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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Music and Movie Friday Nights in Magna

With only one more movie night looming I'm sharing a little bit of what makes going to the park, getting eaten by mosquitoes, listening to kids cry and dogs bark - so much fun.

First off - if your a fan of Gilmore Girls, you will really enjoy these nights.
Next - there is a true charm about the small town life.
Lastly (kind of) - Each night is an adventure.

Tonight's slotted musician cancelled at the last minute. So instead of a country/rock singer we got three older guys (60's +). Now I don't have anything against older performers. Really IF they can play or sing... these guys sadly couldn't do either.
Hubby and I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Texts between my hubby and his BFF were flying thick and fast.  Starting with, "These guys are worse than watching Napoleon Dynamite sober."
Its an accurate description.
Last week the music and movie in the park were cancelled due to rain, SO our wonderful host decided that next week - the last week. (movie is Guardians of the Galaxy) We will have the band from last week AND next week's band back to back.
So instead of starting at 8 pm next week starts at 7 pm! I can't wait!

Each week we get a different band and a new experience. One band that performed were great are Zodiac Empire! So far I'm loving their song Name Dropper! I now follow them on Twitter and Facebook, they have a good sound.
Another group had talent. Her voice was spot on, the band was talented, HOWEVER, and maybe this is just me, I don't enjoy listening to a group perform that can't find their sound.
She was ALL over the place, Rock, Pop, Country...Reggae, it didn't stop. To make matters worse, she stopped after EACH song to tell us the story of the next song.... really I can't make this up!
I don't mind a fun blip or blurb every now and then, but every single flipping song for an hour in a half? Don't torture me.

When the movie (Captain America, Winter Soldier) started playing the title was in Russian. Then the first 4 minutes were in split screen, bottom mirroring the top. Watching Capt. run like that made him look like he was running on water, but when it came to his running buddy - hahahahahaha!!!!!
It cut off at his head and flipped it so he's talking to the Captain with two heads!
It was AWESOME!!!

During the movie they paused once to inform us that some person with the plate, "Groovy 1" had left their car lights on in the parking lot. Tears people!!!
I'm still laughing! The best part? This is free!!! Who wouldn't want to go see this?!

To make things even more perfect, a storm came rolling in along the Oquirrh Mountain range, behind the movie screen, so we got to watch a lightning storm rolling toward us in the distance while watching the movie! It was gorgeous, also hearing my son proclaim, "There's another piece of lightning!"
Kept us and a few fellow patrons around us in stitches!

The cherry on top? My husband (sweet, nice guy) was eaten alive! Came home with tons of bites all over his hands, legs, even his toes! Me not one bite!

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