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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pentatonix Vol 4 or #SOON

Earlier this week Pentatonix decided to play with the announcement of their latest album Vol. 4. They put out these emoji's so we could guess the names of the songs.
I played along!

First I'll name my guesses for the photos then I'll list the ACTUAL names that they just listed.

1. Dance, Dance, Dance
2. Can't Sleep Love (This one I knew from the concert)
3. Sing Out Loud
4. Rebels
5. Go!
6. Nothing Or later on I thought 1+1=2 (but really hated it so... bleh)
7. Rose Trophy
8. I'm Falling in Love
9. Broken Hearted
10. Tears Falling like Rain OR Raining Tears
11. We're Going Home
12. Party
13. Brightly Stalking You (Alright so I kinda gave up on actual guessing on this one)

Here is the ACTUAL LIST

See how close I was! I know I was rocking that list (LOL)
Now I have to wait for Oct. 16th!

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