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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Comfy Fall Days

My kids!
Where do I start?
Watching Doctor Who this weekend - Angles in Manhattan - and my kids yelled at the TV the whole way through!
Don't go in there!
They're behind you!
Don't do it!
Watch out!

Then my daughter - my amazing wonderful talkative girl - she starts having a double conversation with herself concerning a different movie.

"What are you thinking?" "Maybe---" "Nope that was really dumb" "Why would he do something that dumb?"

Last night - my daughter takes a pink rag away from Patch, then she starts pretending to be a matador. After a few minutes of Patch watching the rag and then walking away Prissy looks up at me.
"Mama, why do people fight bulls? Don't they know its stupid?"
I cracked up! Almost spitting my drink across the table.
"Yes honey, they think it makes them both brave and smart."
"So they don't know that they really are just stupid? They are even dumber then I thought!"

Yup my girl! Gotta love it!

Fall has arrived!
Cool nights, peaceful days and falling leaves!
Pumpkin spice, cinnamon and vanilla fills the air.
My dog Patch is two years old, he loves pillows!
During the summer when its warm he puts his head onto pillows, his bed or his favorite toy, keeping his belly on the cool floor.
Such a smart dog!

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