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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Magna Arts Festival

Five years ago we moved into Magna. Its small, charming and unique. This however was our first year going to the Magna Arts Festival!
This was also our first summer going to the music and movie in the park on Fridays as well. Before my husbands strange schedule made it hard to do things as a family.

This is going to be a yearly thing for us from now on! The music was fun, the vendors amazing, the prices FABULOUS!!!
The earrings in the corner hubby bought me for only five dollars and they aren't cheaply made!
Paparazzi had an amazing stock of jewelry with fabulous prices!
G'man was able to create HUGE bubbles and the kids came home with several free arts crafts!

There I made a connection with a book publisher who takes new writers. They are looking for YA lit and encouraged me to send my work in! So here's crossing your fingers! One last read through and hopefully I'll send it off within the month!

I was also able to acquire 6,800 steps walking around Magna main as well as walking to and from our home.
I'm still working out, still losing weight slowly but I'm getting healthier. I have more energy, which is key at this point.

We are a tiny town, but our community is fun. I can't imagine living anywhere else. ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bonfire in the Mountains

Now I know not everyone is as lucky as we are. We live right next to one of the most incredible mountain ranges in the world, the Rocky Mountain's. (I'm 100% biased)

Friendships are built. Memories created. Energy restored. I can't even begin to explain how much fun we have doing absolutely nothing!
My three (hubby and kids) all climbed and fell down the mountain. I wrote, having just started a new book idea.
We planned a future girls night and a future camping trip a few of us are going on in a few weeks.

G'man fell in the stream - a few times. The first time was on accident, pretty sure the other times weren't!
Some days are better than others - this day last week - Extraordinary! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Music and Movie Friday Nights in Magna

With only one more movie night looming I'm sharing a little bit of what makes going to the park, getting eaten by mosquitoes, listening to kids cry and dogs bark - so much fun.

First off - if your a fan of Gilmore Girls, you will really enjoy these nights.
Next - there is a true charm about the small town life.
Lastly (kind of) - Each night is an adventure.

Tonight's slotted musician cancelled at the last minute. So instead of a country/rock singer we got three older guys (60's +). Now I don't have anything against older performers. Really IF they can play or sing... these guys sadly couldn't do either.
Hubby and I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Texts between my hubby and his BFF were flying thick and fast.  Starting with, "These guys are worse than watching Napoleon Dynamite sober."
Its an accurate description.
Last week the music and movie in the park were cancelled due to rain, SO our wonderful host decided that next week - the last week. (movie is Guardians of the Galaxy) We will have the band from last week AND next week's band back to back.
So instead of starting at 8 pm next week starts at 7 pm! I can't wait!

Each week we get a different band and a new experience. One band that performed were great are Zodiac Empire! So far I'm loving their song Name Dropper! I now follow them on Twitter and Facebook, they have a good sound.
Another group had talent. Her voice was spot on, the band was talented, HOWEVER, and maybe this is just me, I don't enjoy listening to a group perform that can't find their sound.
She was ALL over the place, Rock, Pop, Country...Reggae, it didn't stop. To make matters worse, she stopped after EACH song to tell us the story of the next song.... really I can't make this up!
I don't mind a fun blip or blurb every now and then, but every single flipping song for an hour in a half? Don't torture me.

When the movie (Captain America, Winter Soldier) started playing the title was in Russian. Then the first 4 minutes were in split screen, bottom mirroring the top. Watching Capt. run like that made him look like he was running on water, but when it came to his running buddy - hahahahahaha!!!!!
It cut off at his head and flipped it so he's talking to the Captain with two heads!
It was AWESOME!!!

During the movie they paused once to inform us that some person with the plate, "Groovy 1" had left their car lights on in the parking lot. Tears people!!!
I'm still laughing! The best part? This is free!!! Who wouldn't want to go see this?!

To make things even more perfect, a storm came rolling in along the Oquirrh Mountain range, behind the movie screen, so we got to watch a lightning storm rolling toward us in the distance while watching the movie! It was gorgeous, also hearing my son proclaim, "There's another piece of lightning!"
Kept us and a few fellow patrons around us in stitches!

The cherry on top? My husband (sweet, nice guy) was eaten alive! Came home with tons of bites all over his hands, legs, even his toes! Me not one bite!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Piece by Piece 8/8/15 or Saturdays Saga 3

First off in case you missed it 8/8/15 Saturday's Saga Part 1 & Part 2 can be found by clicking on the links.

I can't even begin to explain how great the concert was! How much fun we, as a crowd, had. Our poor security guard will never be the same. He is now a HUGE Pentatonix fan and most likely is still asking himself, "What the hell did I get into when I talked to those crazy women?"
At least he wasn't bored! In fact we were having so much fun with him that other security guards kept coming over talking to us as well - they were bored and wanted to play too.

I haven't screamed that loud or that long (while happy anyway, my kids hear my pipes quite often) in such a very long time. In fact the last time I screamed that loudly might have been the last Newsboys concert I went too.
Of course, you might scream too if Scott pointed at you during Cheerleader!
(Fine! He pointed in my general direction. Stop crushing my delusion! LOL)

The video link is from the SLC show, but sadly cuts out the part when he came down cat walk sang a few bars - pointed at me and then ran back. My video is better, but not public.

Now I didn't take these photos my friend M did. I instead took 41:18 minutes worth of video - which turned out so amazing I've watched it again 3 times so far!
Sorry, I will be keeping my copy private - or at least until after Vol.4 finally comes out.
Pentatonix keeps teasing me, even performing one of their new songs, "Can't Sleep Love" (which was great) but I don't have a release date for Vol. 4 just hints and teasers!
Which is just cruel to do to fans like me. (Don't worry I still love them all)
The first photo is Scott Hoying, the second top is Avi K, Scott H, Kirstie M, Mitch G & Kevin O.
Bottom is a close up on Avi, Kirstie and Scott. Then there is Scott - Scotting. Yes, he's become a verb.
I don't have any good single photos of Mitch or Kevin - they both moved far too much. I'm amazed I scored a few semi decent shots of Avi. However, I'm still happy M took photos for me, so I could have both stills and the video. Just call me spoiled, I really really am.

Also as you can tell from the Saga part 2 photo of me and M, I didn't go ahead and make a shirt that said, Property of Avi return if lost. With my sense of humor, I most likely would have gotten myself kicked out of the show, so its for the best. Especially since I think it would have broken our guards heart to throw me out. However in spite of the previous post on our seats being in section G - we upgraded them A LOT.

Now after months and months of first being on their, On My Way Home tour and now the Piece by Piece tour. All five members of Pentatonix were spot on amazing tonight! No vocal tiredness, fatigue or signs of exhaustion - whatever these guys are drinking I want some!

Then the ever beautiful Kelly Clarkson took the stage and sang her heart out. She managed 3 costume changes which were amazing and quick. You may have heard in the news that during one of her concerts she stopped to hold a baby - that was mine!
Here is a link for a tiny video of that adorable encounter.
Now I've heard so many different people's thoughts and opinions on Kelly for doing this - many thought it was great but a few haters out there only wanted what they paid for - songs and nothing else. Nothing human.

As a person in this audience I LOVED and adored her stopping. Her rambling after she'd given him back to his mom - especially how worried she'd been about dropping him (she said she almost peed) was hysterical and endearing.
It was a moment where you realize she's a mom just like you are. I love that she is touring, singing and getting back into the swing of things after the birth of her adorable girl River. I also applaud how she's tried to balance work and family.

Music is her passion in life - you can tell she wants to be singing for her fans for a long time, so for the haters out there SHUT UP.
I like her because she's real. I've been her fan since her very first interview. I even remember dialing the number to vote for her! (Oh heck was that a long time ago!)
Her voice and talent are just a part of what makes her amazing - her stopping to hold a little boy named Boston is another.

The night ended with both Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson singing the finale Uptown Funk Mashup, I missed the first 10-15 seconds on film since I had a lunatic (okay my bestie M) grabbing my arm jumping up and down but I got the rest of it in a full 5 min video!
(Link added again isn't mine. I haven't made any of mine public.)
So thank you Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson for a magical night!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opening Acts or Saturdays Saga part 2

Since I live wickedly close to the Usana Amphitheater we arrived by 5:45 pm only half an hour behind our original plans (see Tires or Saga part 1) - still in time for great parking and a decent spot in line. For those just tuning in this was Saturday 8/8/15 for Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix. Also known as the Piece by Piece Tour.

When the gates opened at 6:00 pm we were in our seats by 6:20 pm. The security there is amazing! Walking in we were greeted sweetly, pointed the direction of our amazing front seats (more than once) one very sweet man was kind enough to think I knew where I was headed - jokes on him!

Our final ground security guard though was the best! He was a gruff, tough looking man in his early sixties, his voice had the sound of gravel. However, he's the sweetie who took my besties and I's photo in the bottom photo.
Also you can see how close we were to the stage! It was amazing!
By the time the first opening performer Abi Ann took the stage we were the best of friends with our security guard. M and I agree her song, Future Ex Boyfriend, is a hit.

Watching the different acts I found my dream band. I also found out I can't say the words, dream band, without my son freaking out and telling me LOUDLY that my darling hubby is my dream man... It was a moment.

So you take the pianist from Abi Ann, the drummer from Eric Hutchinson & the guitarist from Kelly Clarkson.... and its a pretty good looking group of men, but for the love of my sanity don't say so in front of my son!

Somewhere between Abi Ann and Eric the four seats in front of ours were filled with loud, short peppy women - who amazingly enough were M's neighbor and family!!!

First off - I like any woman who is shorter than I am. Standing at 5'2, its not easy to find, but Saturday was full of short, loud, hyper fun!
The clip is just a small blip of what type of fun we were having during the show breaks (tearing down and setting up each new act) music would blast, people would dance, we even had people dancing in the aisle!
Tomorrow's blog - the final saga will be about the two main acts! Pentatonix (my personal favorite) and Kelly Clarkson (who is beyond talented).

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tires or Saturday's Sage part 1

I know dramatic title. However I felt dramatic on Saturday - and very worried.

Bald tire, G'man watching them change our tires - new fabulous tire!

It all starts at the end of Fridays sleepover, by noon the neighbor kids were gone and we were getting ready for a full day.
Our plans were simple.
Get the car legal and registered for another year, come home fix the hot water tap (Prissy accidentally broke the handle last week so we ordered in a new one.) Then I would get ready to go out at 5pm with my bestie to the concert we've been dying to see Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson!!!
(It was even better than we'd hoped for! However that will be tomorrows post.)

At 1:30 pm we'd failed the safety but passed emissions. What failed? As the title of today's post reads Tires, I'm pretty sure you can guess that the tire treads failed. Also the windshield wiper blades.

On to a near by tire store! By 2 pm we'd selected our tires and were in line for an open bay. Being told the wait was long and they would start work on the car around 3:30 pm we went across the parking lot to shop while we waited for all four new snow tires to be put on the van.
I scored the book Wicked, (Yay!) as well as two Mystery Murder dinner games! Still I was getting unhappy with the late hour.

It wasn't until 4:10 pm that they pulled our van into a bay and started our tires. 4:50 pm we were done, running to see if we could get the car legal (it was closed - so we'll try again Monday.

Thankfully this put my bestie and I only behind by 30 minutes - which was good since the lines to get into the concert were MASSIVE!!!
That however is tomorrows story ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boxtrolls w/ Friends & Family

8/7/15 Friday Night Movie

Friday nights we normally attend our local music and movie in the park near by. This years summer movie line up has been wonderful!
Tonight's show was to be The Boxtrolls, however due to weather they had to cancel both the band and the movie. (massive rain and wind)

Since we love to share things, we'd invited friends and neighbors to join us for the movie.
My kids have been looking forward to this movie for an entire week!
The first time my son watched Boxtrolls he sat in boxes for the entire next week! They were both so excited to see this movie in the park they wanted to bring boxes to sit in and spent a few days perfecting (decorating) their boxes.
So tonight when I knew it was going to rain and the show in the park would be cancelled, I invited our group to come to our place instead.

To make things even more perfect we turned the kid portion into a sleepover event! Blankets, boxes, kids and noise have been happening ever since!
Summer time for the kids is almost over but we are making the most of each and everyday. Best part was after we'd invited them we found out that we were hosting J's very first sleepover! Which of course rocked!

As for the movie this was my first time watching it (hubby watched it with the kids while I was out) I think this movie is very cute.
The Boxtrolls are adorable, the story line cute and engaging, the villain you really do dislike extremely. The end is hopeful.
The kids loved it, rooting for the good guys, booing the bad ones, staying in their boxes the entire movie. (those that had boxes)
Prissy shared her box with our new neighbor J.

I recommend this movie for all kids over 6, any younger and I'd recommend the parent viewing it first to see if it would be something they would like.
(ie being able to follow the story line and not being scared by some of the mild intense scenes.)
Tonight we had kids ages 7-11 over and each one loved it!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Nesting Box Curtains

After a ton of Chicken Coop research - see my Chicken Board on Pinterest here, I realized that the pretty curtains I'd seen in other photos of coops were more than just decoration.

Here are links to my favorite articles on them:

7 Reasons to Hang Curtains
Chicken Coop Curtains 
Breaking the Broody

Now I put up the left side first since that where the majority of our chickens like to lay their eggs. It wasn't until the day after I had put the first set of curtains up that we had any of the stated issues.
One minor pecked at egg - the inner film was still intact so it was edible.
In the week following both sets of curtains being up, we haven't had any issues and I'm praying that continues.

The girls seem to enjoy them and they were a snap to put up!

One torn old bed sheet
Staple gun

Time: 5 minutes a side.

I took the material out, measured it by hand, cut, stapled, cut up the center and tied off the sides. Seriously that simple.

Now there are different ways to hang curtains, if you click on my board or even search using the words nesting box curtains you will see a variety of styles.
From what I've read I most likely will need to rehang a new set every spring. Time will tell. So far the girls leave them alone.

I will continue to save old sheets and clothing for random projects such as these!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fence & Chicken Feed Box

We found several different types of feeders to help keep the food off the ground. Many are extraordinary and creative.
We went for simple. At the moment the feeder works well and they can all mash in there and eat at the same time.
Winter time may bring about change but for summer this is working.

The other set of photos shows the before and after of the fence! I finally have a full fence to keep kids, chickens and our adorable dog from our vegetable garden!
Again all the fencing used for the fence came from the very large bundle we picked up for a penny a board at Lowes last year. $26.00 total and we are still doing projects with the wood!
Best sale EVER!!!
For those that want to know how to score that type of deal its not easy. Lowe's has both a cull section and a throw away section. We found two large flat carts to be thrown away, since management can't give away items even if they were going to write them off as a loss and throw them away, we were able to get them to agree to a penny a board. Still an amazing deal but it takes looking around Lowes almost every week, talking to the lumber guys and talking to management - frequently and nicely.
This is where it pays to have married a nice, polite man.
It also pays to bite your tongue when he's dragging you around the store for the 5th time in a month.

Back to talking about our garden so far this year we have corn, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, dill, radishes and watermelon growing. I may have one or two pumpkin plants but I'm not sure yet if they are going to produce anything.

This has been a full summer! Filled with house projects, chickens and kids.

We still need to bring down the chimney and convert the leftover box to an electric fire place but one weekend at a time!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chicken Roof

We brought home our baby chickens in February. They were small tiny balls of fluff. They stunk up the house, caused me sleepless nights and in general drove me crazy - especially when they started hoping out of their box and attempted to either join me on the treadmill or get killed by the treadmill.

Thankfully, before any of them were hurt by my workouts it had warmed up enough (long, warm, crazy spring this year) for us to build the coop and take them outside.
While they were adjusting to life outside and they were still small enough to roam the mini night yard, we worked to build them a larger yard, a fenced safe area for them to spend the majority of their days. (We do still let them range free in the main yard as well)

What we were missing, a vital part to wintering our chickens here in Northern Utah was a good roof.
Now, there are a few (very few) homes here in Utah with flat roofs, I will let you in on a secret if you ever decide to move here - don't buy a house with a flat roof.
Its not every year that Utah gets massive amounts of heavy wet snow that never melts, but the one in every few years that we do - its serious.
With the new roof we also hid the heat lamp inside of it, using the staple gun to tack the cord to the wall holding it still.
In the winter we will have a hot rock to keep their water from freezing and the heat lamp on to keep them warm and toasty.
Now all we need to do is run a power cord from the house to the coop!

For those that are paying attention yes that is the same wood as the fence both behind and around the coop, yes its still apart of the original wood we snagged for $26.00 last year - we also finished the garden fence with it as well - but that's tomorrows post!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Footstool - Ikea hack

Padded Foot Stool
Time: 2 hours
Cost: 9.99
(more if you don't have all the extra items on hand like I did)

We recently rearranged our living room. The change is a good thing but it did alter one area of my husbands life - he no longer had a place to rest his feet when sitting down.
For someone who had lower lumbar surgery a few years ago, finding a comfortable way to sit is extremely important.
I started to come up with ideas on how I could get him a footstool that at the same time didn't look like something the horrid woman in Harry Potter would use.
Ikea (like always) had a great garden stool called the Vildapel, you can find it in the garden area for roughly $9.99.
Since its meant to be sat on its durable and made well. It took less than 5 minutes to assemble the original stool.
I added a round board, cut up my daughters old jeans, stuffed it with padding and then secured the jean material to the board using our staple gun.
If you look very closely we lined up the holes in the round board to match the slates in the footstool allowing us to easily attach the newly fashioned cushion to the top of stool.
Saying this project took 2 hours is very generous. That includes finding all the materials, lining up boards and a deep house search of the longer zip ties.

Voila! Easy project! Its the perfect height for him and can easily be recovered when and if the material wears out.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Uber busy!

I have been crazy busy the past few weeks. I've made a footstool, roofed the chicken coop for winter, built a fence and a feeder with the husband. Gone to Friday nights music & movie in the park with friends. Enjoyed rain and sunshine.
I've taken a myriad of photos. So what I plan to do is break them all up into small mini blogs.
This is the teaser.
I'm scheduling them so hopefully one a day will post for the next full week.

If you click on today's picture you can see the girls (chickens)  having a ton of fun.
We are now averaging 5-7 eggs daily and they are growing in size as well.
Each hen is starting to show their unique personality.
I did have to change one name. Instead of having both an Anne and an Annabeth, I switched Anne to Lizzie.
One day when we get new hens I will use the name Anne, but for now we want to uncomplicate things.

Tomorrow we are watching Box Trolls in the park with our friends Shayne & Sara as well as Lori & Neil. I love spending time with everyone!
Saturday my bestie and I are going to see Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson - hopefully the storm that is supposed to blow in this weekend will have moved on - especially since its an outdoor concert!!!

The kids are determined to enjoy the last few days before school starts on the 24th and I am working on getting the house set up for another round of online schooling.
Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I used to but for some odd reason it feels like life has just taken off lately and I'm rushing behind it trying to catch up.
With that said - stay tuned!

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