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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Off

I have moved from my old home to my BFF's basement until we can close on the house. Good news on that score as our Realtor should be getting the paperwork back from FHA by tomorrow night! YEAH! This means we should know our date of closing!


In other news Prissy started the first grade. With my book writing, new house, editing, and of course gardening that I have a head of me we dropped the home schooling and will try to put her into private as soon as I sell my first book. ;)
She had such a great first day!

Our only problem is the zoning for the schools. Magna Elementary School is two streets away from our soon to be home but can she attend there? Nope.
She has to go to a school 7 blocks away and will be bused this whole year!

They are rezoning this year and next year she will have to change schools! AHHHH!

I may not be on again until we hear back from our Realtor with the closing date.
Love you all will try to catch up one everyone's blogs soon!

In other news our bratty nasty mobile park manager was fired this month!
Doesn't do much for us as we are leaving at the same time but it is nice to know that she will no longer be inflicting her nastiness there anymore!

1 comment:

Dawn Marie said...

Yea! only it was too late, but still yea!
I"m glad Prissy had a good first day of school.

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