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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hens, Eggs and Windows

Going outside today hoping to sneak one or two photos of eggs in the laying boxes I found a gold mine - or rather an egg mine!
The lighting outside doesn't do their color justice. Those aren't white eggs, they are lovely blue! My Easter Eggers lay some truly stunning colors!
The brown are from the Rhode Island reds - who even though there are only four of them rule the entire chicken yard!
They take the "best" laying nests, hog the food and scold the rest.

Yesterday for the first day we received 9 beautiful eggs from our 9 laying ladies! Its the first day we've had all 9 lay all on the same day. The Rhode Island reds seem better at producing at almost an egg a day. The Easter Eggers are averaging five eggs to every seven days.
Both numbers place them toward the top of the layer chain. Some more ornamental chickens lay one egg a week (or less). So I have some hard working ladies on my hands!

The two laying boxes closest to the house have been taken over as Rhode Island Red boxes.
The two farther away from the house are now used solely by the Easter Eggers. When I started chicken care I had no idea we'd have a mini west side story going on in the coop! However they are happy, healthy and get along fine in the yard.

Now not to brag (BRAGGING happening now a-hem) but I have the best husband and friends in the world.
Hubby's bestie Shayne gave us a window (a while ago) and my darling (finally) put it in.

Measure, marking, cutting and install took just over an hour.

I know, I brag on my man, but seriously I'm blessed beyond belief. Not only has he endured 13 years of me (which says a lot about his patience) but he continues to spoil me with home projects.
Last week he also fixed our fridge which had stopped cooling properly and wired his shed for power and light so he can continue doing projects during the winter months!

Thank you both to Shayne and to my darling - you guys ROCK!

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