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Friday, August 14, 2015

Piece by Piece 8/8/15 or Saturdays Saga 3

First off in case you missed it 8/8/15 Saturday's Saga Part 1 & Part 2 can be found by clicking on the links.

I can't even begin to explain how great the concert was! How much fun we, as a crowd, had. Our poor security guard will never be the same. He is now a HUGE Pentatonix fan and most likely is still asking himself, "What the hell did I get into when I talked to those crazy women?"
At least he wasn't bored! In fact we were having so much fun with him that other security guards kept coming over talking to us as well - they were bored and wanted to play too.

I haven't screamed that loud or that long (while happy anyway, my kids hear my pipes quite often) in such a very long time. In fact the last time I screamed that loudly might have been the last Newsboys concert I went too.
Of course, you might scream too if Scott pointed at you during Cheerleader!
(Fine! He pointed in my general direction. Stop crushing my delusion! LOL)

The video link is from the SLC show, but sadly cuts out the part when he came down cat walk sang a few bars - pointed at me and then ran back. My video is better, but not public.

Now I didn't take these photos my friend M did. I instead took 41:18 minutes worth of video - which turned out so amazing I've watched it again 3 times so far!
Sorry, I will be keeping my copy private - or at least until after Vol.4 finally comes out.
Pentatonix keeps teasing me, even performing one of their new songs, "Can't Sleep Love" (which was great) but I don't have a release date for Vol. 4 just hints and teasers!
Which is just cruel to do to fans like me. (Don't worry I still love them all)
The first photo is Scott Hoying, the second top is Avi K, Scott H, Kirstie M, Mitch G & Kevin O.
Bottom is a close up on Avi, Kirstie and Scott. Then there is Scott - Scotting. Yes, he's become a verb.
I don't have any good single photos of Mitch or Kevin - they both moved far too much. I'm amazed I scored a few semi decent shots of Avi. However, I'm still happy M took photos for me, so I could have both stills and the video. Just call me spoiled, I really really am.

Also as you can tell from the Saga part 2 photo of me and M, I didn't go ahead and make a shirt that said, Property of Avi return if lost. With my sense of humor, I most likely would have gotten myself kicked out of the show, so its for the best. Especially since I think it would have broken our guards heart to throw me out. However in spite of the previous post on our seats being in section G - we upgraded them A LOT.

Now after months and months of first being on their, On My Way Home tour and now the Piece by Piece tour. All five members of Pentatonix were spot on amazing tonight! No vocal tiredness, fatigue or signs of exhaustion - whatever these guys are drinking I want some!

Then the ever beautiful Kelly Clarkson took the stage and sang her heart out. She managed 3 costume changes which were amazing and quick. You may have heard in the news that during one of her concerts she stopped to hold a baby - that was mine!
Here is a link for a tiny video of that adorable encounter.
Now I've heard so many different people's thoughts and opinions on Kelly for doing this - many thought it was great but a few haters out there only wanted what they paid for - songs and nothing else. Nothing human.

As a person in this audience I LOVED and adored her stopping. Her rambling after she'd given him back to his mom - especially how worried she'd been about dropping him (she said she almost peed) was hysterical and endearing.
It was a moment where you realize she's a mom just like you are. I love that she is touring, singing and getting back into the swing of things after the birth of her adorable girl River. I also applaud how she's tried to balance work and family.

Music is her passion in life - you can tell she wants to be singing for her fans for a long time, so for the haters out there SHUT UP.
I like her because she's real. I've been her fan since her very first interview. I even remember dialing the number to vote for her! (Oh heck was that a long time ago!)
Her voice and talent are just a part of what makes her amazing - her stopping to hold a little boy named Boston is another.

The night ended with both Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson singing the finale Uptown Funk Mashup, I missed the first 10-15 seconds on film since I had a lunatic (okay my bestie M) grabbing my arm jumping up and down but I got the rest of it in a full 5 min video!
(Link added again isn't mine. I haven't made any of mine public.)
So thank you Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson for a magical night!

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