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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Insanity and how it follows me

Alright we have been packing and moving things to storage for the last two days. I am tired and exhausted and again my mantra or what I have been chanting for the last two weeks in a very old refrain is "I hate moving! I hate packing!" This is our sixth move in eight years. Making the mobile home that we are currently moving out of our longest place of residence. (3 years)

Things I am going to miss about the mobile home:
1. My neighbors
2. See above

The photo above is Prissy with her hair dyed pink again! Its finally starting to grow back out but my goodness this is going to take forever!

Since I am going crazy with the move I am going to post some other pictures things that have been going on around the move - the fun every day things like dying Prissy's hair.


Like going out to eat with friends


No matter how crazy they seem


My hubby looking good after losing 65 pds
after we move he will start his diet again
full time.


Taking the kids to the park while my neighbor and I walk

Have I mentioned that I found my dream home? Or my dream yard? The house is old built in 1951. The outside is all brick with a good foundation and no cracks in the bricks.
The main floor has all new windows, a new stove, new swamp cooler, new furnace and new water heater. We would need to redo the carpets and the roof.
Outside has a very long drive way and two yards.
Yes two yards one for the kids and one for my own private veggie garden and tea garden. I can't wait to post pictures. The people who lived here before us did nothing with the back private garden but you can tell the original owners were garden enthusiasts and I can't wait to get my fingers into the soil.
I seriously can not wait to move in and get started at making this beautiful place our home!

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