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Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Dreaming

Until I move into my new house all I can do is shop online, pack and dream. Three days ago when we were looking at my mothers (and fathers) old bedroom set (35 years old and heavy as hell) my husband who does not want to move them again looks at me and says, "Want to buy a new bedroom set when we move?" Seriously? You still want me to write what I said? So the old bedroom set went to the D.I (a used item reseller) and I am looking at different bedroom sets online. Here is the winner so far.
The headboard for the bed.
My hubby and I can't wait for our new home! 
First off I want everything to be official and done,
next I want to start shopping, getting Prissy into school and of course
playing in my new garden!

2/2/2012 One year in a half ago we moved into our new home and bought this whole set. I LOVE them!
After more than a year of constant (not soft) use it still looks the same as on day one!
Highly recommend!


Tired Mom said...

I LOVE beds with storage! So practical and I like that it's white and bright =)

Blessed Rain said...

I know pretty right?
I kinda like them as well!

Dawn Marie said...

Those will look so nice, and bright.

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