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Monday, July 12, 2010

House News

For years now I have wanted a real home. Three years ago my husband and I tried to get a home but couldn't find any in our price range that were worth buying. Instead we bought a mobile home with a three year loan at the end of which we could walk away from it or pay for it with a large balloon payment. We had agreed to seek a loan for the large balloon payment. When we tried we found that no one would lend us the money. Instead after being turned down by more than twenty people we were told that we qualified for a home loan.
Thus we met with an FHA and HUD loan officer as well as a house agent. We have been searching for houses and taking care of paperwork ever since.

This week we have had our share of lessons and heart ache as well as joy. Seven days ago we bid on a house that had been on the market for four months with no offers.
Someone else bid on it the same day four hundred dollars more than us and we lost it.
Second house we bid on five days ago it also was bid on same day for the first time in four months and we lost it by a matter of hours.

The first house we had loved, the second house we sort of liked and then we found our third home.
A home that I LOVE! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this home is. How great the yard is! From the first second we walked in, touched it, looked at it, it felt like home.
So naturally after losing two houses in one week we were very cautious about how we put our bid in, wanting to make sure we didn't lose this one.
Today we got the good news the home we are in love with is ours.
Third times the charm I guess.
Anyway it might take up to 45 days for all the paperwork but at the end of the everything we will have a home!

I will post pictures the next time we go out to the house!


Art by Dawn Marie said...

Very nice! I'm so happy for you all. Now we will have more room for Thanksgiving dinner!

Blessed Rain said...

Tiny kitchen but we will manage and you can bring your dogs! We even have an outdoor kennel for them during the day!

TJ said...

That is wonderful news. I know it's been your hearts desire. Can't wait to see pictures of you in it.

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