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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blessings, BFF's & Agents

Yesterday as I already mention here, was Prissy's 9th birthday.

So far my daughter's b-day haul is amazing!
A pink scooter (Auntie H)
4 mini purses  (Auntie & Uncle B)
and a new
Alright a barbie car, but she is thrilled!

However, I have the BEST BESTEST FRIEND EVER!!! (and yes she will HATE that sentence!)

She gave me a new car! Well new to me, its her old car!
Seriously isn't it amazing!
I think its amazing so, you have to say, Oh My Gosh! Its Amazing!
Even getting the car for free it will still make our budget tighter, the insurance, gas and up keep not to mention yearly fee's and registration but my hubby and I are cutting the extra's, tightening the belts and I once again (almost 6 years without) have a car!

I was able to get it over to my insurance agent's office two minutes after closing time
have I ever mentioned my luck?
Well I won't in this post because not only was I given an amazing car - that I could never buy -
My insurance agent Bessie Porter (best agent ever) let me in and spent a whole hour going over new policies and working to get me the best price!

My agent has had a very hard year.
At the first of the year she moved her office - from a dud parking lot to right around the corner but much easier to get into and nicer looking office. (several of her other clients are still complaining - idiots)
Then her oldest child, Cassidy Porter (who my daughter now LOVES) was in a very serious car accident.
An accident that claimed two of her friends lives, placed her in a two week coma and then 4 months in the hospital, she is now left with scars and survivors guilt.
I think she is looking forward to next year with joyous abandon.
If you live in Salt Lake City and need an agent - mine is amazing!

As for my best friend, well you can't have her!

For the next few days I may be absent - I have to clean the house - kids got sick, hubby got sick and I got sick. Two weeks of someone being sick all the time has left the house in a sad state.
So to get the house back into shape for our family birthday get together I really have to buckle down and get to work!


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Margie (Speaking on the Spectrum) said...

Ironically, I don't hate that sentence! I just see it as my best friend being really happy. I love you!!

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