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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boxtrolls w/ Friends & Family

8/7/15 Friday Night Movie

Friday nights we normally attend our local music and movie in the park near by. This years summer movie line up has been wonderful!
Tonight's show was to be The Boxtrolls, however due to weather they had to cancel both the band and the movie. (massive rain and wind)

Since we love to share things, we'd invited friends and neighbors to join us for the movie.
My kids have been looking forward to this movie for an entire week!
The first time my son watched Boxtrolls he sat in boxes for the entire next week! They were both so excited to see this movie in the park they wanted to bring boxes to sit in and spent a few days perfecting (decorating) their boxes.
So tonight when I knew it was going to rain and the show in the park would be cancelled, I invited our group to come to our place instead.

To make things even more perfect we turned the kid portion into a sleepover event! Blankets, boxes, kids and noise have been happening ever since!
Summer time for the kids is almost over but we are making the most of each and everyday. Best part was after we'd invited them we found out that we were hosting J's very first sleepover! Which of course rocked!

As for the movie this was my first time watching it (hubby watched it with the kids while I was out) I think this movie is very cute.
The Boxtrolls are adorable, the story line cute and engaging, the villain you really do dislike extremely. The end is hopeful.
The kids loved it, rooting for the good guys, booing the bad ones, staying in their boxes the entire movie. (those that had boxes)
Prissy shared her box with our new neighbor J.

I recommend this movie for all kids over 6, any younger and I'd recommend the parent viewing it first to see if it would be something they would like.
(ie being able to follow the story line and not being scared by some of the mild intense scenes.)
Tonight we had kids ages 7-11 over and each one loved it!

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