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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mrs. Clause Thriller

Alright so let me say for the record we are not big on Halloween - SEE THIS POST

This year however, since my daughter is in the after school program, she was apart of the school floor show.
Which was her and the rest of the group dancing out to Thriller.
My daughter was Mrs. Clause (mostly because she already had the dress from her cousin) I can say however that her's was THE most original costume in the whole school.

She ROCKED! So proud of her for working so hard to memorize the whole dance!
I can't explain how much she loves the after school program or how many new things she has been able to do or be apart of.

As to the adorable blue eyed cookie monster - he's my friends son!

Also tonight I finished the hand cream for my South of the Border, Miche Party! 19 in total! It is going to be so much fun and the prizes ROCK!

See link off to the side of my page for more information on the upcoming Miche party! We are going to have so much fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Unseen Scars - Bullying

For the several hundred that read my last post on bullying and how its hurting my son, here I am, updating you.
Things are better.
Things are worse.

Its hard to separate my life at the moment from the life of my son. He is hurt. Yet that is such a pitiful way to describe what has happened to him emotionally.
At night he is plagued with nightmares, of being hurt, of even being killed on the playground. He is in first grade in a regular city. Not too violent, not too sweet and rather poor.
At school I cannot leave him. Every day I have to be there in his class until after first recess - at which time I have to be there on the playground.
If I have other obligations or I'm sick or his sister is sick - he comes home before first recess sick.
Again he is not having accidents on purpose. He is literally making himself sick with fear.
Right now I am looking into free state psychological help, the co-pays alone for meeting with a child shrink would kill us.

So again today I went to school with my son. We did class work in which one of his class mates had me biting my lips to stop from laughing.
They have a game called silly sentences.

She did this all by herself in spite of my trying to get her to exchange man for dinosaur and to remove the word happy.
I have to give props to his teacher - how does she read these and not lose it?
I would also like to point out that the rest of the sentences the kids came up with were not off color like this one, they were cute and silly.
We did recess as in the photos above and then I left to run home before returning again for my PTA meeting.

Now as I said my son is better - its been three weeks since he has been bullied on the playground.
And he is worse because the fear is so deep rooted in his brain that he can not move past it yet.

This is yet another reason I am so happy that I joined the PTA this year. I was able to talk to them about it today and we are moving forward with the Watch Dogs, program. Where dads (and moms) join a program and then dedicate extra hours to being on the playground, before and after school and they help keep the playground a safe place.
It would have started at the beginning of the year, however, we lost our main leader and its been a struggle to move forward.
Thankfully we have two new dads who are eager to help. (The main gist of the program is to help bring dads into helping at the school.)
I love that I have another place to voice what is going on with my son and have even more people to help support and implement changes. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

9 kids, 4 moms and the Zoo!

First off ~ We the mom's ~ Survived!!!
The rest of the zoo and people present may be scared for life, but we did it! 

The kids chased chickens.
Sang inappropriate songs to peacocks.
Made hearts out of rocks.
Ran some more!


We lunched (snacked) 
in a secluded corner

It was an amazing
fall day!

Bright blue sky.
Orange, red & yellow leaves
with the crisp Autumn air!

Our zoo's newest "big" baby.
Born sept 23rd.

We walked the whole of the zoo at least twice.
Yelled ourselves hoarse (okay just me) 
and road the carousel.

And for those that say 
I never appear on my 

Here I am.

Sort of

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prissy 9th Birthday Party

I know, I know I've been doing a lot of photo collages lately - I have a cold and not a lot of energy for a really great post with lots of details and great shots.

Needless to say it was great - only down side was my BFF was to sick to come.
Hopefully she is feeling better today - I know I'm not!

So good luck to you all, I'm headed back to bed!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Prissy's Parade

Magna Home Coming Parade October 2012

To insure that the parade had more than 5 entrants they invited all the school clubs in the area to join the parade.
So my daughters after school, HATS, program joined in.

My daughters pleading for me to take her, wait and watch was poetic.

"Mama, your ruining my life!
This could be my only chance to be in a parade!
Please, Please, Please let me be in the parade!"

Yes, I'm a bad mama, I didn't want to go to the parade.
However, knowing how much she wanted it and how many friends she has made in the program, I went.
She had the time of her life and I got some amazing shots of Magna Main!

The men (hubby and son) stayed home and played Mario.
My daughters face is painted up to look like a cute bulldog since her school is the Bulldogs!

You can double click the photo to see it really large 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blessings, BFF's & Agents

Yesterday as I already mention here, was Prissy's 9th birthday.

So far my daughter's b-day haul is amazing!
A pink scooter (Auntie H)
4 mini purses  (Auntie & Uncle B)
and a new
Alright a barbie car, but she is thrilled!

However, I have the BEST BESTEST FRIEND EVER!!! (and yes she will HATE that sentence!)

She gave me a new car! Well new to me, its her old car!
Seriously isn't it amazing!
I think its amazing so, you have to say, Oh My Gosh! Its Amazing!
Even getting the car for free it will still make our budget tighter, the insurance, gas and up keep not to mention yearly fee's and registration but my hubby and I are cutting the extra's, tightening the belts and I once again (almost 6 years without) have a car!

I was able to get it over to my insurance agent's office two minutes after closing time
have I ever mentioned my luck?
Well I won't in this post because not only was I given an amazing car - that I could never buy -
My insurance agent Bessie Porter (best agent ever) let me in and spent a whole hour going over new policies and working to get me the best price!

My agent has had a very hard year.
At the first of the year she moved her office - from a dud parking lot to right around the corner but much easier to get into and nicer looking office. (several of her other clients are still complaining - idiots)
Then her oldest child, Cassidy Porter (who my daughter now LOVES) was in a very serious car accident.
An accident that claimed two of her friends lives, placed her in a two week coma and then 4 months in the hospital, she is now left with scars and survivors guilt.
I think she is looking forward to next year with joyous abandon.
If you live in Salt Lake City and need an agent - mine is amazing!

As for my best friend, well you can't have her!

For the next few days I may be absent - I have to clean the house - kids got sick, hubby got sick and I got sick. Two weeks of someone being sick all the time has left the house in a sad state.
So to get the house back into shape for our family birthday get together I really have to buckle down and get to work!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nine Years of Loving Prissy

9 years ago I was in the hospital.

It was a time of joy, of family, friends and living through the scariest thing I'd ever had to face.
Birthing my first child.

I'd had some minor complications at the end of my pregnancy, words like hypertension were thrown around and a new special diet was adhered to.
It was all a little too late.
When I woke up in labor 9 years ago we went to the hospital, I was told a few key things.

1) I had 3 protein in my Urine (this is bad)

2) My blood pressure was 180/156 (this is really bad)

3) I was having 8-10 level contractions and barely wincing - the nurse hated me. (this is because I have an amazingly high pain tolerance)

My stubbornness is what saved me.
IF I had agreed to a normal doctor, I might have died. IF I had given in to fear and allowed the hospital to dictate my birth plans, I would have died.
If I hadn't already told and re-told my midwife what easy births my family had, I might have died.
As it was with a fast (2 hour) delivery they still almost lost me.

My body pushing, straining and pumping so much blood at such a fast rate did something unexpected, it decided I no longer needed blood or platelets, I dropped down to an 18 crit count. Not death defying by any means until you add in the fact that I was losing platelets as well.

If I had given in and allowed them to do a C-section, I would have bled to death before they got Prissy out.
She would have been saved and would have grown up without a mother.
I was given 3 bags of packed blood and platelets - they didn't even wait for the bags to fully defrost before pumping the slush into me - with warm towels wrapped around me and my arm to keep from having even more issues.
Now this does not mean that you shouldn't listen to your doctor - it means you need to be informed, understand your choices, your rights and then go with your gut.

She has grown so fast!
From cutting off her hair to broken arms she sure has kept us busy!
Her allergies and asthma have changed our life forever ~ not always in a bad way!
Her laugh, her hugs, her amazing capacity to love everyone.
I don't know how I lived my life without her, I really don't.

Happy Birthday my big girl, with love, Mama

Monday, October 8, 2012


It is a crime that I never heard about this book until a friend told me about it and then loaned it to me to read.

I had heard about the movie, but since Kirsten Stewart is not among my top favorite actresses I hadn't really delved in deeper.
I will be watching this tomorrow!
Also I think in this movie she would play the part spot on!

The book though - where to start? For starters both my children will be reading this in Jr. High. They will be reading this with me. We will be having many discussions on this book - about talking to me if they need me. About standing up for kids being bullied, about not letting anyone hurt them. The dangers of sneaking off to "cool" parties.
About depression, rape, violence, friendship and getting help.
I am sure that more topics will come to light - things that I might not have seen the first time reading through.

So Thank You Angel! This book is amazing!

To watch her life, her hurts, her heart, her pain and her art. To see how others view her, how she views herself and how one great art teacher see's her - truly and really see's her.
One person among hundreds holds the power to help, and help he does. Without hurting her more, without pushing.
The writer is amazing, the story starts simply, carefully winding its way to being an emotional masterpiece.
I highly recommend this book to young teens. To see, feel and walk an emotional road.
For ladies who have been hurt - this is a book that will bring tears and possibly the start of healing.

This book will be one for my bookshelf of favorites, on my kindle and in my heart for all times.
A book  that took 5 hours - with bathing kids and making dinner - to read. So no matter how well read, if you have dyslexia it won't matter - you can read this.
Take the time - it may even change your life. ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Here are my Chakra test results that I took in my post yesterday. Read Here

  • YOUR Root Chakra
  • is CLOSED
  • YOUR Sacral Chakra
  • is WEAK
  • YOUR Personal Power Chakra
  • is STRONG
  • YOUR Heart Chakra
  • is STRONG
  • YOUR Throat Chakra
  • is STRONG
  • YOUR Intuitive Chakra
  • is WEAK
  • YOUR Crown Chakra
  • is STRONG

                                                                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    For the most part I agree with the scores. I don't believe that my Sacral being weak is true - then again few people can separate how they feel about themselves and sex. My sex life is fine (as I went into detail in Shocking Topic - Sex) my self image is what I might call practical.

    I am practical in the fact that I look like a short fat garden gnome sans the dress.
    I am practical that I have not lost G'man's baby weight.
    I am practical that my spare tire is large enough for a semi truck.

    See my self esteem is NORMAL for one who looks like me, just because my husband is delusional enough to find me sexually attractive and I am smart enough not to correct that delusion... well that leads to a still great sex life.

    So now that you have taken the test, you have your results! What next you might ask?!
    Now you click on the following links below in the areas that you are blocked or weak.

    Root Chakra Help

    Sacral Chakra Help

    Personal Power Help

    Heart Chakra Help

    Throat Chakra Help

    Intuitive Chakra Help

    Crown Chakra Help 

    Once again for some beliefs and faiths, this goes hand in hand. For my personal faith, well its gets murky. Many of my family believe that this is similar to voodoo.
    I, obviously don't.
    This is an ancient art that could be described as a precursor for psychology.
    A way to bring the mind back into good health and well being, a way for you to do it yourself without having to go to a shrink.
    My last year seeing a shrink was "O so fabulous!" NOT!
    I would much rather work things out on my own. If I can, not by buying 5 thousand self help books, but from age old practical wisdom as in how to fix your chakra's.
    The steps are simple, easy and can be done everyday.

    They don't give any bad or dangerous advice, they don't even preach their own religion, rather it complements it.
    Doing this does not require a change of faith, diet or dress code.
    You don't change anything about you that you don't want to and just because its different doesn't mean that its bad.

    So for all my family out there that started praying for me yesterday - really I'm good.
    When my body is sick I pray for healing. When my heart hurts I run to God's throne or read my bible.
    I know where my strength comes from to get through all of the stuff.
    But really there are times I need to be able to take a test and pinpoint where I am having issues. Then not shrug them off or act like a martyr by telling myself, "I'm strong enough".
    I was strong.
    I knew my path.
    I had my whole life mapped out.
    Then I got married and had kids and guess what? I'm not.

    So if you need the extra help - don't be afraid to find it. Right now I am adding spice to my life. I need to get my metabolism moving again. I need to get me moving again.
    I also need to work on a few issues that have been keeping me, "on the couch" as it were.
    Last year I tried Modern Medicine. It got me on meds that woke me up. Then I had a cold dose of reality and struggled with wanting to stay awake.
    Now I am trying much older medicine, in the hopes that I will be able to find a few things to help me move forward.
    Hopefully if you need help you can find it to. Whether here, in the bible or in some other way.

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    Ancient East Health

    This post may offend many. I have a way of doing that even when I am trying so hard to be supportive - my last post, that will be soon deleted, titled Sorrows of the Heart is a good case in point. I just wanted to express my sorrow for the family in a nice way and was told I was horrible. I would like to say that I would never intentionally hurt someone like that.

    This post goes against many of my religious and cultural beliefs OR should I say it goes against many of like minded religious peoples beliefs, as its not actually against anything that is in my bible.
    What am I talking about?
    Ayurveda, Dosha's, Chackras, Tai Chi, Yoga, Tea & Meditation.
    Both India and China have ancient health "secrets". They have remained secrets mostly due to everyone elses ignorance.
    Both Yoga & Tai Chi have different levels, physical, mental, diets and beliefs. If you don't believe the same things then don't. It has nothing (really nothing) to do with whether or not their physical and food beliefs can help you.
    I know, I know, in a world of modern medicine we have a hard time thinking that herbs, spices and an ancient regime may actually be better at preventing disease then vitamins and yet, thousands of years of proof that they do help.

    Ayurveda - The Three Dosha's 
    Click here to find your Dosha
    This is from India, its about bringing the body into balance.
    Right now I am a Kapha/Vata
    I need to up my spices and workout routine to help burn off the weight and regain my energy.

    My sister and a few friends LOVE Yoga. I have tired yoga and when I was thinner I did enjoy it. I am too heavy right now to be amused at how my belly roll slides to the side while I attempt even the most basic form.
    So I have started Tai Chi, which is great for people with health issues, old age, obese or other physical limitations.
    Another great site is Every Day Tai Chi.
    The point is to get moving. Can't run up the hill? Can't jog? Can't bend? Find a style that you can do.
    Right now this gets me off the couch. This is a great way to wake up, get moving and to get motivated to hop on the treadmill and really work up a sweat - especially since you can do the stretching and winding down exersises to help your muscles!

    Which brings me to Chakra's

    Now many people get caught up in the belief of this as in you have to believe or you have to not believe.
    When you go to your doctor they will ask you a set of questions. Each answers leads to further questions to help them pinpoint an area in your body that needs help.
    Chakra's are the same but for emotions and mental health.
    Click here to Test Your Chakra.
    This explains Chakra's a little more clearly, but what it boils down to is how your emotions and reactions can cause physical issues in your body. Guilt, hate, bitterness, worry, stress and fear can make you physically ill and cause severe health issues.
    Recognizing the issues and working through them can help bring you and your body into better health.

    Never be afraid to look into Holistic, Herbal, Homeopathy and Ancient Health Secrets that can help you far better and longer than a pill from the doctor.
    Doctors and modern medicine are for AFTER you are sick. All of the above is PREVENTING illness and promoting well being.

    Doctors deal with the now and I love my doctor and my children's doctor and if you have an illness you need to see one (and follow their advice) if you have researched holistic remedies talk to you doctor and bring the research with you so that they can incorporate it safely with the medication you are on.
    It is important for them to work hand in hand.
    As always research is key. Being informed and working for your well being is important.
    Good luck and may you be successful in a healthier and better life.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    October - Anti Bullying Month


    Its amazing with so many things going on that October is Anti-Bullying Month.

    Yesterday, I was called (again) by my son. He had another accident. It was 10:11 am.
    This is the second time in two weeks that he has had an accident at school before 10:15 am - which incidentally happens to be first recess.

    Now I want to be clear - he is not having the accidents on purpose to come home or to get me to come to the school.
    However - due to a bully at school - he is making himself physically ill, just thinking about recess and the drama that comes.
    His BFF J'Man has come home with foot print bruising right over his kidneys as well as a long (5-6 inches) fingernail scratch on his chest.

    My son has been pushed down the steps twice and hit once in class. The kid that hit him, is not the playground bully and has been moved to another class.
    Now the hard issue is my son has speech issues, he is in speech therapy, but due to the fact that he didn't really start talking until he was four - he is behind the other kids.
    Which makes it hard to understand his description of the bully.
    His BFF is a great talker - but scared of repercussions and has been unwilling to point out the bully.

    Over time I have pulled both his Teacher and the Principal into this matter and they are both willing to get to the bottom of it.
    First and foremost for me though was getting my son to last a full day at school.
    So today, bag in hand I went to the school and helped out in his class all morning long.
    His teacher - being wonderful - allowed him to stay in during recess.

    Hopefully soon this will be taken care of and my son will be able to enjoy recess once again. Until then though, I will be at the school in the mornings.
    Doing whatever it takes to get my son safely through another day.

    Now this is becoming a HUGE problem! Not just because of this bully, but all the "bullies" that have been put back into the Salt Lake County School District this year.
    You see due to budget cuts, they downsized special needs classes as well as behavioral classes. 
    So in a state that has the highest amount of Autistic kids in the nation, not to mention societies worsening parenting problems and the behavior issues that are coming from it.
    Instead of increasing our teachers for the flux of kids that need the extra help - they keep decreasing it!

    If you have ever thought to yourself that you don't need to worry about budgets for special needs children because your kid isn't one - think again. If a kid with violent behavior doesn't have a class to go to - he ends up in a class with yours.
    This is something that affects EVERY child, not just some.

    I truly feel for my son's teacher and principal. They don't want these issues. They know that several kids in the school shouldn't be here - in fact last week a boy was taken out of the school in handcuffs because he broke another child's hand!
    They also have to work within a broken system.
    They have to wait until the ticking time bomb goes off and hurts someone before they can re-force the school system to place that child back into an appropriate class.

    My nephew, has Autism. My nephew is wonderful and I love him. He is also in a behavioral class because he is a violent child. Luckily, he is not in Utah and will not be placed back into an open classroom - not for several more years.
    Both families need the help! Mine to keep from being bullied and my sisters to keep her son from hurting others and himself.

    Its rather odd that while I am going through this with our family today's viral news is of a media Anchor getting bullied for being, "FAT".
    Showing that bulling is not just a childhood issue.
    Her response to a very idiotic bully was amazing - READ HERE.

    This is yet another reason that I support DOVE, for trying to change people's views on "the right look."
    I am proud of this news team for having a "heavier" woman as an anchor.
    Yes obesity is a bad thing, yes its a growing trend.
    However, so is Anorexia. 
    Being happy and accepting yourself is key!
    Labels and cruel words are not okay - at any age or for any reason.

    As a chunky woman I can attest that losing weight is NOT easy. I don't want to be fat. I don't want to have my middle baby tire.
    Its not something I choose to keep.
    I am eating "right" and increasing activity in my life.
    But to have someone judge me, or others like me just because we don't fit the ideal image, well that says alot about you.

    Please talk to your children - make sure you know what is going on. Also be aware of your negative words - they do hurt.

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    Comfy Fall Days

    My kids!
    Where do I start?
    Watching Doctor Who this weekend - Angles in Manhattan - and my kids yelled at the TV the whole way through!
    Don't go in there!
    They're behind you!
    Don't do it!
    Watch out!

    Then my daughter - my amazing wonderful talkative girl - she starts having a double conversation with herself concerning a different movie.

    "What are you thinking?" "Maybe---" "Nope that was really dumb" "Why would he do something that dumb?"

    Last night - my daughter takes a pink rag away from Patch, then she starts pretending to be a matador. After a few minutes of Patch watching the rag and then walking away Prissy looks up at me.
    "Mama, why do people fight bulls? Don't they know its stupid?"
    I cracked up! Almost spitting my drink across the table.
    "Yes honey, they think it makes them both brave and smart."
    "So they don't know that they really are just stupid? They are even dumber then I thought!"

    Yup my girl! Gotta love it!

    Fall has arrived!
    Cool nights, peaceful days and falling leaves!
    Pumpkin spice, cinnamon and vanilla fills the air.
    My dog Patch is two years old, he loves pillows!
    During the summer when its warm he puts his head onto pillows, his bed or his favorite toy, keeping his belly on the cool floor.
    Such a smart dog!

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