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Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeting One - Rant worthy

For the few of my faithful readers (those that actually read the last two blogs I posted). You will be happy to know that
A. No more itching - so no fleas
B. I survived the first meeting with only wanting to hit the woman once.

B. is a vast improvement from my earlier frame of mind so I will explain.

We had a nice sit down, where I explained that Hubby is not the nutcase she thinks he is nor is he as delicate as she wants to think he is. Two I am not superwoman nor have I ever claimed to be.

I married my hubby because he balanced me, brought joy to my life and laughed at my insanity.
I have been humoring his issues for the last few months, holding my breath waiting for him to return to normal so I can go crazy again.

SHE thinks he is going to be like this FOREVER! and that I don't baby him enough.

Also - OBVIOUSLY since I am a stay at home mother, who does all the washing, cleaning, childcare and running around on my feet all day not to mention trying to lose weight so I can rock it in the bedroom - I don't do enough.

My husband who works a full time job sitting on the phone needs down time - time away from me and the children. Time to sit and do nothing on his days off and I wanting him to go visit the dr/dentist/schools/store with me I am SELFISH.

Seriously I don't get a day off - EVER. I don't get down time and the only time I get to myself is when I am gutter crawling sick.

I hate to break it to you woman but short of carrying him on my shoulders to the bathroom I already do everything for him. (Two years ago after his back surgery I even had to help him to the bathroom and back - did I get a break - NOPE)

Now for those that don't know me - I am the mental patient of this family, I am the crazy unstable need to pampered woman.
I am the one that had a bleeding ulcer at the age of 20, almost died in childbirth at the age of 24 and had my hips and stomach ripped apart at age 27.

And for those that really don't know me - this is the first time I am complaining and ranting with any seriousness about any of those things in my life.
Because in spite of the three surgeries my husband has had, burying my mother or being broke more often than not and needing to be on food stamps - my life has been blessed.

I have a family that loves me, we have never gone hungry (close to it),we have never been homeless (again close to it 5 times),my children are healthy,and my husband and I have a really good marriage - one that works for both of us.

So I am sorry if you don't think a stay at home mother is good enough or that I do enough - crap I have even managed to write five books in the last 8 months but nope I don't do enough.
So here is the last word until next week when she wants to see me again - BITE ME!


Tired Mom said...

I will happily smack her for you!!! I can't believe she had the NERVE to say those things to you...stupid shrinks.

Dawn Marie said...

She obviously does not know how hard it is to do as much as you do in a day. She also must not know how often you let your husband do his own thing, and get lost in his cyber games for hours on end.
Deep breaths, keep your cool again next week.

Heather said...

Let me guess this woman isn't as mother is she? Taking care of kids and a house is a big responsiblity *rolleyes*.

Blessed Rain said...

She has one son who lives in a daycare (and is older). This annoys the crap out of me!

Rocky said...

Lol I love you Teli! You're Amazing..and no matter what happens. You're the def. of a faithful woman!

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