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Monday, August 10, 2015

Nesting Box Curtains

After a ton of Chicken Coop research - see my Chicken Board on Pinterest here, I realized that the pretty curtains I'd seen in other photos of coops were more than just decoration.

Here are links to my favorite articles on them:

7 Reasons to Hang Curtains
Chicken Coop Curtains 
Breaking the Broody

Now I put up the left side first since that where the majority of our chickens like to lay their eggs. It wasn't until the day after I had put the first set of curtains up that we had any of the stated issues.
One minor pecked at egg - the inner film was still intact so it was edible.
In the week following both sets of curtains being up, we haven't had any issues and I'm praying that continues.

The girls seem to enjoy them and they were a snap to put up!

One torn old bed sheet
Staple gun

Time: 5 minutes a side.

I took the material out, measured it by hand, cut, stapled, cut up the center and tied off the sides. Seriously that simple.

Now there are different ways to hang curtains, if you click on my board or even search using the words nesting box curtains you will see a variety of styles.
From what I've read I most likely will need to rehang a new set every spring. Time will tell. So far the girls leave them alone.

I will continue to save old sheets and clothing for random projects such as these!

1 comment:

Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

That looks tres adorable!! Loving the pink polka dots. These chickens are living in very stylish coop. xo

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