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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Magna Arts Festival

Five years ago we moved into Magna. Its small, charming and unique. This however was our first year going to the Magna Arts Festival!
This was also our first summer going to the music and movie in the park on Fridays as well. Before my husbands strange schedule made it hard to do things as a family.

This is going to be a yearly thing for us from now on! The music was fun, the vendors amazing, the prices FABULOUS!!!
The earrings in the corner hubby bought me for only five dollars and they aren't cheaply made!
Paparazzi had an amazing stock of jewelry with fabulous prices!
G'man was able to create HUGE bubbles and the kids came home with several free arts crafts!

There I made a connection with a book publisher who takes new writers. They are looking for YA lit and encouraged me to send my work in! So here's crossing your fingers! One last read through and hopefully I'll send it off within the month!

I was also able to acquire 6,800 steps walking around Magna main as well as walking to and from our home.
I'm still working out, still losing weight slowly but I'm getting healthier. I have more energy, which is key at this point.

We are a tiny town, but our community is fun. I can't imagine living anywhere else. ;)

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