are left knowing
that she's a good looker!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tidbits of my day

Our storage shed after a few days of moving things (this was a few days ago so imagine another four feet of items)

My kids playing in the rain Little Man decided to wear his sisters shoes as they played in the rain.
Our first ripe tomato
Our strawberry plants

Today we did a huge trip to storage, packing and giving away my whole bedroom set.
After we move into the new home we will have to go shopping for a new one.
Alright you caught me I can't wait to go shopping for a brand new bed set!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

House pictures part two

Main bathroom
Hubby's soon to be office/guest room

Large upstairs bedroom
Laundry room
Under the stairs storage
Large unfinished bedroom (to be Prissy's room)
Littleman's new room
Downstairs play area
Food storage
Children's backyard
Children's side yard
Front yard - all fully fenced

Monday, July 19, 2010


Front door 
  drive way from the back looking toward the front.

 My tiny kitchen sorry its a fuzzy picture
  the breakfast nook where our table will go
 The living room and fireplace
      the window in the living room
 My soon to be private veggie garden! 
  On the other side of the veggie garden my soon to be Tea garden.

Will post even more pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Insanity and how it follows me

Alright we have been packing and moving things to storage for the last two days. I am tired and exhausted and again my mantra or what I have been chanting for the last two weeks in a very old refrain is "I hate moving! I hate packing!" This is our sixth move in eight years. Making the mobile home that we are currently moving out of our longest place of residence. (3 years)

Things I am going to miss about the mobile home:
1. My neighbors
2. See above

The photo above is Prissy with her hair dyed pink again! Its finally starting to grow back out but my goodness this is going to take forever!

Since I am going crazy with the move I am going to post some other pictures things that have been going on around the move - the fun every day things like dying Prissy's hair.


Like going out to eat with friends


No matter how crazy they seem


My hubby looking good after losing 65 pds
after we move he will start his diet again
full time.


Taking the kids to the park while my neighbor and I walk

Have I mentioned that I found my dream home? Or my dream yard? The house is old built in 1951. The outside is all brick with a good foundation and no cracks in the bricks.
The main floor has all new windows, a new stove, new swamp cooler, new furnace and new water heater. We would need to redo the carpets and the roof.
Outside has a very long drive way and two yards.
Yes two yards one for the kids and one for my own private veggie garden and tea garden. I can't wait to post pictures. The people who lived here before us did nothing with the back private garden but you can tell the original owners were garden enthusiasts and I can't wait to get my fingers into the soil.
I seriously can not wait to move in and get started at making this beautiful place our home!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Packing storage and moving

As I said in the last post that our bid was accepted and that we have moved forward with the paperwork, appraisal and everything it takes to get an FHA loan.
Our mobile home loan was a three year loan with a large balloon payment due at the end (tomorrow) due to this we can walk away from this home and they will consider all the money we put into the home as rent.
We are excited about this as we won't get hung up on trying to sell this place to move. Instead we are moving everything but the bare basics, cloths, chest freezer and toiletries into a large storage unit until everything is finalized. We will be moving in with friends (for the third time in eight years) for the interim period. Which could be almost a month in a half of paperwork.
We are praying hard that since we have already done a lot of leg work for our loan that it will move faster.
The reason for this post is to let you know that I won't be on as much until after the move, after we have finished unpacking as I won't be on the computer as much. 
I have not gone idle, dormant or forgotten my passwords.
I will be back and I will miss all of you.
Until then I will be on as often as I can, will post pictures soon of Autumn's pink hair and our day at the park.

Monday, July 12, 2010

House News

For years now I have wanted a real home. Three years ago my husband and I tried to get a home but couldn't find any in our price range that were worth buying. Instead we bought a mobile home with a three year loan at the end of which we could walk away from it or pay for it with a large balloon payment. We had agreed to seek a loan for the large balloon payment. When we tried we found that no one would lend us the money. Instead after being turned down by more than twenty people we were told that we qualified for a home loan.
Thus we met with an FHA and HUD loan officer as well as a house agent. We have been searching for houses and taking care of paperwork ever since.

This week we have had our share of lessons and heart ache as well as joy. Seven days ago we bid on a house that had been on the market for four months with no offers.
Someone else bid on it the same day four hundred dollars more than us and we lost it.
Second house we bid on five days ago it also was bid on same day for the first time in four months and we lost it by a matter of hours.

The first house we had loved, the second house we sort of liked and then we found our third home.
A home that I LOVE! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this home is. How great the yard is! From the first second we walked in, touched it, looked at it, it felt like home.
So naturally after losing two houses in one week we were very cautious about how we put our bid in, wanting to make sure we didn't lose this one.
Today we got the good news the home we are in love with is ours.
Third times the charm I guess.
Anyway it might take up to 45 days for all the paperwork but at the end of the everything we will have a home!

I will post pictures the next time we go out to the house!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Been busy - Sorry

First off these are my new earrings
I picked everything out and Hubby (wonderful hubby) put them together for me.
I know I have to show you the important stuff first right?


These two book cases are now empty
Hint we are moving 
last night we contacted our Realtor and finance agents
Telling them which house we want to buy.
Will post pictures of that soon
It will need  a ton of work!

My princess playing with her new toys
I love kids
when we went to look at houses Prissy starts crying
I don't wanna move!
After finding the house we like
I want that house Mama!
I love that house!

I love kids
So right now we are packing and putting
a bid down.
If we get the house after inspections and the like
we will need to recarpet, repaint, and redo the kitchen
Still I have to say that I love it!
Love the space! 
Love how big it is 
Love the fully fenced yard
Love the huge driveway
the private small side garden
I have plans for this house!

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